• Duterte spends birthday in bed


    There was no party or fanfare for Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte when he turned 71 on Monday.

    Christopher Go, Duterte’s executive assistant and sortie manager, said the mayor marked the day quietly at home.

    “There is no party and that has always been his way of celebrating his birthday,” Go said. “Today, he is at home, resting.”

    According to Go, Duterte relishes private moments and rest days because of his tight campaign schedule.

    He said Duterte is preparing for the battle ahead as the campaign period approaches its final stretch.

    In a recent interview, Duterte told reporters he will spend his birthday sleeping.

    “I will just be at home, sleeping. That has always been my celebration,” he said.

    His daughter, Inday Sara Duterte-Carpio, posted a photo on Instagram of her father and her son, Stingray who also celebrated his 3rd birthday Monday.

    “#HappyBirthday Digong and Stingray. I wish you good health,” she said.


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    1. rosemarie Fernando Gonzales on

      Belated happy birthday my president Rodrigo du30!
      Wish you good health…good luck to the upcoming
      Election. Mabuhay….

    2. opinionated bum on

      Duterte spends his birthday in bed? with whom? I am guessing that he probably with his youngest wife, to help him energize in releasing all the accumulated body fluids that can cause frustrations and in turn may lead to depression. He should be feeling young and refreshed after couple of days and ready to hit the campaign road again.