• Duterte slams Aquino inaction in campaign rally


    Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte started his presidential campaign by firing a salvo against the Aquino administration, saying corruption and criminality is prevalent because President Benigno Aquino 3rd did nothing to stop these problems.

    He vowed to cleanse the government of corruption and put a stop to the drug menace if he wins the presidential race.

    Speaking in Tagalog, Cebuano and English, Duterte said that he is angry with the present administration because with Aquino at the helm, obedience of the law is by choice.

    “Ang daang matuwid, wala talagang daang matuwid. Walang dinadaanan. (There is no straight path to speak of. There is no path,)” he said during the PDP-Laban’s kick-off rally in Tondo, Manila.

    Duterte also lambasted the government for its inefficiency in solving the daily monstrous traffic jams in Metro Manila.

     “This goverment may be of the people, by the people but definitely this government is not for the people,” he said.

    The tough talking mayor said illegal drugs have flooded the country, burying impoverished Filipinos deeper to a life of poverty. He claimed that in rural areas, farm animals like carabao, chicken and goat and eggs were being made as payment for illegal drugs.

    Duterte also trained his guns on drug traffickers, kidnap-for-ransom syndicates, rapists, and corrupt government officials.

    “If I win the presidency, I will order the military and the police to kill them all, no more talks,” he said in Filipino. “If cases are filed, I’ll tell them that it’s my order.”

    He challenged the criminals to get him before he becomes president, because if not they better change for good or get killed.

    He vowed to double the salary of policemen and soldiers and to give their children free education from kindergarten to high school.

    He also promised to maintain the Pantawid Pamilya program of the government and provide capital for small and medium scale businesses for deserving individuals.

    Duterte also stressed the need of providing credit facilities, through credit unions, to poor people in rural areas without the need of a collateral. WILLIAM B. DEPASUPIL


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    1. Yes Duterte you are hope for federal govt it sure you are the next president
      Sana hindi kayo madadala sa pera ng Chinese business community
      Proposals for enactment into law:
      ●Passport 20 years validity
      ●Drivers license 20years validity
      ●2 yrs employment contract
      ●Prime minister appointment reporting to president
      ●Govt department to be changed to ministry and its head as minister
      ●Bataan Nuclear Reactivation to save 500 years power generations to less electricity bills of its consumers
      ●Congress to be changed to Parliament
      ●No more barangays:police to full control of peace security and stability

    2. May alam akong dalawang bagay sa election na ito:
      1. Ang mga drug lords at mga taong nabubuhay sa droga, ang mga criminals, at mga corrupt ay hindi boboto kay duterte
      2. Doon sila boboto sa mga kandidatong walang pakialam o mahina ang paninindigan kung lumalaganap ang droga; nasasanay at nawiwili ang mga criminal; at lomolobo at nag eenjoy ang mga corrupt….syempre naman, para kapuwa sila tuloy ang ligaya habang nag sa suffer at naghihikahos ang buong bansa

    3. Hala sige kamong mga oplok sa lipunan pagbantay mo kay di baya na kabalo magbinuang si angkol rod…

      Mapugsit jud mo.

    4. Yes Duterte you are the deserving SOMEBODY to lead and govern this nation. Sa malawak na platapormang ipinapahayag nyo, makukuha nyo ang TIWALA naming mga botante…go go go Duterte, WE need YOU to abolish the menace of everything in Philippines.