• Duterte slams US in front of new envoy


    PRESIDENT Rodrigo Duterte has launched another scathing attack on the United States, this time, in front of Washington’s new ambassador to the Philippines, Sung Kim.

    In remarks during a gathering for the “Negosyo Para Sa Kapayapaan Sulu” project in Malacañang on Monday night, Duterte said it was an “insult” when the US deferred a new aid package for the Philippines over alleged human rights violations in relation to his anti-drug war.

    “With due respect to the ambassador of United States, [when]you are dealing with Asians, be careful of your language. You could not do that to the Japanese and to the Koreans…They feel insulted. Why do you have to say, ‘We will cut your aid,’” the President said.

    “It’s actually, at the end of the day, I would say to you, it is dignity. Just because there are human rights violations, you do not say that you will never have the aid. We do not need it. Bakit sabihin mo pa [Why do you have to say], ‘Mr. Duterte, if this thing continues, you’ll lose the assistance.’ It is actually an insult,” he added.

    Kim, who was in the Palace event, was seen smiling awkwardly while the President was ranting against the Americans.

    The US, through an aid-giving body under the State department, the Millennium Challenge Corp. (MCC), has deferred a decision on a new development aid package for the Philippines. The MCC gave the Philippines $434 million from 2010 to 2016 for various projects, including roads and livelihood assistance for the poor.

    Duterte has dismissed the decision, and on Monday night reiterated that he could get assistance from China instead.

    “I do not need your assistance, challenge—Millennium Challenge, $400 million? China is going to release to me 50 billion. Go home, I do not need your aid,” the President said, without specifying the currency.

    “When you say ‘We will not give you because of this’ (drug-related killings), we’re pictured as, it is a Visayan idiom, I don’t know if you can understand, ‘patay-gutom’ [dead hungry]. You’re dead because you’re hungry. We don’t care if you are dead because of starvation. It’s actually a slur,” he added.

    Duterte then repeated his suggestion that the US air its concerns to the United Nations, which can then conduct an investigation into the alleged drug-related deaths that have reached 5,300 since the President assumed office on June 30.

    “Just say outright, please stop or this…We are members of the United Nations correct? You guys put your complaint there for the violations then whatever happens there, the human rights commission shall conduct an investigation,” he said.

    A UN special rapporteur, Agnes Callamard, wants to visit the country and conduct a probe in the first quarter of 2017. But Callamard said she could not comply with Duterte’s conditions for the probe, in particular his demand for her to respond to his questions under oath and during a public forum.

    Duterte maintained that he was not encouraging state forces to perform unlawful acts.

    “If you do not agree with me fine, I will not take it against you. But do not engage me in, like, [a]question of law. I should know what I’m doing…I never declared police punitive action,” the President said.

    “Right from the start, I said, I’m going to wage a war because the casualty now is four million. Do I need another year and be afraid of human rights and all of these things?” he added.

    “Four million” is the figure often cited by the President as an estimate of the number of drug dependents in the country.


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    1. The man who calls other world leaders sons of whores is telling people to be careful with their language.

      The Philippines President is a rank one hypocrite, the leader of the hypocrite club, the grand master of hypocrites.

    2. Can we get the real Vice President installed ( Marcos) before Duterte starts running around in his underwear shooting his staff.

    3. akala sguro ng mga amerikano hindi alam ng mga taga malacanang ang ngyayari sa ibang bansa, hindi natin kailangan ng Pilipinas ang CIA para malaman ang human rights violations ng mga tinatawag ng mga amerikanong demokratikong bansa……… In singapore, muslim girls cannot go to school because of their religious objection to remove their scarf…. young men go to jail bec. of religious, moral, or conscientious objections to join war or military (or those who believe that violence is unjustifiable. ei. pacifist). it is the same in south korea…. AND THEY SEND TO OUR COUNTRY THIS KOREAN TO LECTURE OUR SOCIETY ABOUT HUMAN RIGHTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE US SHOULD FIND ANOTHER EXCUSE.

      • their is also this the words of Isaiah in the wall of the UN… LET us beat our swords into plowshares……. their is even an sculpture to it in the UN garden. and yet they are not saying anything to this countries, members of UN, who jail their principled people that renounce violence. agnes callamard you should go to this countries (sk and singapore) not in our country. Duterte is only cleaning our country from criminals.

      • I agree.

        To discontinue the war on drug launched by President Duiterte will do more harm than good in the future, He maintained excellent trust rating or the approval of the people.

    4. Duterte’s rantings are typical from a person with psychopathic disorders.

      When will the Filipinos recognize that the mayor is INSANE?

      • The government officials benefit from the aid since they steal most of it.

        They don’t worry about being held accountable since the people are just sheep looking for entertainment.

    5. Duterte has no sense of decency. He completely goes against Filipino tradition of treating a visitor with dignity and respect.

      • Remember, Mr. prosecutor, President Duterte is merely defending the dignity of the Philippines or himself of the earlier attack of foreigners. Therefore, it is just unfair to accuse Duterte of “completely goes against Filipino tradition of treating a visitor with dignity and respect.” Mr. Prosecutor. you are wrong.

    6. [when]you are dealing with Asians, be careful of your language.

      That’s funny coming from Duterte.

      The Philippines government policies are Rage, Retractions, Hyperbole and jokes.

    7. the whole world is feeling the real asian sensitivity that words and actions are treated same iust one is enough and two is a disaster…sooner then later the southern philippine region will be flooded with smuggled weapons like few years prior the to the marcos’s martial law was declared.