Duterte to SC: Don’t rule based on emotion in Marcos case


The Supreme Court should not rule on petitions seeking to stop the burial of the late strongman Ferdinand Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani (Heroes’ Cemetery) based on emotion, President Rodrigo Duterte said on Sunday.

The President made the statement ahead of the expected release of the Supreme Court verdict on the issue on October 18.

Duterte vowed to respect whatever the court’s decision would be, but pointed out that the previous governments’ refusal to bury Marcos at the Libingan had alienated the former president’s supporters in the Ilocos region.

“What I must say now is that we have alienated the entire Ilocano; almost entire Ilocano. We cannot just do that because we are all Filipinos. I hope the Supreme Court will decide not on the emotion. But of course, we know that all will be legal at the end of the day,” Duterte told reporters at the Davao airport before leaving for a two-nation trip.

“My position is that there is a law that grants Marcos a burial in the Libingan ng mga Bayani. My position is that as long as there is that law, it shall be followed,” he said.

Whether or not Marcos was a hero was another matter, the President argued.

“In the matter of [war]medals, heroism of the late Marcos … that is not the issue. It will we resolved; maybe in the generations to come,” Duterte said.

The President was referring to the Armed Forces of the Philippines rules that allow soldiers, former presidents and certain other government officials to be buried in the Libingan ng mga Bayani in Taguig City.

Opponents of the burial however point to a law compensating Marcos human rights victims, which states that the Marcoses were liable for the human rights violations during Martial Law, making the former president unfit for interment at the Libingan.

“What the Supreme Court will rule must be followed. We will follow what the Supreme Court says for after all, it is the Supreme Court which interprets the law and decides where the public interest is served among contending parties,” Duterte said.


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  1. “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it”, why, because it is guaranteed in the law (freedom of speech). In the US, the court sided with Hustler magazine for it’s right to print a negative write-up on a public figure in the US, because it is the law (the write up was publicly denounced by moralist and elitist of the US and argued that it should not have been allowed, but the court upheld what is the existing law at the time – 1st amendment on the freedom of speech). If the present law is not acceptable, petition the law makers to make amendments to it. While the Marcos burial is not about freedom of speech, it is just the same about the law. Don’t justify “moral” issues to “not abide” with the law. You people had 5 different administrations thru the past 30 or so years to take action yet did nothing. And now you complain.

  2. american should have already know that majority of the cases against the marcoses that were finally reach a verdict in their favor. even our famous u.s federal.attoney general case against him in a new york court show him innocent that’s justice.

  3. Regarding the past presidents who did nothing to resolve this issue, only Erap tries to do something but had lousy legal advisers!Cory & son PNoy were both vindictive! They still blame FEM to mastermind the killing of Ninoy! Ninoy actually came home regardless if he was going to be killed or not because he was already ill and Filipinos are starting to forget who he was. And now he’s a hero? Just because he was killed by Rolando Galman who was already killed not in the airport tarmac. Galman was accosted by a certain ret. Col. of the Air Force. This ret. Col. could shed light but he’s already dead & he’s acquitted from any crime because his brother was a general & has lots of contacts then. D30 only has the guts to help resolve this case and make FEM rest in peace! Thanks, Digong! You may be lousy diplomat because of your being a loose cannon but you have guts unlike the Macapagals, Aquinos & Erap! FEM should be buried in the L ng mga B.

  4. Can the Supreme Court modify the AFP rule allowing soldiers, former presidents and other certain government officials to be buried in the libingan ng mga bayani, by not allowing former president Marcos from being burried in that cemete4ry?

  5. mabait na pinoy on

    The Supreme Court decision on Marcos burial can go either way, by agreeing that he is authorized by law, to be buried there at Libingan ng mga Bayani or will not allow because there was a court order for the Marcos estate to pay the Human Rights Victims, meaning he was the responsible person with all the crimes and atrocities committed during Martial Law. However, there is another element that majority of the Filipino people did not take into consideration on this particular case and the element is called MONEY. When this element is added into the equation, the outcome is favorable and the judges that render decisions will not be bothered by anything negative thrown at them. The question about the love of God, Honesty, and Integrity do not matter to them anymore because MONEY is everything and the only thing to them.

  6. FEM deserves to be buried in Libingan ng mga Bayani for the simple reason that he’s qualified to be buried there! Look at some samples of people who were buried there like Gen. Angelo Reyes who committed suicide because he was cornerd & no place to hide. He was accused of stealing a lot of money and after he committed suicide, they forgot all the accusations because he’s already dead. But the same time Mrs. Reyes benefited from that loot by the general! Even former Speaker Belmonte told Mrs. Reyes not to worry about anything because he would protect her! What a hypocrite! So FEM was a soldier & past president and he qualifies to be buried in Libingan ny mga Bayani. Was Gen. Reyes bayani? No way! Was FEM bayani? Who knows? But does he deserve to be buried there? YES!

  7. President Duterte, there is a law: what prevented you from executing it? Why wait for the Supreme Court to make added interpretation when there’s already a law? President Duterte: you should have gone ahead and buried FM at the Libingan ng mga Bayani.

  8. Isagani M. Capiña on

    Country men, God in His will placed President Duterte as our new leader for a purpose. Whether we agree with him or not, our duty is to pray for him. Our Lord God placed him there, and Him alone will take him out in due time. Let us all rally together to maintain the peace that we presently enjoy.

  9. the law speak not of those requirements to be buried. he was legitimately elected president and by law he deserves to be buried. now you talk of billions stolen, fake medals, go to court, bring your evidence? he was never convicted of any crime yet you insist to call him a criminal? shame on you! I am not for Marcos nor am I against him. I love history. true history, and not those twisted history? written with hatred? you must be 82 years old to know him.

  10. what mass execution? extreme problems created by the past administrations deserved extreme solutions! you must be a drug coddler? you have not seen a victim of drug addicts? duterte was placed by million of votes for solution! justice is corrupt. or you must have a relative in politics. a senator perhaps, or a judge?

  11. David Michael Meyer on

    Ask your self thus ,,,Does a man who plundered billions..Who lied about his military status//Who said he had decorations and medals that he did not ..Who whilst holding the highest office in this land ..Put men and women in prison.because they disagreed with him ..Had peeple put to death —for the same reason ..Ask your self ; Does such a man , deserve to be buried as a hero ?

    David M Meyer {PhD psych}}

    • It’s never proven in court, Imelda Marcos won 900 cases and most significant was the trial of the century. FEM was never been convicted to any crime and plunder case. Like the president said don’t decide base on the emotion, it should be based on the law itself. And the law dictates that FEM is qualified.

    • it doesn’t take a ph d to answer that. did you know that those who claimed to be missing were not really missing ? those are enemies of the state? they tried to overthrow legitimate government? know the facts!

    • The issue here is not heroism and listen carefully Dickhead, he is a President and a Soldier, so he deserved to be buried in that burial ground! Got it!

    • Would suggest you to ask or write Mr. Francisco Tatad , who worked under the cabinet of Then Pres Marcos and also Sen. Miriam Santiago who wrote speeches for Pres Marcos , both good writer and historian (hopefully they have published history books of Phl and its politics) cuz they will have the true story how Phl survived from communistic threat and influence and yet keep the country as a democratic state.

    • i guess with your phd, i’d like to assume that you were aware of the so called “trial of the century” held right there in USA, in the 90s. all the records pertaining to this trial still very intact, more than 300,000 pages of docs. imelda (marcoses) won against state with all its power and resources in hand…..

      for a total of almost twenty years in power, marcos budgets have a TOTAL of more or less 40b dollars only. that would amount to 2b dollars average budget every year. it’s in the official records. this budget would finance all government operations, waging two insurgency wars, building infras (dams, power gen, schools, bridges, air and seaports, roads, hospitals, etc), paying debts. you can do the math. no wonder j. salonga, the previuos pcgg chief, was hardpress to make theories were the billion dollars of marcos came from other than conjectures which became the basis of propaganda. minus biases numbers don’t lie. the money released by switzerland to ph, which until now is under escrow account has another story to tell. for sure nobody want’s to talk about it unless it’s something to do with propaganda….

  12. What a hypocrite. The only reason Duterte is President is because of his successful appeals to the emotions of decent, law abiding citizens. There is an argument to be made that, having legal training, he is a qualified critic/observer of the justice system, which he chooses to ignore when deemed politically and/or electorally convenient. I assume his electoral advisors believe that Marcos-driven Ilocanos support (granted, the Iloncanos Provinces aren’t the only Fascist-minded part of the country) to be politically imperative to future House majorities and more importantly in a Unitary Constitution, local elections. If Duterte weren’t a politician, he’d be tried and jailed like any other mastermind behind mass executions, regardless of his motivations.

    • Obviously you are an American who hated Marcos because he was a nationalist who kicked your bases out of this country. The real reason he was voted into office is because people wanted real change obviously not coming from your lackeys yellow people which existed only to serve you westerners.

    • 86% of the filipinos approved his way of doing things, it’s their lives not the lives of the americans or the europeans, period. hypocrite really? oww come on man!