Duterte slams Roxas ally


Rodrigo Duterte has tagged another businessman as an oligarch who “makes money at the expense of the poor.”

In his speech at Camp Lapu-Lapu in Cebu City on Friday evening, Duterte named Eric Gutierrez, owner of a mining company and ally of defeated presidential candidate Manuel Roxas 2nd, as a member of the oligarchy.

The President said Gutierrez is importing air assets without paying taxes while engaging in illegal mining in Agusan del Sur.

“Look at Gutierrez, that’s another oligarch,” Duterte said. “He imported an airplane without paying taxes. He imported a helicopter without paying taxes. Operated a mine in Agusan and destroyed its environment,” Duterte said.

Gutierrez partly owns SR Metals Inc. (SRMI) and its subsidiaries San R Mining and Galeo Mining Equipment Corp. that operate nickel quarries in Tubay, Agusan del Norte.

“You who are tricking the Filipino people are oligarchs. You are Filipinos who do not pay taxes,” the President added.

Roxas was reported to have used Gutierrez’s jets during his campaign.

However, the former Interior secretary clarified that he paid for the use of the jets. He admitted being friends with Gutierrez.

Duterte earlier tagged business tycoon Roberto Ongpin as among the oligarchs in his list.

Ongpin, a trade minister during the Marcos dictatorship, resigned his post as top executive of PhilWeb Corp. on Thursday, following Duterte’s speech. The next day, the businessman’s daughter Bettina also quit as vice chairman and director of PhilWeb.

In his speech on Friday, Duterte commended Ongpin’s resignation from PhilWeb.

“I’m really pro-poor. I really give everyone his due. I will really attack those in government who are enriching themselves,” he said.

“My duty is to everybody. And everybody (who is poor]. All you rich people now who only use your saliva and do not pay taxes, I will really destroy you,” Duterte added.


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  1. Agapito Bagumbayan on

    MAR ROXAS through his bagman ROMMER “JEM” BACTOL ARANTE has a gold & nickel ore mining operation in Ilagan City and Surigao. They are using the PhilWintech Company in Iligan City to secure a mining permit illegally.

  2. Its very very difficult to not be selective & selective is subjective also. You have to start somewhere & where ever that is some will say why start here. So where ever he starts is fine as its a start & lets hope successive presidents follow suit, but probably they wont. Im sure people will be looking to murder this president so my advice to him is check your security people & be very wary of everyone. Good luck as the Philippines needs a firm hand & unrelenting momentum to make a change for the better of the filipino. Good luck mr president.

  3. President Arroyo has been cleared by the SC.. Why don’t you mention the Abnoy who still has to prove he is not a thief. He has stolen billions together with his cronies. Why pick on Arroyo who Abnoy picked on because of Luisita!

  4. Gutierrez is the business partner of Congressman Erice, a die-hard LP and Roxas supporter. Had Roxas won then the illegal activities of Gutierrez would have expanded even further. It would only take a Duterte presidency to put a stop to all these.

  5. I have been a hauler in SMRI mining in Tubay, Agusan del Norte, whose LGU executive is MayOr Garcia.

    The President is right! SMRI has a small mining permit. While upgrading to large scale mining permit, this company has loaded hundreds of boat-load(50,000MT/boat load) of nickel ore.

    Thru conspiracy with the local government, the company was able to operate without obstacle. At that the governor of the province was Erlpe Amante. He was convicted by the Ombudsman re-mining but was able to bail.

    I want to call the attention of this newswritter, CATHERINE VALENTE, not to put emphasize on the miner as an ally of Mar. Why? Cause you are giving tension/hatred inspite WE LET THEM RECONCILE. Also and in fairness to the president, he did not mention anything about Mar.


  6. sigbjørn Johansen on

    All respect for Duterte, he are a strong powerful leader, exactly what Philippines need. Clean up in markeds for black money, bring in tax for to help poor people. I just hope this will give good result for the future. Hurray for mr President of Philippines.

  7. there you go, there’s the president filipinos need. he is the man. i only wonder “how is he going to discipline filipinos which filipino people “DO NOT HAVE”.it looks like he will be giving that next with the example he sets or implying.

  8. “My duty is to everybody. And everybody (who is poor]. All you rich people now who only use your saliva and do not pay taxes, I will really destroy you,” Duterte added.

    I hope you will destroy them BUT I also hope you will NOT be selective. Dont you think stealing from the PCSO as Aroyyo did is not stealing from the poor? And how about Binay don’t you think he has stolen from the poor too? Please don’t be selective!

    • You have condemmed GMA and Binay without due process. It is not what you think. It is what they had really done, and proof is needed. If you do not have evidence, then you just shut your mouth.

    • Hundreds of politicians have done nothing but steal the peoples money.
      There is the Napoles list to start with of 120 members of the senate, house and appointees who stole billions.

      Aquino and De Lima protected them all but 3 opposition senator who were planning on running or important in the past election.

      When is justice going to be served on them ?