Duterte, Roxas hit over ‘slapping’ match


Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte and Manuel Roxas 2nd were urged to stop their shameful acts and instead take the presidential debates to a hiher level.

“This is something that was out of line for both of them and being older than both of them, I’m asking them to set the example to high level presidential debates,” independent senatorial candidate Sergio Osmeña 3rd said Monday.

He was referring to the word war between Roxas and Duterte where the two challenged each other to a slapping match.

“It could bring shame to our political system if they found out abroad the kind of candidates we have,” Osmeña said.

Osmeña, a known political strategist, admitted that while he is leaning towards Duterte, the Davao City mayor needs to tone down his language.

He said Duterte’s tough-talking style may be effective in his province, but he should practice diplomacy now that he is aspiring for the country’s highest post.

Meanwhile, the United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) appealed to all candidates to refrain from personal attacks and help raise the level of campaigning.

UNA Vice President Gre¬gorio Honasan said candidates should discuss programs and platforms instead.

“We should avoid allowing the situation to deteriorate into personality attacks,” he added.


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  1. Just proves that Mar is indeed a Hot headed person and a vindictive one .Just like BSAquino . His Clone. He will never be the right leader for this country .
    Mar Roxas spells disaster all the time . Vote NO to LP .