‘Duterte rejects Hitler tag’


Malacañang on Saturday defended President Rodrigo Duterte after he drew flak for drawing parallels between the Holocaust and his administration’s war on drugs.

Presidential spokesman Ernesto Abella said Duterte’s reference to the slaughter of Jews during World War 2 by Hitler’s Nazi regime “was an oblique deflection of the way he has been pictured as a mass murderer, a Hitler, a label he rejects.”

“The Philippines recognizes the deep significance of the Jewish experience especially their tragic and painful history,” Abella said in a statement posted on the Presidential Communications Office’s Facebook page.

“We do not wish to diminish the profound loss of six million Jews in the Holocaust – that deep midnight of their story as a people,” he added.

Duterte, in a speech on Friday morning in Davao City following his arrival from an official visit to Vietnam, said he had been “portrayed to be a cousin of Hitler” by his critics.

“Hitler massacred three (sic) million Jews. Now there’s three million drug addicts. I’d be happy to slaughter them,” Duterte told reporters in Davao City.

The analogy with Hitler, whose campaign to wipe out Jews in Europe led to about six million deaths by end of World War 2, triggered immediate condemnation.

“These statements are revolting and President Duterte must retract them and apologize,” World Jewish Congress president Ronald Lauder said in a statement.

But Abella claimed Duterte only drew “an oblique conclusion, that while the Holocaust was an attempt to exterminate the future generations of Jews, the so-called ‘extra-judicial killings,’ wrongly attributed to him, will nevertheless result in the salvation of the next generation of Filipinos.”

“He was just addressing the negative comparison that people made between him and Hitler,” the Palace official said.

“Hitler murdered three (sic) million innocent civilians whereas Duterte was referencing to his ‘willingness to kill’ three million criminal drug dealers – to save the future of the next generation and the country. Those are two entirely different things,” he added.


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  1. How many people have the police arrested so far for vigilante murders of over 1500 people ?
    The PNP classified under “deaths under investigation.”

    1500 murders, How many murderers arrested ?

  2. All this talk about analyzing what the President actually means is missing the point, as the head of state he can expect every word he says to be analyzed from both a positive and negative perspectives.
    Does he not have advisers to review what he is about to say and amend so the meaning becomes clear, this is just basic diplomacy.
    When most the world press interprets his speech in the “wrong” way then the President needs better advisors reviewing what he is about to say.
    If he is not having anyone review his speeches then he has only himself to blame for the negative reviews.

  3. The reality is Duterte is an idiot, hes mentally challenged, hes a dirty mouth fool, yes hes a lawyer by whoose standards, the philippines, he wouldnt make a lawyers asshole in any western country, NO doubt hes a murderer, where there is smoke there is fire, This guy is going to destroy all the good will the Filipinos have in this world, Philipinos are great people, happy, courageous, honest and real,, but Duterte is the worst thing to happen to this country, WAKE UP PEOPLE, you didnt see Marcos comming and you cant see this clown comming, the rest of the world is sending you warnings, LISTEN………………….

  4. a truly sad tale. everything our pres says is twisted/distorted. the context is so clear. it’s his critics that labeled hm a cousin of hitler.

  5. Congress, senate, and the SC, knows PDU30, is on the right track. Let PDU30 be the sinner, let him burn in hell so the Filipino people will live in paradise. If the 16million plus who voted for him, will pray for his soul, I think he will be save by GOD the Almighty.

  6. vagoneto rieles on

    President Duterte isn’t making things easy for his staff; that’s for sure. Gaffe after incomprehensible gaffe just springs from his mouth non-stop. These, of course, could be ploys that are designed to elicit a desired result from those foreign governments being addressed. But, if they are indeed ploys, why would there be the need for instant deflections and interpretations from his staff? The ever patient and dutiful Secretary Abella, and the reliable Secretary Yasay are quick to parry every counter thrust from the international press and from those countries that are alluded to by the President. Their explanations, however, are getting thinner and more illogical by the day. And, what’s more…the President is getting less and less credible each succeeding time.
    Locally, there is hardly a need for such deflections and explanations. Filipinos know what the President aims to do, and is just being folksy in his language. One would expect, however, that if President Duterte wants to be taken seriously internationally, he might choose his words more carefully; and, that if wants to demonstrate that he means what he says, he orders his staff to not filter his messages each time he announces them. Just let those addressed, take it the way it is said.
    He’s got to be taken seriously…both in the Philippines and abroad.

  7. Mr Abella, Duterte is the person that compared himself to Hitler. You cannot blame anybody but your boss. You really look stupid depending this guy. Mr Abella, either you shut up or resign.

    • I watched the full video. Duterte was decrying the comparison of certain people and groups comparing him to Hitler. In fact he was contrasting himself by saying he would “gladly kill” criminals rather than kill innocent people as done by Hitler. It was right that he apologized to the Jewish community since they were offended by the analogy, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the president meant malice. After all, if you have offended someone even if unintentional, apologizing is the right thing to do. And by that he took full responsibility for what he said. It’s “defending” by the way, not “depending”.

  8. True! The media and international community were all loss in translation. President Duterte was making a comparison about the 3 million Jews that were killed during the Holocaust and that President Duterte is willing to kill the 3 thousand drug addicts in the country. He was not emulating the action of Hitler nor is he a Hitler personified. He was actually upset for being likened to Hitler. It seems that the media by twisting facts are out to destroy Duterte.

  9. He is misunderstood by many and condemned by detractors..;they only used their tongue not their brains..U.N. must first investigate before they condemned what had happen? Or are they what Duterte referred to be as idiots? Speaking without knowing? Maybe their tongue are not synchronized with their brains?


    There are 2 kind of people in this world; GOOD & BAD!

    Any statement can be interpreted into a good and bad meaning. It defends who will interpret (pros/cons).
    I believe the comparison is only in #.

    We support of the killing of the CRIMINALS!

    As an ordinary citizen, now you can walk safely around Metro Manila although it is not yet 100%. Before when I commuted or took a ride in jeep, I always witness snatching thanks GOD in this Administration I never witness ONE.




  11. In my opinion, President Duterte should berate local media for their sometimes unforgivable errors which costs us so much. But as it is, he may end up cussing the international community again because he highly respects local media freedom over and above any international body.

  12. Philippine Media should retract and apologize to President Duterte and to the Filipinos for the damage they cost to the image they give our country!
    They are the most reckless and careless reporters in the whole world! Don’t they know that the international media picks up on what they report and believes its God’s truth??? Local media should spend a day or two analyzing what our own president really means before publishing, as he has a way of speaking that is somehow different from what we are used to and thus tends to be always misquoted in their rush to beat deadlines…or is this all deliberate to give our beloved president a bad name?
    The Filipinos are strongly behind President Duterte. The international media should also be aware that it is not just a “War on Drugs” that is happening here, but also the struggle of certain political forces with very strong media connections who hates the lose of their power and are doing everything they can to malign our president.

  13. ‘willingness to kill’ three million criminal drug dealers

    Killing 3 million people.
    Declaring people criminals without being convicted by a court is a violation of the law and the constitution.

    Killing people who don’t pose a threat to the arresting officers is murder.
    Vigilante’s killing’s are murders
    Killing 3 million people is mass murder

    Claiming good intentions while murdering people is not acceptable.

    What will the elected officials who swore to uphold the laws of the country do about it ?

  14. As President, he must think what he is talking about or what he is trying to do. What he say and what he does will affect for sure the Philippines. I hope he can change his course for the good of the country. Situation around the world is different from 100 years ago. Why there is no opposition on him by the Senate and Congress and Supreme Court?