• Duterte risking flow of foreign aid – Leni


    VICE PRESIDENT Maria Leonor “Leni” Robredo on Wednesday urged President Rodrigo Duterte to stop his expletive-laden tirades against foreign leaders, warning that foreign aid crucial to the country’s development was at risk.

    “I wish that he (Duterte) does not speak that way. It is a reminder not only to him but also [to]all public officials.
    Everything that the President says should not be personal. As public officials, everything that we say is a policy.
    He should be more careful in dealing with other countries,” Robredo said in a news conference.

    The President’s attacks, she warned, could strain diplomatic ties and eventually cut the flow of aid, she said.

    “Foreign aid is a big help for us, and those are given to us because of the level of their (foreign aid sources) trust and confidence in us. It is not something that we can do away with just like that because we worked hard to reach that certain level of comfort and trust,” Robredo said.

    Robredo made the call a day after the President – still on the defensive amid international criticism of his bloody anti-drug war—said US President Barack Obama should “go to hell” and that the EU could “choose purgatory.”

    It was the latest of Duterte’s series of tirades whose targets have also included UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.

    Robredo reminded the President: “We don’t live in an island.”

    ‘Dignity and respect’

    Reacting to Robredo’s statements, presidential spokesman Ernesto Abella said the President was more concerned with being treated with “dignity and respect” than keeping the flow of aid.

    The United States is the country’s largest source of official development assistance (ODA), at $1.15 billion in 2014. The United Nations came in second with $608 million, followed by Australia with $587 million and the European Union with $175 million.

    The rest of the top 10 are Japan with $167 million, Germany with $125 million, Asian Development Bank with $118 million, South Korea with $94 million and the World Bank with $84 million.

    China and Russia, world powers Duterte wants to build alliances with, do not belong to the top 10 ODA sources.
    Robredo said the Philippines could become close to China and Russia “but we don’t need to remove friends as a result of that.”

    =At the Senate, Senator Panfilo Lacson told reporters Duterte’s latest remarks were “unnecessary.”

    Don’t take it literally

    Discussing Duterte’s latest attacks against the US and EU, Malacañang asked the public to “use creative imagination” to understand the President’s statements.

    “Let’s not be too literal,” Abella said in a news conference.

    Abella said most of the President’s statements were “expressions of frustration” and that the public should wait for him to clarify his comments on the matter.

    On Monday, Sen. Richard Gordon said Duterte was “falling on his own sword” for being “too noisy” in publicly expressing his desire to kill suspected drug users and pushers.

    House Majority Leader Rodolfo Fariñas also called on Duterte to refrain from making public pronouncements and advised him to just focus on his job.

    Duterte apologized to the Jewish community on Sunday after saying he was “happy to slaughter” three million drug addicts just like Hitler exterminated six million Jews during the Holocaust.

    The President made the parallel reference last week as he expressed frustration at being labeled “a cousin of Hitler” by critics.


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    1. The killing of drug addicts and pushers is not the solution to the drug problem. The president should be going after the sources who are making and allowing the drugs into the Philippines. There are corrupt custom agents, police, military, politicians and etc. Those are the people that should be hunted down. You kill the source and your drug problem is resolved.

      Don’t worry about foreign aid. The Chinese and Russians will be glad to provide aid to the Philippines. They will start buying up the Philippines and your politicians. China won’t have to draw weapons against the Philippines. They will already own you. Good luck with that.

      I hope you never have a natural disaster where you need other countries help. Oh I forgot China and Russia will be your foreign aid and allies.

    2. Tony Batungbacal on

      Wow! I wonder who benefited from those development assistance mentioned in this article. The last time I heard, the Philippines’ poverty level is 25%.

    3. The DU30 boys are having difficulties in protecting the stupidity of their boss. They are asking the public and International community to create an imagination to understand the President. What kind of stupid suggestion is this? DU30 thinks that the people of the world are like the Filipinos in general, poorly educated and ignorant. Many Filipinos all over the world are affected by Duterte’s arrogance. A lot of U.S. investment money have been withdrawn and most likely, foreign aid will follow soon. After the November election, U.S. Congress might deal with Duterte’s arrogance and they might create some type of resolution, questioning why the U.S. should continue giving economic and military aid to a country headed by a stupid and arrogant president. The development assistance is huge, very huge amount that DU30 cannot afford to lose.

    4. Hoy! the rise in $ is due to to the strong Fed– our local economy is as strong as ever–ask the BSP or the people in the know first before this unfounded rumour or fear mongering!!!

    5. This guy should not be elected president. Abella is really having a hard time defending Duterte. Panelo is just being his old irritating self. I will not push as my priority killing of drug addicts because even without killing them, they will die soon due to drugs. My main top priority is eradication of the poor that are still alive that needs assistance from our government.