• Duterte-Roxas faceoff will go pffft


    MY crystal ball says presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte will make himself scarce once his rival Mar Roxas shows up at the Davao City airport.

    A throng of reporters will accompany Roxas to Duterte’s bailiwick in the hope of catching a confrontation. They’ll all be disappointed. Roxas’ going to Davao should give the tough-talking Duterte the opportunity to make good his threat to slap him. Well, don’t expect him to walk the talk. He’ll be a no-show.

    Rather, expect Duterte to explain that he would slap the “gago” Roxas only if they meet in a street corner, not at the Davao airport. He’ll add that this was just a joke, like his cursing Pope Francis and his mother, and his claiming to have killed 1,700 persons.

    Once Roxas goes to Davao and Duterte beats a hasty retreat, he’ll show himself to be more of a man than Duterte. Roxas is willing to be slapped by Duterte if his claimed graduation from Wharton is a lie. He’ll slap Duterte if this is true. Don’t expect Duterte to accept Roxas’s manly challenge. Expect him to put his foot in his mouth instead.

    Former President Erap Estrada was a toughie, perhaps even tougher than Duterte, but he had never cursed political foes and religious leaders.

    Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago had proven her mettle in fighting graft and corruption. Her words against grafters and incompetent officials were biting but were never outright curses like Duterte’s.

    People shouldn’t cheer a candidate who espouses violence and mouths vulgarities. This is tantamount to endorsing dictatorship. Based on reports, in Davao City, the law is whatever Duterte believes it to be. He’ll stop the implementation of a legal order that’s contrary to his beliefs and will even slap or berate the implementors.

    Should he win, expect Duterte to be a president, a prosecutor, a judge, and an executioner all at the same time.

    Good men missed
    I’m sad that several living politicians still physically strong are no longer in politics. They could have given greater hope for the country’s reformation.

    Offhand, I can name former Congressmen Tong Payumo of Bataan, Oscar Orbos of Pangasinan, and Renato Diaz of Nueva Ecija.

    The accomplishments of Tong in lawmaking and in serving his district are too many to be enumerated here. Suffice it to say that in his 11 years in Congress, he had been cited as one of the most outstanding congressmen almost every year.

    In 2013, his district showed the most tell-tale signs of cheating thru the PCOS machines. However, the courts stopped the manual recount on a technicality.

    This year, his followers urged him to run again but his family opposed it.

    “I was prepared in case another call to service came but the prayers of my wife and daughters must have been so effective that I was spared this time,” Tong said while endorsing the congressional bid of Hermosa Mayor Danilo Malana.

    Tong’s daughter Aileen was proud of his decision.

    “Washington, a founding father, didn’t seek reelection even if he was sure of beating Jefferson. He believes that when he lets go, the nation will go on because someone will take over. It’s tragic, for the person and the nation, if one cannot let go,” Aileen said in a tribute to Tong on Face Book.

    Oscar Orbos is one of the most visionary congressmen I had ever known but he now says he can serve the people even outside the government. Rene Diaz, like Oca, is full of new ideas and had finished more projects in his district than all his predecessors combined.

    A paraphrasing of a line from the song “Vincent” would apply to these dreamers/achievers: “This (Philippine political) world was never meant for one as beautiful as you.”



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    1. My advice to my family first. Do not associate yourself with bad people, you are inviting trouble. Second, do not go to bad areas, you are giving these criminals to attack you. Both of these advice , Mar Roxas violated. He should have known better.

    2. Well said about Duterte. I congratulate you for that. Duterte carries his own gun/s and with all his bodyguards, displays his idea of being “macho”. Proclaiming to the whole world having two wives and two girlfriends (he got them using his money, guns and harassing face) is a display for him to be “macho” too. Pagpatay ng 1700 tao ayon sa kanya ay pawang haka-haka lang para makaakit ng mga babae at bobotante. Ang katotohanan niyan ay wala naman siyang pinatay dahil ang pinatay niya ay iyong mga taong walang ina sa “pag-jajakol” niya. To hell with the LIES and ARROGANCE of Duterte. Let us pray to save the Philippines from this evil man and family.