Duterte shaves head


    DAVAO CITY: The daughter of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte surprised the public when she posted a photo of her having her head shaved on Tuesday night.

    The photos posted on Instagram and Facebook with captions written in the vernacular caused a stir among netizens.

    “Nagpaupaw na lang ko samtang naghulat [I shaved my head while waiting],” the caption of the photo read.

    The photo also came with the hashtags#Duterte2016, #KalboParaSaPagbabago and #NoHairWeCare.

    “Bisan walay kwarta, bisan walay makinarya, bisan mapildi #JustDUit [Despite having no money, even without the machinery, even if we lose #JustDUit],” the caption also read.

    Duterte refused to speak to the media. But in an online chat, she said that she is giving the supporters of her father the same challenge.

    “Those who truly support my father must also go bald,” she said.

    Seven hours after Inday Sara posted her picture on Facebook, her photo had 12,575 “likes” and was shared more than 9,000 times.

    In response, eight male members of the City Council also shaved their heads.

    “Para ito sa Pagbabago 2016 [This is for change in 2016],” said Councilor Al Ryan Alejandre. “We join former mayor Inday in her campaign.”

    Apparently, Alejandre believes that Inday Sara is openly encouraging her father to listen to the clamor of the people.

    “We also encourage those who are supportive of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte to have their heads shaved. There is still time. We can still convince the mayor to change his mind,” he said.

    On Monday, Duterte announced that he will not seek the presidency, adding that the country does not need him. Before this, he said it was Inday Sara who was against the possibility of him joining the race.

    A netizen lambasted Inday Sara.

    Facebook user Yiani Lopez Laguza said Inday Sara was being “selfish.”

    “Don’t be selfish to your country most especially to the supporters of your father and don’t be selfish to Mindanao,” Laguda said. “Your father is being called but you are hindering him to heed such calling.”

    The netizen added that, “If others can make an ultimate sacrifice for their country for some selfish motives, why can’t you when in fact your father has nothing but only for the goodness and greatness of this country.”

    Inday Sara fired back.

    “Yiani Lopez Laguda. Really? Do you think a wise man and a seasoned politician will decide on the basis of my opinion? Hilom oie [Shut up]! You don’t know anything except what you read on Facebook.”

    “Are you a law student? Study more, instead of spending most of your time on Facebook. [Why don’t you] beat my grades in the bar exams and by then, maybe, just maybe, you can talk to me,” she said.

    Laguda later issued a public apology and deactivated his account.


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    1. Kung ganitong urong sulong ang desisyon ng isang kandidato para presidente paano na reresolbahin kung andyan na ang tambak na problema na kelangan ang agaran sulosyon. Kelangan ba maghintay ng senyales galing sa itaas bago magdesisyon. Kung ayaw eh di ayaw tapos ang laban baka mamaya niyan magbago ng isip tatakbo din pala dahil nagpakalbo ang anak at sabihin na ito ang senyal na hinihintay ko. Pwe lang kung ganun.

      • You know Mark, the hardest part is to make decision by ourselves alone, alam natin iyon, we need to weigh the situation, pagnilayan, pag isipan kahit ako sobrang nahirapan akong pumili kung sino ang gusto kong isulat sa aking balota. and this time I won’t give up Duterte as my President period, I am appealing for my PLEA to run in the Presidency next year! Sana make up his mind for us!

      • Let’s patiently wait and see na lang. Malaki talagang responsibility ang mamuno sa bansa. I bet he take it really serious. Hindi gaya ng ibang corrupt na nagkakandarapa magfile ng COC. Iba kasi sya. I’m still hoping here.. Sya na lang nakikita kong may totoong pag-asa na makaahon Pinas sa krimen at korupsyon. Para sa future ng anak ko. nating lahat.