Duterte seeks death penalty for plunder


DAVAO CITY: Mayor Rodrigo Duterte believes the persistent problem of corruption in the Philippines can be remedied if death penalty for plunderers is imposed.

It’s a case of desperate times calling for desperate measures, he said.

“Drastic measures must be done,” he said. “Death penalty must be considered for plunders.”

In a recent meeting with his supporters, Duterte expressed exasperation over the lingering problem of corruption in the government and how it has taken its toll on the people, particularly the poor.

“Corruption has crept into every fabric of the Philippine society,” he said. “Corruption is not only happening in the government, but even in the private sector and the religious sector.”

The mayor of Davao City for 22 years has always been vocal about his stand on the restoration of the death penalty, saying it is a tool that will deter crime.

Duterte, who is being prodded to join in the presidential race, said the Philippines must come up with laws that are tough on corrupt officials.

“Laws must be amended to make it easier to prosecute the corrupt,” he said.

Duterte always takes pride over his “clean” record saying no one can prosecute him for corruption.

“Public money should always go to the people, benefit people, should better their lives. Public money should never go to the pockets of public officials,” he said.

He said: “I have never spent even a single centavo of government money.”

Duterte also wants death penalty for drug lords and criminals.

“I have zero tolerance for drug lords and criminals,” he said. “Drugs and criminals destroy the future of our children. Those who destroy our children do not deserve to be part of our lives.”


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  1. Death penalty for plunder! What Mayor says, he will do it especially now that he express his intention to run… It will give those corrupt official second thought of stealing peoples money…

  2. Corrupt Warrior on

    I would favor the idea, because at present incessant corruption in the Philippines causes us slow progress (stagnant). But be sure that the person accused is really guilty so he must take through the so-called due process. If we notice today, during hearing, the accused is not punished because the witness turns into fear that they turn to and because of the lack of trust in the justice of the Philippines thus, we need a Leader who can destroy the twisted government system.

    The law is made for the good of all their constituents but if it is not strictly implemented well, it will be useless.

  3. The problem here if the judges are also corrupt, so death penalty for them, they have all the money to pay. Mahirap lang ang mamatay dito……

  4. i support this so that corrupt government officials will think twice before committing any crime

  5. “Thou shalt not murder.” Exodus 20:13. Jesus quotes this in Matt. 19:18, using the greek word ‘phoneous’ which means kill/slay/murder, all of which connotes the spilling of innocent blood or even unjustified killing. Is the death penalty therefore ‘phoneous’ or murder? Or,is it justified killing?

    • you want to follow a bible verse yet they fail to follow “Thou shalt not steal”. If death penalty is imposed, the one who violated the law was the one who wished for his own death.

  6. Mr. Duterte is right on, unfortunately those who will enact this laws are currently incumbent and therefore is not going to happen. We missed these kind of opportunity when we had EDSA 1 & 2.

    • six to one year time for the Congress to initiate new Death penalty law for Plunders, DrugLords,Criminals,rapist. If Not… Duterte will Declare Revolutionary Government like Cory Did, and Implements All Necesssary laws; privitized Custom, SSS, GSIS , BIR to a very Reliable Institution. In this way, 80% of Corruptions will Automatically Abolish, thereby generating funds to the government.Increase salary of Pulis, Military, Teacher so that they will do there Jobs well and illiminating carnaps,Holdups,criminal activities. Implement Agriculture FREE Seeds,Fertilizers,Irrigations and Marketing of there Produce illiminating Middle man.No more Importing of Rice,Milk,Pork,Chickens,Fruits…more
      jobs will be Created,Uplifting the poor. lastly, Free Education will Follow. When there is PEACE on the Land,Citizenry will be become Diciplinarian, then All GOOD things will Follows…Philippine Republic will RISE….

  7. Death penalty will be the answer to the rampant corruption in the government. This is already long and overdue as a means of punishment. Other crimes must also be included like Drugs peddling, Rape and smuggling.

  8. Yes, I agree 100%, Death penalty for Plunder of 1-million peso, Corruption of certain amount, Drug Pushing, Murder.

    Lethal inejction or firing squad. Also, remove the imunity of all congressman and senator from suite.

    There must be special court for these type of offense, at dapat merong specific time-frame and court hearings of these violators.

    Once there is a complaint for congressman, senators or cabinet member. They should be immediately relieved from their position.

    Do it Duterto, Clean the House. Remove all the monkeys in all government institutions. Including cabinet member, congressman and senators.

    Bring brilliant people with high moral standard.