• Duterte running for president after all


    Now he wants to join the race.

    Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte on Saturday said he will be joining the presidential race next year after all.

    A report by Rappler quoted Duterte as saying that it was the decision of the Senate Electoral Tribunal junking the disqualification complaint filed against Senator Grace Poe that made him change his mind. The mayor has in the past repeatedly declared that he has no intention to run for president.

    Duterte said Poe should not be allowed to run because she is not a natural-born Filipino citizen.

    Allowing the senator to join the presidential derby, he added, “cheapens” the Constitution. Under the law, only natural-born Filipinos can seek the country’s highest post.

    Duterte said he will talk to PDP-Laban leaders to discuss his decision. The party had passed a resolution making the feisty mayor its substitute standard bearer in next year’s presidential election.

    The PDP-Laban has for its chairman Senator Aquilino “Koko” Pimentel 3rd.

    ABS-CBN also reported that Cayetano made the announcement at a party in Cavite province.

    “What made me decide to run? Was it an offer for money? No. I just want to tell everybody to stop toying with the Philippines. Nothing against Grace but if you run for the highest post in the land, it must be reserved for a true-blue Filipino,” Duterte was quoted as saying.

    “If ever you make it, you will be a presumptive president by citizenship. I cannot accept that. What will happen when she is disqualified because she is American? Give me an Igorot, an Aaeta, a plumber kahit ano basta Pilipino. It is a matter of principle. Pagka ganun my candidacy for the presidency is on the table,” the mayor said.

    Duterte challenged Poe to produce her birth mother to prove that she is Filipino.

    “If she can prove she is Filipino then I will step down. I will be her (Poe) campaign manager.”


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    1. filipinos are paradoxical people. you said you want good leaders, but you are not voting good leaders! you are even happy being tagged, “Voters for money”. how crazy are you when in a day before the election day you include yourself in the voters list by political runners giving you names of candidates to vote for an enveloped money. it’s funny yet shameful to see you in the list. well, voting for money can be inevitable especially in a highly centralized system where one is to vote personalities they do not know, (senators for instance, it can be that not less than 50% of the voting filipinos do not actually know the senators they voted) unlike perhaps in a federal system where both economy & politics are distributed accordingly. duterte can be the best leader to lead the country, but with election-the filipino way? voters-the filipino mentality? winning is so hard!!

    2. I am an Ifugao, a minority as you can see in my family name. I do not see Duterte’s statement as discriminatory to us minorities but as an emphasis on who are natural born filipinos. It is a practice that is rather discriminatory that mainstream linguistic groups consider us mountaineers as non-filipinos to quote the brilliant Carlos P. Romulo. Even my patients then at the Philippine General Hospital who are recipients of my professional care would say, huh, Igorot ka, di kayo ay nagbabahag din?. Oh yes, Duterte means we are the pure blooded natives who are natural born in every sense. We are not dying to be called Filipinos though.

    3. If your country upgrades itself then Duterte is there to help. The citizens should not want the govt. in their lives but to police the bad elements from existing.
      Tolerance for evil has to end.

      I hope Mr. Duterte can conjure up enough decent humans to help him- filipino or not!

    4. Whew Mr. Duterte! Would you mind explaining what do you mean by “Give me an Igorot, an Aaeta, a plumber kahit ano basta Pilipino.” By these words of you, I understood that you are looking down on Igorots and Eatas, and other ethnic groups there are. That is being discriminating of you. The ethnic groups are just minorities but if they unite to vote against a candidate will have a big impact on the outcome of the election. Remember, one vote makes a big difference and a vote of an ethnic group makes a bigger difference too.

    5. I don’t know what Duterte wants; he is full of contradictions. He says politicians “talk too much” and that they should “just do it”. He says he is a decisive man yet every now and then, urong-sulong ang pagtakbo.
      You want it your own way, a ‘dictatorship’ to straighten up the country, that you are ‘willing to kill’ to meet you goals. So, my question is, anong magiging kaibahan mo kay Marcos, sa killings during martial law, sa breaking the law to bring the law to order?
      You had been citing so many reasons on why you can’t be a president, and what hurts me the most is, ang citizenship case pa ni Grace ang ultimately nagpabago sa isip mo, hindi yung nangyayaring kaliwa’t kanang katarantaduhan sa bansa.
      Are you scared that Grace might win and this country will fall? It’s crumbling! And sa ginawa mong pagtakbo, I am afraid you made things worse. Mahahati ang mga boto ng mga Pilipino sa inyo ni Santiago, pareho kayong Iron Fist. Except ikaw, may halong dahas. Sana sumuporta ka na lang sa isa. O kaya, sana inagahan mo yang desisyon mo. Napansin kong nag-official announcement si Miriam after mong inannounce na di ka tatakbo, maybe dahil di niya kayang pabayaan kina Mar, Grace, & Binay ang lahat, kasi ikaw, decisively indecisive that time. Handa siyang magparaya, just like what Mar did for Aquino last elections, dahil takot silang si Erap ang manalo na naman as president.
      Kung totoo man na si Grace ang nangunguna sa surveys, baka mauna pa rin siya, dahil maraming tao ang di sineseryoso ang kahalagahan ng election. Ipinagdadasal ko na lang na sana bumoto ng seryoso yung mga Pilipino.
      Kung sakaling manalo ka Duterte, sana mapatakbo mo nga ang country and make it like Davao, because it is a lot more different than running a city.

      • it’s your opinion, but you should not compare the Marcos regime to Duterte, because Duterte is anti-criminal particularly the drug syndicates, corrupt government officials while the victims of Marcos were mostly ordinary citizens and not drug syndicates not criminals.. so DUTERTE kami, only Duterte has clear vision to change the system of our government. No change in the system of government nothing good will happen to our country. Maiwanan pa tayo sa Vietnam! Go DUTERTE, Go!

    6. Mga parekoy…
      1. Kaya po hindi agad tumakbo si Duterte dahil ayaw niya masali sa upakan ng mga presidentiables na una ng naghain ng COC. Ikaw ba gusto mo siraan kaagad sa umpisa pa lang? kaya nga nagpahuli siya ok?
      2. Si Duterte ang kailangan ng Pilipinas. Kung ayaw mong ma-rape ang mga kamag-anak mo or mabiktima ng mga halang ang bituka, wag mo siya iboto…
      3. Kung gusto mo magpaloko kay TraPoe/AmerikanangPanday, “Makati ang Kamay”, at kay “Paling na Daan”, geh go lang… Pero kung gusto mo ng pagbabago, DuterteCayetano2016 po ang iboto nyo..
      Ow, si Miriam Santiago naman… well may cancer/sakit siya, not sure magampanan nya ng maayos or kung matapos nya ang term kung sakali (wag naman sana syempre) at to be honest, may mga reports dati na medyo may tama daw/yata siya (siguro dahil sa sobrang talino at katandaan?) not sure…

    7. For your information, duterte has not declared his preidency.. he is just sayin kapag ako ang naging presidente, kapag ganito, kapag ganyan.. wala cyang sinabe na kakandidato cya.. ano kapag nag coment lang nag declare na agad???

    8. sa wakas may katapat na din ang mga salot at mababawasan na din ang pagtaas ng bilang ng crimen! #DuterteCayetano2016

    9. >>> Si Grace Militar Poe …..PINANGANAK SA PILIPINAS, let say OK .

      >>> Si Grace Militar naging si Grace Poe , then nag-asawa at naging Grace Lamanzares hindi ginamit ang Militar na apelyido………..siya ay nagpunta, nagtungo, nag-aral, nag-asawa at naging US Naturalized Citizenship, say Ok na yan !!!! at take note…sa USA hindi allowed ang dual citizenship, kaya binasura at binaliwala ang kategorya niya Filipino Citizenship at PINILI ang US Citizenship. Ngayon nahaharap sa Senate Electoral Tribunal at ipinahayag na AYON SA CONSTITUTION NG BANSA, HINDI SIYA NATURAL BORN FILIPINO CITIZEN, BAGKOS SIYA AY NATURALIZED FILIPINO !!!

      >>> Si Grace Poe Llamanzares -US Naturalized Citizen…… pabalik-balik sa Pilipinas. Binigyan ni Abnoy BSC-Aquino3rd ng trabaho sa MTBRC as Chairman, kumandidato, binasura at BINALEWALA ANG US Naturalized Citizenship and muli nagbalik deklara bilang isang Filipino at naging Senador 2013.

      >>> Si Grace Poe(?) Llamanzares…. nais kumandidato sa 2016 bilang Pangulo !!!!

      >>> Si Grace Poe(?) Llamanzares…,. nasabi, sinabi at sinasabi niya na ” ANG CONSTITUTION NG PILIPINAS AY DAPAT AT TAMA LAMANG NA IGALANG AT SUNDIN NG SINUMAN !!!! Kaya nararapat lamang na umamin na siya sa Senate Electoral Tribunal na siya ay nagkamali at tama lang na magbitiw bilang illegal Senator at not qualified as Presidentiable.

      >>> Si Grace Poe(?) Llamanzares…….naging Filipino, Tinakwil ang pagka-Pilipino upang maging Amerikano tapos tinakwil naman ang pagka-Amerikano upang MAGING PILIPINO MULI at para magkaroon ng pwesto sa gobyerno sa tulong ni abnoy aquino3rd at iluklok bilang chairman MTRCB !!!!


      KUNG PANANATILIHIN IKABIT SA PANGALAN ni Ms Grace ang “POE”…… wowwwwwwwww !!!!!!!!!!! ISA SIYA SA MGA TUNAY NA ” HIPOKRITA” AT “INGRATA”, KATULAD NI abnoy BSC-3RD, F.Abad, L. De-Limaw, ThrillANES, Curruptano at abnoy-infected Mar Roxas.

    10. RDD shows his incomptency in his decision. He cannot be trusted. NO word of honor.
      He is not the man for the highest position of this land. It is Merriam Defensor who is the best qualified for the President of the Philippines and BBM as the vice president.
      parehong de kalidad sa kanilang mga personalities aside from being technocrats with a BEAUTIFUL MIND…
      Feed your mind people. with truth and no lies.. walang halong kaplastikan. before you vote, think deeply, and evaluate the people you want to vote..baka magsisi na nmn kayo sa pagpili ng inyong kandidato.. otherwise you will suffer the same fate of what this lunatic administration done to our country and to our people..

    11. Camille Padilla on

      He may not win knowing how elections can be dirty and unfair. One thing is sure, my vote will not go to waste. #Duterte2016 #DC2016

    12. Camille Anne So on

      Pagkatapos lahat ng problemang dumating matutuloy na rin ang pinakahihintay natin.Laban para sa bayan Mayor Duterte at Sen. Alan Cayetano sama-sama nating harapin ang Tunay na Pagbabago.#DUTERTECAYETANO#DC2016

    13. Well, for all those who are not for duterte, who cares? it is your opinion and the rest have their own opinions too. Mindanao and mostly the rest of visayas are for him because they know how he ruled Davao in the world? How did duterte maintain a harmonious relationship of all the different sectors in Davao? how many indigenious groups are there? and the npa? and the muslims. why are they living in harmony with out killing each other? ask duterte that, and ask the other leaders if they could do that. Sincerity in governing the people is number 1. Second, he never enriched himself in governmet service. He is just like you and me who has the heart for the oppressed and the poor. Have you ever stayed in Davao? you may like to live there for good. Try it and you will like it because of the dutertes/.

    14. Duterte will not win by a long shot. He can play around his game in Davao but not in the whole Philippines. This country is very complex.

    15. Well, if this ain’t a case of the pot calling the kettle black: “Allowing the senator to join the presidential derby…’cheapens’ the Constitution,” says the man who has shown no respect for the rule of law or the due process of law.

    16. After all the urong-sulong, now he decided to run citing the case of Poe as the flimsy reason and turning point of his “now I will, now I will not” decision. It shows what type of decision maker he is. Granting that he will run. is there any assurance that he will win. That’s the big question mark and let see come 2016.

      • He has not even declared he wants to be a president man.. He means “If Me (Duterte) will be elected as a president”.. And it doesnt mean “Yes”, ill run”..

        And for me, Duterte is 100 times more better than any candidate available.. and i will bet for him.. #Duterte2016


    17. Jose Bonifacio on

      I am for Rodrigo Duterte for president, might even go back there to campaign for him and his VP. Let’s see what he can do and for sure it’s going to be very different.

      • You can help campaign for Duterte by donating money to his campaign! The campaign team needs monetary support in television, newspaper, radio and other form of media advertisement. They need financial support to mobilize the movement to make Duterte our next president. So you can help a lot by fundraising there outside the country from other Filipinos. We need Filipinos like you!!

    18. i don’t want Llamanzares for so many reasons….she is just using Poe bec it is sikat, she has nothing to prove yet, per favore, tama na ang pagdurusa ng mga Pinoy in the hands of walang pakialam and abnormal president. …Miriam Defensor Santiago is the most qualified for President….but Du30 is also ok….hmm…let us see.