Duterte slams BSP, AMLC


President Rodrigo Duterte on Monday lashed out at officials of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) and the Anti-Money Laundering Council (AMLC) for being “hard to deal with” and for protecting money launderers.

In his speech during the 80th founding anniversary of the National Bureau of Investigation, Duterte told the BSP and AMLC officials to cooperate with his administration or he will look into their shortcomings.

“The Secretary of Justice now says that you are hard to deal with. You better go to the Secretary of Justice or I will go to you. I will call for you and you have to answer so many questions to me,” the President said.

“You choose, either we cooperate in this government as a Republic to protect and preserve our people or do not make it hard for us, otherwise I will make it hard for you,” he added.

The President then challenged the BSP and the AMLC to explain why they did not look into reports that he had P211 million in bank accounts which he did not declare in his Statement of Assets, Liabilities, and Net Worth.

“I’d like to address myself to the Central Bank guys and the AMLA. If I had that money, why did you not initiate an investigation. For I really have none,” Duterte said.

“You know when I was a candidate there was a guy, a senator who’s so stupid, that I had P211 million bank deposit…So you cannot tell the public because you are protecting somebody, those who are really into money laundering,” he said.

“You failed miserably, eh sinabi na nga may P200 million, bakit hindi ninyo ako inimbestigahan [I was accused of keeping P200 million, why did you not investigate me?]. So the people would have known. You’re also a part of the garbage which I resent to this day. And do not give me a reason to have a confrontation with you,” Duterte added.

The President also challenged the AMLC to expose hidden wealth and corruption.

“Expose the wrongdoings. There are billions stashed there in the banks, really being washed or just being kept there in the meantime… Explain to us in public or I will do the explaining for you. Choose,” he said.

“There is a guy here now, just presently, we’re digging into the records of the case and he has not really a fake corporation but a set-up just to launder money. And to date, we have the accounting of P5.1 billion. One family,” he said.

The President then tasked the NBI officials and employees to do their jobs better.

“You have to do more, especially on digging records that would show laundered money,” he said.


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  1. Why it is easy for Pnoy Aquino to check the hidden wealth of his opponent and hard to check the drug money for D30. Go Digong, add them to killing field.

  2. How they will investigate if there is a law prohibiting them to look deeper on each depositors account.??

    • Actually we can copy the same procedure of what the other country is doing but we have to amend the law. The main problem, the lawmaker is one of the primary violators of Bank Secrecy Law.

    • Trillanes did..So what is the problem..Call small lady and she gives you your account without a sweat. During tuwad na daan , because everybody in the government has a go ahead to do corruption, just one flick of pnoys finger, the classified imformation ready and available to be used in a kangaroo court. Dutae should bi friend delimaw because she is very good on how to produce an evidence..but delimas loyalty with abnoy..so not possible

  3. I have had several Bank Accounts in my entire Lifetime of 41 years| My first Bank was Banko Filipino: I like that Banko because of the Sanrio Characters :) Unfortunately, the Banko Filipino did close even before I get to have a chance to put money on it for I was only 7 years old then.

    Now, my favorite Bank is Postal Bank at Lawton| I enjoy putting money on it :) I intend to save many peso at that Bank as long as I am getting money from my Family or future Husband :)

    I wish that Postal Bank will have a Branch at Singapore| because my sister who lives there gives me money too :) It would be nice if she can send me a Direct Bank Money from Postal Bank SG to Postal Bank PH :)

    Hooray for Banks!!

  4. The BSP and AMLC are drug lord protectors? Drug lords are covered by umbrella of confidentiality invoked by their BSP AMLC protectors? Its either they cooperate with the NBI and DOJ or be dismissed by the ombudsman and sent by her to NBP ………

  5. So then what is the mandate of these gov’t offices? To protect money laundering and other financial crimes?

    PGMA created the AMLC to hunt down the big-time syndicates but PNOY and his appointed alter ego Julia Abad clipped the investigative powers so that it became ineffective against their own criminal dealings, yet arbitrarily prosecuted (persecuted) political enemies, case in point PGMA allies like CJ Corona.

    During Pnoy the lawmakers made a lot of laws to hide their plunder, asa pa tayo sa kanila.

  6. so are you ready mr president to show your bank accounts transactions specially now that you will pass the FOI soon? lol

  7. The AMLAC must be made to see that they too have a very big role in fighting graft and corruption. This can be achieved if they incorporate proactive Red Flag monitoring into their system. With such they can be producing regular and urgent watchlist reports. We can assists them pro bono if they need more information and/or real help along these lines.

  8. sorry, but the bsp and amlc are simply implementing the laws. why is he blaming them? if he wants to do something, then get his comrades in congress / senate to change the laws. of course, there are billions and billions being hidden / stolen, especially the officials of the last administration and the oligarchs.

  9. It is a government institution, what can be expected? It is as bad as the untouchable judiciary. It needs a strong shake up.

    As the conduit of all fruits of evils it is seriously in need of strong, drastic measures.

    Neutralize one of the major tool of evils in this country, and there will be hope and light.