Duterte still reviewing smoking ban EO


PRESIDENT Rodrigo Duterte is still reviewing an executive order (EO) calling for nationwide smoking ban, a Palace official said on Saturday.

“There is no specific date yet on when the executive order on the smoking ban will be signed,” presidential spokesman Ernesto Abella said in a statement.

“Let us give the President the time to review the EO with due diligence,” he added.

Agriculture Secretary Emmanuel Piñol last month said the President would sign the EO as announced by Duterte himself during a Cabinet meeting.

Under the EO, smoking indoors could be prohibited, aside from public places, the Palace said.

Duterte earlier asked Health Secretary Paulyn Ubial to draft the executive order calling for a smoking ban.

Davao City, where Duterte was mayor for more than two decades, has been implementing a total smoking ban in public places.


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  1. It would be a shame to close down Premium Cigar Lounges.
    Cigar smokers do not inhale, so there are minimal health
    risks. Only people who want to smoke go to Cigar Lounges
    so there is no imposition on non smokers. Cigar Lounges
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    Purified air is often cleaner
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    The cigar tasting notes follow fine wine tasting notes.
    Cigars are not smoked for a nicotine buzz but more
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    drik for the alcohol. It is for the taste. So also for
    premium cigars.
    Cigar tobacco is aged to reduce nicotine levels before the
    cigar is rolled. The ban would not allow cigar aficionados
    to enjoy a cigar in
    air conditioned comfort while wearing their best barong.
    Would the ban also extend to
    private membership paid Cigar clubs? Such places are
    not public. I agree with the ban on cigarette smoking.
    However it would be a shame to overextend it to Cigar
    lounges without considering how that none of the reasons
    for the smoking ban apply to cigar lounges. Want to save
    a cigarette smoker who is your friend?
    Turn him on to cigars instead. All of the
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    Why deny this to luxury tourists to the Philippines?
    With Manila, Davao and smaller cities such as Maasin already
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  2. Ricardo Abusail on

    Really? And what is the cost for the health system of the illnesses provoked by smoking? Prostitution is regulated; so should be smoking. Passive smoking also kills so non-smokers should also be protected

  3. It is ill-advised for the President to issue Executive Order on a nation-wide smoking ban. It is better to leave it to local LGU legislation thru appropriate ordinance like in Davao City. Ordinance can impose penalty, which the local police has interest to strictly implement. The President, with all his powers, cannot impose penal provisions on the general public for its violation. Smoking like prostitution is as old as humanity, so leave it to the discretion of man whether to smoke or not to smoke. Besides the government is reaping billions of income that prop Philhealth in sin taxes, of which cigarette sales contribute a sizable chunk.