• Duterte silent on latest execution


    President-elect Rodrigo Duterte, who apologized to Canada for the beheading of John Ridsdel in April, was silent on the execution of another Canadian hostage by the Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG).

    In an interview in Davao City on Tuesday, that is the problem of the present administration] but the moment he [Duterte] assumed the presidency, I’m sure there will be swift and fast reaction to the situation. Walang kaduda-duda yun [There’s no doubt about that],” he said.

    “Wala naman siyang binanggit sa akin, nag-usap kami kagabi. Hindi napag-usapan [He did not say anything, we talked last night. It was not discussed],” Panelo added.

    He said the beheading of Robert Hall was a “taunt to the present administration,” not to Duterte’s leadership.

    “If they do that during the administration of Duterte, then that could be a challenge to him [Duterte], but not now,” according to Panelo.

    When asked how the incoming administration will deal with the ASG problem, he replied that they will discuss it “when he [Duterte] assumes the presidency.”

    “Basta ang alam ko [All I know is that] President-elect Duterte will not tolerate or condone any illegality in this country. He will do everything in his power to stop all these. That’s his commitment, he will suppress all this criminality,” Panelo said.

    “I’m sure President-elect Duterte will solve that kind of problem. He has solved other problems of equal magnitudes. How? I don’t know how he will do it. Knowing him, magaling si President-elect, marami syang style na hindi natin alam but very effective [The newly-elected President is good, he has styles that we do not know of but very effective]” he added.

    Panelo said when there were kidnapping incidents in the past, Duterte would hold backdoor negotiations although he maintained a “no-ransom policy.”

    “Ang alam ko lang ‘yung style niya nung mayor pa siya, pag merong [All I know is his style when he was still mayor, that when there’s a] kidnapping he has backdoor negotiations then suddenly nare-release ‘yung mga tao [the captives are released],” he added.

    Duterte will cease to be mayor of Davao City in southern Mindanao when he takes his oath of office as President on June 30.


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    1. Right now, we have a very weak president. Nobody can blame Pnoy because the voters who voted for him must have known that Pnoy is not fit to be president. His economic advantage was from the accomplishment of President Arroyo. The call centers came from Arroyo which place ten of thousands employees. The C 5 was a product of Arroyo even tho it is very expensive to built. What we have : Criminality, unfinished Skyway, Traffic , Tanim Bala. Was there a solution ? NONE

    2. Juan T. Delacruz on

      The only style and method that President Duterte can use is to send couple of Army Ranger Battalions in the general area to perform sweeping operations until these bandits are cornered and start fighting. The government troops will always have the advantage because they can always call for reinforcements or logistical support like ammo and foods. They can also block the coastal areas to prevent them from escaping by boats. A carefully planned operation have a better success especially when groups of highly trained soldiers are executing the mission.

      If I am the commander of that particular mission, I would instruct my soldiers NOT to take prisoners. I would then give them a lawful orders to KILL everybody and let GOD sort them out later. Up to this point in time, I have not heard anybody from HUMAN RIGHTS ADVOCACY groups condemning the beheading of innocent foreigners. The government has the money, tools, and resources to go after the ASG, and the Phil. government troops should eliminate all these bad elements, to include the NPA.

      President Duterte should give warning to any illegal armed elements to disarm and join the government or be killed.

    3. Ignacio Balbutin on

      To bring peace to Mindanao, the government should dis-arm all armed groups. Only the military and the police should have the right to carry guns. I’m in favor of declaring Martial law to those troubled areas like Sulu to effectively suppress kidnapping and the deciminating of the ASG

    4. Roger Purdue on

      I certainly hope Duterte will make fighting terror-kidnapping one of his top priorities. It will involve an all-out effort against ABS. He could start by establishing a MAJOR military base in Jolo, with water as well as land and air capabilities. This is a major foreign policy issue affecting neighboring countries as well as Canada. It has also acted as a major deterrent to foreign tourism to the Philippines (excl. returning Filipinos). Tourism will not achieve anything like its potential until the terrorist threat has been eradicated. And foreign direct investment, especially in areas like Mindanao, will remain depressed while there is an ever-present danger of foreign executives being kidnapped for ransom.