Duterte refuses to back down


DESPITE Friday’s protests, President Rodrigo Duterte on Friday refused to back down on his decision to allow the burial of the late strongman Ferdinand Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani, insisting that he was only following the law.

‘BLACK FRIDAY’ Anti-Marcos protesters surround a mock coffin containing an effigy of the late strongman Ferdinand Marcos at Rizal Park on Friday. Police estimated the crowd at 1,500, but the rally organizers claimed 15,000 people showed up. PHOTO BY RUSSEL PALMA

‘BLACK FRIDAY’ Anti-Marcos protesters surround a mock coffin containing an effigy of the late strongman Ferdinand Marcos at Rizal Park on Friday. Police estimated the crowd at 1,500, but the rally organizers claimed 15,000 people showed up. PHOTO BY RUSSEL PALMA

He instead blamed the previous two Aquino presidents for failing to pass a measure barring the interment at the “heroes’ cemetery” in Taguig.

In Zamboanga City, Duterte told reporters former president Benigno Aquino 3rd and his mother, the late Corazon “Cory” Aquino, ruled for “12 golden years” but did not amend the law and regulations allowing former presidents to be buried at the military-run cemetery.

“Abogado ako [I’m a lawyer]. I am trained to follow simply the law. It was a simple matter of amending the law, and they had about, `yung nanay pati `yung anak [the mother and her son], six, six, [equals], 12 golden years to do it,” the President, referring to Republic Act 289, which allows past presidents, together with national heroes and patriots, to be buried at the Libingan.

Duterte described as “just a private contract” the deal struck between the Marcos heirs and Cory’s successor, then president Fidel Ramos, allowing the Marcoses to bring home the former strongman’s remains from Hawaii on condition that they bury him in his hometown of Batac, Ilocos Norte.

He said he had no choice but to follow what the law says, as affirmed by the Supreme Court’s November 8 decision rejecting seven petitions to stop the transfer of Marcos’ remains from Batac to the Libingan ng mga Bayani.

“Maski anong gawin ko [Whatever I do], I could not renege on my promise and the mandate of the law,” Duterte said, referring to his campaign pledge to allow the Marcos burial.

The Marcoses, he claimed, could have sued him for violating the law. “Saan ako pupunta [Where do I go]?”
Duterte said the presidents before him did not want to take the risk of putting an end to the divisive issue.

“Because they were really afraid of what, the dissent and the crowd that would gather for it,” he said.
Ilocano grudge

Duterte claimed “98 percent” of the Ilocano-speaking regions held a grudge over the way the man they deemed a hero was treated.

If Marcos was denied the Libingan burial, thousands of Ilocanos could go down to Manila and face off with anti-Marcos groups.

While he disagrees with the views of anti-Marcos protesters who gathered in Manila on Friday, Duterte said he would defend their right to speak.

“I share their right,” and paraphrased the quote on free speech by Evelyn Beatrice Hall, the English writer and biographer of Voltaire: “I may disagree with what you say, but I will defend your right to say it.”

Marcos was hurriedly buried at the Libingan ng mga Bayani on Friday last week, in ceremonies closed to the public.

The “surprise” burial, of which Duterte has denied any concrete knowledge, was met with protests from victims of Martial Law and their supporters.


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  1. Exactly Mr. President, 90% of people from Ilocandia will be united to support you all the way and may travel to Manila to have a face off with these Yellows and the Lefts…

  2. As a lawyer, Duterte could only base his decision on law. The issue is not about politics and emotions but law. And that was what SC did. SC’s decision was based on law. These noisy militant left and yellow mob just do not respect the law.

  3. we are not with you DO DIRTY … samahan ng mga Ilokano magsanib na kayo sa mga samahan ng mga Davaoenos !! hurrahhhh the circus continues…
    back to martial law with help of Chinese and Russians…

  4. A few thousand of student teen agers, against an a million of a very angry Ilocanos. ( niot included pa diyan ang millions of DUTERTE supporters.)

    Parents you better take your college kids out of the way, if this goes wrong GOD FORBID, saguisag, tanada, and others you will be blamed, you people initiate this.

    Kun wari anti marcos burial it`s nothing but a mask of yellowtards trying to fell people pulse in manila(who came out but young students) good heavens where are the working class got tired of yellow propaganda who did nothing but destroy the country mga manhid . That`s what this people did to us during EDSA 1 may pa drama pa to convince us to join. Mga teen ager kami sali naman for adventure.

  5. marcos burial is not an issue as it’s only a cover to the real issue. the real issue here is the removal of duterte from the presidency. the cbcp is going along with it because their billions of investment is threatened by the cleaning of corrupt govt officials. cbcp investments are in mining, govt projects and in banks. bishops way of life is contradicting their vow of poverty not destitution, of course.

  6. I am not a pro-Marcos but I give my respect to President Duterte for keeping his promises, so be it. The SC has spoken, and its time to respect and follow our own Constitution.
    As for the 2 Aquino presidents, they slept on the job and were caught with their pants down.
    Ang pagsisisi ay palaging na sa huli. Fools on the hill, is what they are – or were…

  7. Ivan Barcos Ebarita on

    History is definitnely bound to repeat.

    Whether we were old enough, yet still a babe or not yet even born during martial rule of the late dictator President Ferdinand E. Marcos is irrelevant. The only relevant thing is the lesson we learned from a signigicant period of our history just like that period when the late dictator placed the Philippines under martial law.

    History is becoming subjective instead of being objective. Often times than not, simply familiarizing the story, but neglecting the moral lesson of history.

    The young Filipinos, who were born when Filipinos regain it’s hard fought freedom, who took into heart the lessons of our past, have every right to voice an honest opinion over the issue with any of us who already lived during that period.

    Instead of questioning them, why don’t we ask ourselves, what have we learned?

    History is indeed already repeating itself.

  8. The mother was busy playing mahjong, while the son was busy playing GameBoy with Josh. Both could not be bothered with menial matters like amending a law.

    Can you imagine the populations of Ilocos Norte, Ilocos Sur, La Union, Benguet, Pangasinan, descending upon Metro Manila? EDSA 1 would look MINUSCULE.

  9. I am a MORO, history tells us the atrocities during the marshal law has committed to my kin. However, this are the thing of the past, we have to move on and create a brighter future for our race and kin, Pres. Marcos surely has paid all his shortcomings upon his death, his exile, and removal from power and his family,they too have suffered for many long years, surely they may have learned from their past mistakes, that would be enough to vindicate the claims of those who were affected. we cannot forever leave in the past, we have to learn from the past in order to prevent it from happening in the future, and I am sure many of us now even the Marcose’s would not want to relive past. I am no marcos supporter and aquino at the same time, but we must unite and move on as one nation guided by law and faith.

  10. The news title is misleading. If we will based it to the turn-out of the rally then sadly to say it didn’t fulfill it’s true purpose so why PDU30 should back down? We have to stop as the ulterior motives of this is just to create disharmony in our country. The past should not be forgotten but we have to further study the true history.

  11. Du30 is correct the Aquinos had 12 years to resolve any Marcos issue. They did nothing and DU30 had to follow the law.

  12. Those students have no right to protest, for some of them were not born yet during Martial Law years. If some were around during those times, sure, they were babes without awareness what’s going on around them. It’s not good to claim for something when your existence is absent during the height of any controversy or if your claimed history is half baked. It only shows they lack wisdom and understanding. What a foolishness to this young generation.

  13. The Aquinos spent more time discrediting and demonizing the Marcoses than fulfilling their promises to the people during the elections. Thus, the two Aquino administrations were inundated with massive brownouts and traffic jams. The Daan Matuwid of the former President became the Daan Matraffic

    It’s time to put an end to the foolishness of this insane Aquinos. Thanks that President Duterte had the political courage to finally let the issue rest with the burial of the late President Marcos.

    • Ignacio Balbutin on

      wag mo na hanapin ang mga iyon, naging red na sila hehehe, namulat na sa katotohanan kaya DDS na sila ngayon

  14. Ako nga, kahit magtatalak pa ako ng isang katirba o magpasagasa ako sa tren ay wala na tayong magagawa, totoong matibay ang paninindigan ni Pangulong Duterte, dahil sabi naman niya noon, susundin niya anuman ang maging decision ng Supreme Court in the future. Ipasa Diyos na natin ang lahat, mabubulid lang tayo sa hell, sapagkat ang lahat naman nating pagnanasa at kaligayahan ay pawang sa ating sariling laman lamang, at wala man kahit ka titing na Spiritual.

  15. There is a very small but serious flaw in DU30s “logic”. Yes, he is right, Had the Acquinos, or any of President wanted to, they could have banned Marcos from being buried there. However to do that would have required a couple of things:
    1) The President making the decision wouyld had had to grow a set of stones, not something past presidents are knopwn for having/doing.

    2) Having completed step 1, they would then have had to actually made a decision. Given the inaction by past presidents on the large number of serious thing affecting the Philippines (corruption, lawlessness, lack of planning, incompetence etc. et al). It is no surprise that any of them did this.

    We now come to DU30’s excuse, in that he was “following the law”. Had he wanted to, he too could have changed the law, but he didn’t. Therefore, he too is as guilty as his predecessors on that charge. Worse, it could be argued, and is by many, that by not changing the law he was giving permission for Marcos to be buried there. Given his family’s support for for Marcos in the past, his close relationship with them and the support he received from members of the Marcos family during the election, I think that this is a more likely scenario.

    • And why would he have changed the law in favor of the Aquinos and those opposed to Marcos’ burial, Edward Watson? He only delivered on his promise to the Ilocanos that he would bury their President in the LNMB. As a lawyer, he knew there is no existing law that prohibits it. Even the Supreme Court of the Philippines – despite the dissent of some of its members, approved it. Peoples’ sentiments are not enough justification for Pres. Duterte not to allow it – so what’s wrong with that decision?

    • Mr. Watson, you’re wrong. President Duterte cannot just change the constitution in a few months. The Aquinos had 12 years to amend the constitution, but nothing was done. So the protesters should really blame the Aquinos and not Duterte.

    • The Aquinos and the rest have issues with the Marcoses and they keep holding on to that hate to be relevant. Why would Duterte be obliged to change the law on that issue? For what? To please who?

      Can you condemn the president if he did what he think is right for the majority of the Filipino people? Remember, he said that “WHATEVER THE SC DECISION WILL BE, HE WILL ABIDE BY IT.” These haters want the president to back down and even defy the SC decision. You cannot blame the man because he is respecting the SC decision. If the SC did not allow the burial and the Ilocanos organize protest rallies, I am sure the anti-Marcos will say to RESPECT it.

      You cannot accuse the president with the same offense, because Duterte is NOT INCOMPETENT…

    • From which part did the president guilty of? The president is the head of the executive department of government while the Supreme court justices on the judiciary. Two different branches of government. The supreme court justices have made their judgement to allow the Marcos burial in LNMB because there is no law prohibiting on it. How come that the president can change the law? You don’t know that the president is not above the law? you’re so pathetic kabayan. You cannot attribute the errors of the two past president Aquinos to Duterte. Tell me, is there any provision of the law prohibiting Marcos burial in LNMB? If there is none, then, it could be better for you to shut up. One more thing, your English grammar is very very bad. Mas mainam pa yata na mag Tagalog ka na lang.

    • DU30 cannot be as too guilty with as his predecessors Mr. Edward Watson, since he fully understood Presidents’ inefficiencies and corrupt practices and your idea of creating such law is in vein. We are just too slow to understand that Du30 is teaching us forgiveness the way taught us. We should realize in those many peace talks of the administration program is unthinkable to just ignore the many sufferings we had in the past but eternal forgiveness is much in a higher plane for entire Filipino people and our Nation. As Du30 said, we cannot continue fighting all through the generations to come, let’s stop it. So watch yourselves. “If your brother sins, rebuke him, and if he repents forgive him. If he sins against you seven times in a day, and seven times comes back to you and says , ‘I repent,’ forgive him.” For if you forgive men when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. But if you do not forgive men their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins. This is DU30’s unwritten law in his own conscience.

    • I think it’s your reasoning which is flawed. Your fundamental mistake is that you’re assuming that President Duterte is obliged to oppose the burial of Marcos at LNMB. Everybody is well aware that this has been promised during the campaign. If this issue was very important to the past yellow presidents they should’ve given it some sort of priority. You cannot excuse them that they were busy with other problems of the country. It is either due to incompetence or it was not indeed important to them at all. The Leftist and the Yellows are just using this issue to oust President Duterte. This mob will fail!!! People now know their true motives.

    • He said during the campaign, he will allow his burial there. So what’s new? The support of the Marcoses is minuscule. I think its a matter of principle for him to close this tragic issue once and for all. You can continue with your cases against Makoy still. Anyway, the rally is not supported by the public. One is a bunch of nudists or exhibitionists with face masks showing off their “you know what” for the ladies and gays to ogle. What a sorry spectacle!

    • What law would Duterte make?a law that specifically says no burial for Marcos at LNMB?,and then add no Aquinos too?,so you see sir the president is right when he said he just follow the law, this issue is just being use by the politicians now for the future election.

  16. I think the Media should help the government by not entertaining protests that wouldn’ t help the economy grow. The rally yesterday was a waste because it wouldn’ t change anything| just as Digong has said. The Crowd of anti-Marcos threw a lot of money on their posters/ tarpaulins/ shirts and travel with food and drink| they should have saved it and spent it on their families/ or self life priorities.

    They did drag children under the rain| they could have gotten sick: for what?

    It is December| a time for happy cheers. New Year is fast Approaching: it is better if all unite and have lots of food and fun. Earlier, my mom got mad at me because I wouldn’ t receive her Christmas gift of December 25th| I was requesting that she keeps it for me until New Year: I realized my mommy just wanted me to have a Happy Time along with others on the Christmas Day itself, even if I am not Catholic.

    Holidays are coming| Catholics or non-Catholics, it has been a tradition to get great smiles during Decembers: I choose to have it even if I will have to celebrate Christmas: I don’ t know how long will I be able to be with my family-I want to end each year with a high note being with my mom and siblings with Lola Rosie. With gifts on Christmas Day or on New Year| I promise myself that I will have a Happy December: wouldn’ t the protesters want that too?

    Happy Holidays and Happy New Year ahead!!

  17. We, the Ilocanos and majority of the Filipinos are with you, Mr. President. The Yellows can not put other issues against your administration kaya ito lang ang paraan nila para ma down ka. MABUHAY SI PRESIDENT DUTERTE.