Duterte should win the Church, not blast it


IN an unexpected thunder blast, the presumptive President-elect Rodrigo Duterte has called the Catholic Church a “hypocritical institution” for allegedly trying to erode public support for him “prior to” the May 9 elections. He was complaining of a pastoral letter issued by Archbishop Socrates Villegas, of Lingayen-Dagupan, and president of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines, a week before the elections, which called upon the Catholic faithful to reject a “morally reprehensible candidate” who has shown “scant regard” for human rights and the teachings of the Church.

One major broadsheet pictured an angry Duterte threatening to bring down the Church by exposing churchmen who had allegedly had secret affairs with women. It was an unseemly over-reaction by a popular candidate who had every reason to celebrate what had happened to him.

Duterte should be a gallant winner
This tended to portray Duterte as an ungallant winner, which is worse than being a sour loser.

The Church leadership has shown commendable maturity and restraint in not reacting to the verbal assault. Villegas has said nothing. On Tuesday, the media waited for hours for a statement from the Catholic bishops gathered in Dagupan City for the consecration of the new archbishop of Tarlac, but they came away empty-handed. The CBCP’s official silence in the face of the Duterte blast was more eloquent than speech. They seemed to be saying, “Father, forgive our presumptive President-elect, for he needs to be enlightened.”

Many have tried to tear down the Church and failed. This has been its history for the past 2,000 years. The Roman emperors, from Nero to Deoclitian, carried out the most extensive persecution of Christians, feeding them to the lions at the arena and driving them to live inside the catacombs. Instead of extinguishing the Church, they nourished its growth with the blood of martyrs. It was finally a Christian emperor, Constantine, who ended the persecution with the Edict of Milan in 313 AD.

They have all failed
In modern times, fascism, Nazism and communism threatened to subjugate Christianity and render the Church irrelevant. Confronted with the Church’s mysterious courage and strength, Stalin famously asked, “How many divisions does the Pope have?” None, he was told, except for the unarmed ceremonial Swiss Guards, who look as bright as the Roman sun. But, like Mussolini and Hitler before him, Stalin also failed.

Even Satan himself has failed. According to the famous story about Pope Leo XIII’s vision in 1884, Satan appeared before the throne of God to ask for more power and more time to put the Church to the test; he was given a hundred years. This is the reason why the Pope composed the famous prayer to St. Michael the Archangel invoking his protection against the devil.

Can anyone else succeed where all of those colossal tyrants—and the devil himself—have failed? Furthermore, hasn’t the 100 years given to Satan long expired?

Duterte threatened to expose alleged big sinners in the Church. Why should this create headlines at all? The Church is full of sinners, and everyone knows it. But Christ founded the Church, and the powers of darkness shall not prevail against it, because it is sustained by the power and grace of God and by the lives of its saints and the blood of its martyrs.

Even if Digong imagines the Church to be his “enemy,” which it is not, it would be useful for him to know a few basic things, which his successful political career may have hidden from him.

Questions to ask
He could begin by asking, Do we need God, the Church or religion? What does “separation of Church and state,” correctly understood, mean?

A President cannot allow himself to be quoted as saying he has a deep faith in God but does not believe in religion. Or that he was baptized as a Catholic but is not part of the Catholic Church and does not believe in its teachings. Or that the State can tell women how many children they should bear and no power on earth could meddle in it.

These are some of the things that appear to blur our friend’s moral vision. He needs to see like Bartimaeus needs to see; but like the blind man of Jericho he must ask for it—Domine, ut videam!—Lord, that I may see!

Instead, he says, “I have a deep faith in God but I don’t believe in religion.”

Mr. President, this cannot be. Religion, as the Jesuit John A. Hardon’s Modern Catholic Dictionary tells us, comes from the Latin word religare, to bind together, to fasten, etc., means “the moral virtue by which a person is disposed to render to God the worship and service he deserves… It corresponds to the practice of piety toward God as Creator of the universe. Aquinas says it is a special virtue, which leads men to the worship of God.

So you cannot have God without religion, just as you cannot have religion without God.

I am a Catholic but—
Now, “I was baptized as a Catholic, but I am not a part of the Catholic Church, and I do not believe nor obey what it teaches.” What do we say to this?

This is nonsense on stilts. The Catholic Church is not a set of buildings that begins at St. John de Lateran or St. Peter’s Basilica or Santa Maria Maggiore in Rome. It is the assembly of the people of God with Jesus Christ, the Son of God, as its head. It is made up of all baptized Christians who are incorporated into it upon baptism and remain part of it, even after death. It is made up of the Church militant, its living members; the Church suffering, the souls in Purgatory; and the Church triumphant, the justified souls in Heaven. The Church militant is made up of the laity, the clergy and the religious. We are the Church.

You can lose your faith, and also your reason, but you cannot say you are a Catholic but not part of the Church. Neither can you claim to be a good Catholic and say there are Church teachings you believe in, and others that you do not. You cannot be a law-abiding citizen, if you only follow the laws you like. A Catholic believes what the Church believes and rejects what the Church rejects.

Church-state separation, correctly understood
Now, “there is a separation between Church and state; I go to church and listen to the priest on Sunday, but outside of that, the priest or bishop has nothing more to say to me.”

Here, the stilts rise higher by several grades. “Separation” should be correctly understood. The Church should not run the affairs of the State, and the State should not run the Church and administer the sacraments. No bishop or priest should tell the voters whom to vote for in an election, but every priest and bishop has a right and duty to provide moral guidance to the faithful to make sure that by their vote they serve the common good and, ultimately, the Kingdom of God.

What the 1987 Constitution proclaims in one short sentence—“The separation of Church and State shall be inviolable”—the Church discusses at some length. In the Vatican II document, Pastoral Constitution on the Church in the Modern World, Gaudium et Spes, we read:

“The Church, by reason of her role and competence, is not identified in any way with the political community nor bound to any political system, nor does she claim competence in proposing solutions to concrete political and economic problems. The Church and the political community in their own fields are autonomous and independent of each other. Yet both, under different titles, are devoted to the personal and social vocation of the same human person…”

This should allow Duterte to read the CBCP pastoral letter as no more than a shepherd’s call upon his flock to avoid straying into dangerous cliffs. Duterte himself had bragged doing certain things on which the Church does not have a neutral position. But until Villegas spoke, not one eminent churchman seemed inclined to say anything.

A general madness had descended upon the population; and everyone was applauding Digong for saying the most outrageous things. Many of my columnist friends pounced on him, but at that point they had begun barking up the wrong tree—he was no longer the problem; the deranged rabble on the ground had become the problem.

The golden calf reenacted
I began to see a reenactment of the old story of God’s Chosen People and the Golden Calf, which we read in Exodus 32: “When the people saw that Moses was so long in coming down from the mountain, they gathered around Aaron and said, ‘Come, make us gods, who will go before us. As for this fellow Moses who brought us out of Egypt, we do not know what has happened to him.’ So Aaron took the gold earrings of all the wives and their sons and daughters and used them to fashion a golden idol shaped as a calf, and said, “These are your gods, Israel, who brought you out of Egypt.”

We needed a Moses at the time to come down from the mountain and stop the deranged pagan revelry. No Moses came.

Where is Cardinal Sin?
In Manila, the nation’s primary Catholic see, somebody asked, “Where is Cardinal Sin?” He was referring to the irrepressible archbishop of Manila, who called upon the faithful in Feb. 1986 to support the military at EDSA, and who was always the first to speak out on any important moral issue. He died in 2005, but even his ever-smiling and erudite successor, Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle, whom the American Vatican journalist John Allen, Jr. likes to refer to as “the next Pope,” seemed to be still waiting for him to reappear.

Finally, Villegas released his pastoral letter. It did not name any candidate, but Duterte felt singled out. Still, when the faithful trooped to the polls, they gave Duterte his landslide. This should have been more than enough to appease him.

The Church’s offering
Immediately after Duterte’s rivals had conceded defeat, Villegas issued a statement pledging “vigilant cooperation” with the incoming government. “The greatest promise the Church can offer any government is vigilant collaboration, and that offer we make now,” he said. “We will urge our people to work with the government for the good of all, and we shall continue to be vigilant so that ever so often we may speak out to teach and to prophesy, to admonish and to correct—for that is our vocation.”

He assured the election winners of the Church’s prayers “principally for wisdom, that they may discern God’s will for his people and courageously do as he bid.”

The Church is no enemy
Duterte could have thanked Villegas for this message, and assured him that his government would be happy to work with the Church for the good of all. He would have stood a thousand feet taller had he done that. And he would have won the Church. He still can do it, if he wills it. He has to see and believe that the Church is not his enemy—it is nobody’s enemy except the devil and the damned, and that it wants him to succeed for the good of all.

The Aquino regime has so divided the nation these last six years; it is bound to fracture into pieces if Duterte does anything more to divide it further still.



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  1. Modesto Segovia on

    If you really analyze what happened, it is the yellow Catholics that were attacking the Catholics who are Duterte supporters. And it’s becoming a war between Catholics. In the beginning, they were trying to use the Catholics against INC and Quiboloy’s. When it did not work, they started the attacks against the Duterte Catholic supporters.

  2. I admired Sen. Tatad’s defense of the Catholic Church. However, I would admire him even more if he also advise the CBCP not to meddle in purely temporal affairs of the State. I read the pastoral letter and believed that Bishop Soc Villegas echoed the words used by Pnoy and Mar during the campaign period. In effect, he not only alligned the CBCP with the Liberal Party but that he also acted as one of its campaign spokespersons. This is no longer about whether the Catholic Church will be destroyed or not, this is about the relevancy of the Church in our times.

  3. i am not destroying the catholic church, but try to have some research about it. one common mistake in catholic church practice was turning the Sabbath day into sunday. God doesnt’ ask people to keep the first day of the week but the seventh day. How can a man follow the church wherein even the church itself cannot comply a simple task given by God.
    please do not argue with me but, try to have some research about why the catholic church are keeping sunday as the holy day,…this may enlightened you.

    • Jesus P. Balazo on

      Sabbath Day is the 7th day of the week which is Saturday. A day of rest. Sunday or Domingo is Lord’s Day – the day of our Lord Jesus Christ Resurrection. It’s the first day of the week. The day we should worship God Almighty!

    • Then ask the apostles why they gather for breaking of bread evry first day of the week.

  4. We are truly a misguided lot if we think we can put all the onus of magical and instant change on one person when it is our collective failure to discipline ourselves that has led us to our miserable state as a nation. If
    he is not able to deliver credibly in the short time he has himself set, then he would be no more than a demagogue out to carve out his own brand of “heroism” at the expense of the trust of 15M impressionable voters. If he does better than i fear, he still has to inspire the people to wisen up and take responsibility for their own future as a nation. Otherwise, he doesnt know what leadership is about….

  5. These things should never happened if those bishops did not interfere prior to elections.

    Exodus 21:23-25

  6. Jeff Santos on

    Duterte is a person with no hypocrisy in his system, that is why he cannot tolerate hypocrisy that he is seeing from the church leaders, you cannot take away that kept hatred from him, he knows how some priest really abuse their authority us officers of that church, lobbying and asking favor from politician. That is not what the Bible teaches, Church should not get along with politics, there is no instance in the Bible that our Lord Jesus dealt with politics, neither the apostles. Cause politics is just part of social culture, as civilized people, it should not be in anyway affecting our faith. It is God who elect leaders, Kings and President, he is the one giving them power and authority,wether he is good or bad. Church duty is to remind that leader about the law of God. Not to get along with politics and meddle with the law of man. Duterte will succeed as President God willing, because he is not hypocrite, he knows in him self that there is a burning fire of being a patriot in him, that what he just wants is to alleviate the lives of Pilipino people from the bondage of poverty we are stacked in, that is what we see in him and the 16M who voted for him. So what he says, we believe, cause it us factual, so to win the church is not necessary, let the man prove himself and let this church prove itself that it is for the betterment of the People and not just the elite, that kisses their feet. Remember God favored those confessed sinners like the tax collectors and “Sakyo” than the Pharisees who were so called teachers of the law of God, who practiced hypocrisy.

  7. Du30 should focus on the real enemies of the nation which are poverty, criminality, and corruption. The Catholic Church cannot be dented with his tirades; not even the Devil can destroy it. Digong should ask for forgiveness for his own good.

  8. Come on Tatad- its time to evolve already. Enough historical myths from Abrahamic faiths. Have you never heard of evidence? Natural selection? Please, its time to start educating Filipinos.

  9. Di na pala siya Katoliko bakit yung baptist name pa rin nya ang kanyang ginagamit?

  10. Hahahaha.. Win the church? Are you freaking out of your mind? Well everyone has their own opinion, explanation about what a stateman should think and do for his people and what a religious church/institution should be for the people. But what I want to tell this author since you’re more religious than the stateman is this, “remember the PHARISEES during Jesus time?” Hahahhaa… Win the church? Are we still in the spanish era? Hahahahha

  11. Ex Sen. Tatad, Sir if you’re brilliant than Duterte you should’ve been now the President-elect. The problem is that you were’nt even able to stop or put a hold on a Grace Poe candidacy. It’s time to retire, time to say good bye

  12. Good Article, Mr Tadtad…except the LAST SENTENCE..blaming the outgoing president.., PNoy has had many mistakes too and No One is Perfect, let him go quietly and let Mr. Digong do his part whatever he wants and I hope he will not become a Dictator like your old boss…Mr. Tadtad, you were part of the EVIL REGIME of the DICTATOR Marcos..Any Article you want to write about him..I mean the TRUTH about your Evil Boss? All the Evil Deeds you were part of…?

  13. I guess this is also a call for the Catholic Church of the Philippines. Not be drowned by their own web of acquiring power by influencing ordinary citizens who goes to church every Sunday, but fail to dig deep into their beliefs and practices. It will hurt you so much that when you realize how rotten it is inside because of the people that runs and manage it even in the local churches. Probably DU30 is one of this people who saw this. So he just expresses his disappointment on this type of system.

  14. Fidel Guevarra on

    The popularity of Duterte is up to 3-6 months. then he will go to hell.

  15. It is incredible that this incoming president is waging a war against the Catholic Church. This is a fight that he will not win. There maybe several bad apples in the Church, but its teachings and moral imperatives are rock solid and will remain untouched from attacks by such a man as Mayor R. Duterte, a self-described killer and adulterer. He has already been challenged to name the transgressors in the Church, but to date, he has not risen to the challenge. As a lawyer, he probably realized the legal implications of naming names without concrete evidence.

    Despite Duterte’s accusations of the Catholic Church going against him during the campaign, the Church has not really actively engaged or participated in this election, in contrast to the INC and Pastor Quiboloy who public endorsed Duterte. In fact, I thought that Cardinal Tagle has been rather passive and quiet, in contrast to the activism that has been exhibited by Pope Francis. But hope springs eternal, and I predict that Cardinal Tagle and other members of the clergy will start speaking up loudly when the return or the re-imposition of the death penalty is taken up by Congress. I also expect a long and bitter fight between the Church and Duterte’s minions concerning this issue. For most Catholics, the death penalty or “murder by the Government” is not acceptable. Imagine, death by “Public hanging pa daw”. “Mabuti na lang, he did not suggest death by “garote” as was done to priests during the Spanish era.

    I just read in The Daily Tribune that Duterte finally admitted that he suffers from a personality disorder. He is bipolar or a manic-depressive. This disorder accounts for his unpredictable, irregular, troubling, and unsettled behavior. I hope he is under the care of a physician. Otherwise, he will be uncontrollable, and he will not be able to govern properly. Without medication, he could be a danger to himself and others. Thank goodness, we have Cong. Leni Robredo as VP waiting in the wings. Who knows? She may have to assume the presidency before Duterte’s six year term is over.

  16. Taga Palm Springs on

    The Church of God is different from the Roman Catholic Church with its structure and its hypocrisy! Only God is in charge today through the election of brave Digong Duterte who vows to have deep abiding faith in God! He’s like a modern King David who victoriously becomes a savior to the Filipinos!

  17. the problem with religions is that they try to influence the state in its decision-making processes. it should stick to itself, govern itself, police its rank – from the child-molester priest to the bishop, to the parish priest to act like they are the mightiest of them all, they sucks, big time, actually, the problem is not the religions, it’s the hypocrites who run them… give to Caesar what is to due to Caesar, and give to their religions what what is due them (which is the donations from its followers).

  18. “… called upon the Catholic faithful to reject a “morally reprehensible candidate…”
    this CBCP statement referred to all candidates.
    the presumptive president presumed he was being alluded to.
    a good leader does not display knee-jerk reaction to any issue.

    • Samuel J Yap on

      I agree. The Catholic Church has never endorsed any candidate. The INC regularly does this, but nobody is objecting. Even Duterte appealed to the INC Head to support him, and now he blasts the Catholic Church for its statements which only reflect its beliefs, which it has the right to do, under the freedom of religion guaranteed by our Constitution. If he feels alluded to, that is his problem.

      In fact if Duterte were consistent, he should also have attached the INC for meddling in State affairs by urging its members to vote for Duterte and BBM!

      Consider also the logic of Duterte’s statements: some priests and bishops are hypocrites. These priests and bishops belong to the Catholic Church. Ergo, the Catholic Church is a bunch of hypocrites. We could also put it this way: some Filipinos are crooks and thieves. These Filipinos belong to the Philippine nation. Ergo, the Philippine nation is a bunch of crooks and thieves!

  19. Ram Basingan on

    Sen. Kit, why not a printed debate between you and Ambassador Tiglao? And I’m sure Tiglao will base his evidences on facts while you can base your case on history and “faith.” This will further enlightened your readers. Just a suggestion.

  20. who were the object of Christ’s chastisement in his sermon?
    they were priests and pharisees and saducees;
    it was true then, it is true now;
    rody is right on the point about the hypocrisy of religion;
    and its relevance and effectiveness;
    consider this:
    ph is 80% catholic;
    most of its leaders were born and raised as one;
    many of them graduated from catholic schools/universities;
    and yet,
    it is one of the most corrupt countries of the world;
    lying, bribery, vote-buying, cheating is normal up to the
    highest govt officials; i.e. noykapon, mar, butch, proce, voltz, joseph, etc.
    even the catholic church itself practices corruption;
    like having different fees for ordinary and special prayers and services;
    in effect favoring those with money from those without;
    me thinks,
    catholicism is moribund;
    when a country like ireland which is 90+% catholic
    overwhelmingly approved same-sex marriage perversion in a referendum,
    what does that tell you?

  21. Digong has the right like every Filipinos to criticize not just the church but other subjects too. He has allowed the Catholic Church to face reality and make changes where necessary. There needs to be check and balance. Don’t you admire that?

  22. The hypocritical bishops are not the church …. its them that are being blasted by Duterte ……in a similar manner the Italian Bishop conference has been blasted by Pope Francis…..

  23. Marc Orcullo on

    The church should just embrace Duterte like prodigal son. I think the real problem is the messenger in the church. I dont believe that the president is against the church, its the people running it.


    disappointed catholic

  24. Yes my faith as a Roman Catholic started when i was still in the womb of my mother, no one can ever distroyed that. God bless Duterte as he was voted by those was eagerly want a change for few months. Unite prayers are needed.

  25. Shouldn’t this proposal be made in reverse? To say that the church SHOULD win Duterte, and not to blast him. Or, isn’t the church which is composed of priest considered shepherds and the worshipers the flock, how then can a member of a flock be the one responsible in spreading the good news to the shepherd or lead the shepherd into pasture?

    To consider another aspect in spreading the faith are the words often misinterpreted by a lot of the faithful, these words are the meaning of how some faithful believe is their mission in life – ‘go out and multiple’. As Pope Francis once quoted about responsible parenthood, that catholics do not have to ‘breed like rabbits’, the meaning of the words are lost in its’ translation, it has become literal in meaning rather than perceiving its context, the idea of ‘go out and multiple’, may mean that each practicing catholic should ‘go out of his/her way’ to convert other non-believer into the church and of its’ teaching, it must not to be construed as a privilege to freely copulate and bear off-springs whom they irresponsible parents can’t bring about to control or discipline.

    Besides, isn’t it taught to us that about this christian principle of when someone slaps you on one cheek, you offer your other cheek, and so who become the most hypocritical? The thought that has become of this whole scenario is that it has become an exercise of unrestrained butting of heads between the leaders of the church and the leader of a civilian government, and the populace is caught in the middle of this extraneous fracas – for this abominable issue to die down, let the church be the first to cast the stone of winning Duterte unto its’ fold, and no one can become enemies.

  26. Amnata Pundit on

    The Catholic Church is not God, but she has usurped the role of God by successfully presenting herself as the sole interpreter of what God wants in this world. Behind her mission of spiritual salvation she is really just a fraternity of celibate men who are only after power and wealth. The Vatican is one of the three legs of the Western Civilization, whose name was changed from Western Christendom for some mysterious unexplained reason, with the other two legs being the keepers of the oppressive world-wide lending system based in London for whom the IMF and World Bank act as fronts, and the American military based in Washington who serve as their enforcers against those people who want to be freed from their clutches. The Church serves as the vanguard of this insidious force, and her role is to convince the people to remain meek in the face of this western onslaught for that is the way to heaven. The reason China refuses to open its doors to the Vatican is because they are onto this evil western game. It seems that the Church has now overplayed her hand in this country with her incessant politicking, specifically with her vociferous support for Cory, GMA and Boy Sayad all of whom proved to be traumatic disappointments for the people. Now she has become vulnerable to attacks which she rightfully deserves for severely polarizing this country. Somebody should tell Duterte that the way to kill the Church is the same way you would kill Dracula: drive a stake right through his heart, and the heart of this vampire that has made people suffer for so long is her false teachings. Attack her indefensible false teachings and she will fall.

    • “And so in this case, I tell you, do not take any action against these men (apostles of Jesus). Leave them alone! (Note the exclamation mark.) If what they have planned and done is of human origin, it will disappear, but if it comes from God, you cannot possibly defeat them. You could find yourselves fighting against God!” (another exclamation point).

      “The Council followed Gamaliel’s advice. They called the apostles in, had them whipped, and ordered them never again to speak in the name of Jesus, and then they set them free. As the apostles left the Council, they were happy, because God had considered them worthy to suffer disgrace for the sake of Jesus” (Acts 5:38-41).

      “When they heard him speaking to them in Hebrew, they became even quieter; and Paul went on:

      “I am a Jew, born in Tarsus in Cilicia, but brought up here in Jerusalem as a student of GAMALIEL. I received strict instruction in the Law of our ancestors and was just as dedicated to God as are all of you who are here today. I persecuted to the death the people who followed this Way (for following the “Way”, the first Christians deserved to die for following Jesus as the Messiah and God Himself). I arrested men and women and threw them into prison. The High Priest and the whole COUNCIL can prove that I am telling the truth. I received from them letters written to fellow Jews in Damascus, so I went there to arrest these people and bring them back in chains to Jerusalem to be punished.

      “As I was traveling and coming near Damascus, about midday a bright light from the sky flashed suddenly around me. I fell to the ground and heard a voice saying to me, ‘Saul, Saul! Why do you persecute me?’ ‘Who are you, Lord?’ I asked. ‘I am Jesus of Nazareth, whom you persecute,’ he said to me (Acts 22:2-8).

      That is how come the Church is the mystical body of Christ. (And not INC. INC is more like the Council pronouncing judgment on the Church.)

    Why can’t Filipino learn to distinguish real life condition with idealized one? Why impose unrealistic criteria or impossible moral standard requirement for a Mayor/President?

    Hypocrites always assume a perfect world/candidate. And just can’t see the bigger picture, forgets end results, ignore the effectiveness and capability to change & improve things are often good enough reason.

    LEADERSHIP must be BALANCE – views on religious tolerance and the importance of individual conscience, along with his social contract (as Mayor/President) to protect/serve the people. There are many important decisions which you may consider bad or immoral, that every Mayor/President make for greater good.

  28. My presidential bet didn’t win, but I am proud that I didn’t vote a megalomaniac.

  29. Who started the conflict?

    CBCP / INC and other religious group should not endorse/support any candidate/politicians and should refrain from advising it’s followers (people) on who or how they should vote, or influence voter’s decision, thinking and way of voting.

    Church’s or Religion group claim that it’s advice is not partisan is false, irrelevant as well as unconvincing. There is no such thing as objective or neutral political advice.

    Religions can cause divisiveness and since Philippines as diverse nation, no one religion should speak or decide for the others and follower should avoid saying their our religion is better than others.

    The State must focus on saving lives. The Church should focus on saving souls.

    As the predominant religion in Philippines – Catholic Church is obviously very powerful, rich, influential and actively meddle in our goverment & Philippine Politics.

    1. Cardinal Sin & CBCP played important role in overthrow of Marcos (EDSA – I)

    2. Cardinal Sin & CBCP played important role in overthrow of Estrada (EDSA – II) NBC

    3. Last May 1, CBCP issued a statement condemning allegedly referring to then candidate Rodrigo Duterte as a propagator of “morally reprehensible” positions on the Philippines’ many social challenges.

    “The desire for change is understandable. Our people have suffered from incompetence and indifference. But this cannot take the form of supporting a candidate whose speech and actions, whose plans and projects show scant regard for the rights of all, who has openly declared indifference if not dislike and disregard for the Church specially her moral teachings…”

    4. There is actually a clear threat from LP and CBCP of a impeaching (Plan-B) President-Elect Duterte replaced by V.P. Leni Robredo (may have cheated BBMarcos?)

  30. Duterte needs God to succeed in his presidency. And the church is God’s body. He can not be attacking the church and try to bring it down. Baka karma abutin nya. How many kings in Israel the Lord leave as a form of punishment due to disobedience? There are lots of them and the famous one was its first king, King Saul. And when the Lord no longer support the king, everything go awry for the King. Better for Duterte to read history of the Kings in Israel for his guidance.

  31. I was reading Gov. Homobono Adaza’s editorial of May 4th or 5th that almost made me and my family not to vote ” DUCAY ” when he wrote ” We should not have two INSANE PRESIDENTS, IT WILL BE TRAGIC FOR OUR COUNTRY ” and in spite of our guest priest giving a power point, after the mass, that explain the CBCPs pastoral letter, my family and I still voted for DUCAY.
    Please President-elect Rody Duterte don’t fight our Catholic religion for I believe the reason for your landslide win was because of the Catholic votes. Mayor Duterte just remember that many of your votes are protest votes coming from us Catholics and if you will destroy our Catholic faith, I am sure your will not succeed.
    Mayor Duterte, minana pa naming ang amin pagka KATOLIKO sa pinaka ninono naming at ikaw, mayor, nakilala lang naming nuon election. Sa tingin mo, mayor. sino ang papanigan ng nakakaraming KATOLIKO, IKAW BA MAYOR?

    • Na “duterte ka! (nagoyo)! pagtiisan mo ang 6 years..ganon talaga..CHANGE SCAMMING!

  32. I reserve my reaction to digong’s presidency after 6 months. For now it is all useless talk.
    However i strongly commend kit for his defense of the church and religion.the church has endured for 2000 years let us generously give digong his 6 years and live more than a 100 year. No fan of kit but this article is one that i like.

  33. Kit, deep inside your hyphopysis you feel responsible on the emergence of Duterte as the new horsepower of the country. You are tickled to the bones when someone suggested that Duterte is your natural ally because of what you did to Poe. You deserve nothing less than be a part of the Duterte cabinet.You can take charge of the Population Commission where Digong is planning to give more teeth to the reproductive health bill preparatory to same sex marriage and legalized abortion. His attack to the catholic church which you are a part is despicable but timely according to your neighboring columnist. By the way, call your quantum Physics professor pronto, the Congress canvassing is even faster than the PCCRV count, the results is statistically improbable as they are not even using automated counting machines.Bonget is even leading as much as 2 million but within a few hours Leni Robredo close the gap to just 80,000.Hurry,show the graphs, Pimentel says they will declare Leni next Tuesday!

  34. I think Kit Tatad has spoken it too well. His statements are truly relevant. God Bless you Mr Kit Tatad !

  35. Tatad failed miserably in explaining God & religion. he needs to read the Bible to understand that religion was the making of man, most specially the clergy (or the pharisees). religion can never save a person from hell -only through Jesus can a person be saved from eternal damnation. his explanation of God & church is no different from the doctrines of other church organization.

    I rather would have God (and obey his laws & commandments) than follow a religious organization that gives importance to obedience to the church rather than obedience to God. this is the aspect that caused the first man (Adam) to fall. Jesus condemned and exposed the hypocrisy of the church leaders.

    • That is the problem when the church makes its own dogmas. The basis of our faith is the Bible. If the teachings are not Bible based, then it is wrong. Many pronouncements of the Catholic Church is not Bible based , then it is wrong. And the word became flesh and dwelt amongst us. That is Jesus Christ not the Catholic Church. Also, you do not lose your faith, if you believe in Jesus, your faith is still with you. Duterte is right on one item, that he believe in God. Religion will not save us. I am not a Catholic. I am a Christian. The word Catholic is not in the Bible, so it is not true.

    • You failed miserably to read the entire article by not reading the definition of the word RELIGION. It says “RELIGION… comes from the Latin word religare, to bind together, to fasten, etc., means “the moral virtue by which a person is disposed to render to God the worship and SERVICE he deserves…”

      The service of that RELIGION is clearly instructed by God in James 1:27, “to visit orphans and widows in their distress, and to keep oneself unstained by the world.”

      Because “whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine,” you did for HIM (Matthew 25:40)


      You always have a misconception that religion is an organization, and that assumption has always been wrong from the very start…

    • , if “belief in God” is not the issue for a significant majority of the “no religion” respondents, the problem must be with “expressed in conduct and ritual.” Essentially what these people may be saying is, “Yes, I believe in God, but I don’t want God to tell me what to do or how to do it.”

      This is nothing new. The only thing that has changed is that more people are willing to admit it. “What may be known about God is plain to them … but their thinking became futile and their foolish hearts were darkened. Although they claimed to be wise, they became fools … They exchanged the truth about God for a lie, and worshiped and served created things rather than the Creator.” (Romans 1:18-25)
      We human beings are inherently stubborn, arrogant, and self-obsessed. We do not want anyone telling us what we should and should not do—not even God. We acknowledge God’s existence, but seek to deny Him any influence in our lives. We avoid the “rituals” He commands in the Bible because they might be inconvenient. We do not want to go to church; study the Bible; serve the poor, orphans, and widows; or give financially to God-honoring causes. For those with “no religion,” perhaps they say “no” because religion might actually impact how they live their lives. Yet belief in God’s existence at all is an act of religious faith (Hebrews 11:1-6)
      Countless times, I have heard people say something to the effect of “I am very spiritual. I pray. I worship God in nature. I try to be compassionate to people. I don’t need the Bible or to go to church.” But they have no idea who the Holy Spirit is or to whom they are praying. How can they even know what worship is or have the right motivation for being compassionate when they have no one and nothing instructing them on how to relate to the God in whom they claim to believe?
      Essentially, to claim to believe in God but have “no religion” is to advocate a “Burger King religion”. Have it your way. Perhaps they are not truly opposed to “religion” per se. Rather, they are opposed to any “religion” other than the one that is convenient. Sadly, the Bible makes it clear where this flavor of religion leads. “They have become filled with every kind of wickedness, evil, greed and depravity. They are full of envy, murder, strife, deceit and malice. They are gossips, slanderers, God-haters, insolent, arrogant and boastful; they invent ways of doing evil; they disobey their parents; they have no understanding, no fidelity, no love, no mercy. Although they know God’s righteous decree that those who do such things deserve death, they not only continue to do these very things but also approve of those who practice them” (Romans 1:29-32).

    • KT articulated so well. He knows what’s he talking about ..way more than your presumptive elect pres does. Ed1151 you might not know what Catholicism is, so I give you the benefit of the doubt. FYI The Holy Bible was put together or compiled by Catholics.We can traced the lineage all the way down to the Apostles and ends with Jesus Christ. So which denominations you belong to? Or maybe you don’t belong to any of over 40,000.denominations of christians because you ONLY believe in your own self religion.

    • Carlos Briz, Jr on

      You’re right! And besides,Duterte did not attack the catholic church but to some people running the church. I totally disagree with Kit Tatad’s statement that “you need religion to believe God, and need God to believe religion”.
      Salvation is by Grace through Christ Jesus alone!
      Nothing more…nothing less!!!

    • villo ocha tab on

      Words. Words. Words. We’ve had enough words since I can remember in my 71 years on this earth, yet this benighted country continues to grovel in the mud. After losing the legal battle against Grace Poe,not once, but twice, Tatad now trains his guns on Duterte. Why, don’t you have anything better to do now, Tatang? Let him prove himself first before yakking your spit out. As usual, nobody is listening to you. Quo vadis, Kit?

  36. Maharlikang Pilipino on


    Senator Allan Peter Cayetano has already conceded to Rep Leni Roredo even though the official canvass has not yet started.


    Senator Koko Pimental on the other hand as the head of NBOC would like to bring out the true voice of the people for the Vice Presidency since President Elect Duterte is already a clear winner. There is no question in the Presidency. The KILLINGFIELD is in the Vice President.

    Surely, whoever the cue master to the winner of the duel between Senator Bongbong Marcos vs Rep Leni Robredo in the Vice Presidency will win the Senate Presidency.

    Parang ganito

    Seantor Koko Pimentel for BBM vs Senator Allan Peter Cayetano for Leni

    Place your bet!

  37. Flawed Justice System:
    by Rio Legaspi (Notes) on Tuesday, January 15, 2013 at 9:26am

    That is the real reason for the continuous flow of crime, corruption and injustice in the country. Judges and lawyers are crooked with no code in mind except money! No moral code, no values, no integrity to name a few. How strange and obscure they are, imagine no one has the guts to overhaul this wrong system of justice! Not God or Hell can control these people because i am very sure they don’t believe it but utter the name for self preservation and interest, except passing a very substantive and precise law that will guide and control their actions. This is common sense: Authority is subject to abuses because there is no proper stipulation and control. Most scholars forgot to think and find a way on how to explain the scope of authority that is black and white meaning a very precise explanation. I am sure the law is there, but the penalty is very weak and no matter how hard you try, you will end up in corruption! This is a very one sided situation. All government officials have immunity! That is wrong, that is unfair to ordinary citizen and because of this immunity they are bound to make abuses wholeheartedly. Lawyers has no control regarding their fees same as the doctors, businessman etc. All laws are subject to individual interpretations resulting to confusions and arguments, noticeable inside government buildings between the people asking government officials with different versions of rules and regulations! Red tape is rampant! I will be crazy mentioning all the defects of the present system and yet still no any solution. Why? Plain and simple: There will be no solution in a wrong system of governance! You can change all the departments name and personnel yet still you cannot eradicate the flawed justice because the new departments and people will follow the same flawed system! Are we crazy or playing like crazy? We been doing this flawed system for a very long time and still no one found any solution, so why are we stuck in this same old flawed system? It is the status quo, they don’t want a change because they are the benefactors they control the economy and the people, they knew your sufferings, your injustices, mixing the theories of Kant, Michiavelli, Bentham, Plato, Aristotle, J.S.Mills and other European thinkers, thinking that we are one of them! I call it colonial mentality. Who is our national thinker, do you know a Filipino philosopher, someone who’s idea is unique and with identity? The answer is none because the existing system prohibited its birth. Sad to say we are a nation with low thinkers, a nation with lots of parasites, without identity, with laws not compatible with its people. That is how flawed our system is and no one dares to change its course. “A nation survival is base on its mind that will find a way on how to utilize his environment and well being into productivity if given the chance to use their mind”. We need a change in the system because it is not totally working.

  38. Excellent piece Sen. Tatad, your defense of the Church is inspired by the Holy Spirit.
    Yes, Duterte can’t outdo Satan who has tried to destroy the Church unsuccessfully. Lets pray that Du30 will realize that he should focus on the real enemy. A famous catholic once said ” the Church is a hospital for sinners”, so its nothing new to find sinful clergy, they are patients just like rest of us who need to healed. Jesus heals and yes he can use sinful people to extend His healing. Because God is Sovereign.
    Getting angry and having full of hate against the Church will make du30s BP go up and make him unhealthier. We need him to be healthy to serve his full term.

    • I think you don’t read your bible, because if you do you will learn that this church (RCC) is influence by satan.