Duterte supporters to hold prayer vigil at Luneta


A group of supporters of President Rodrigo Duterte will stage a two-day prayer vigil at the Luneta Park from February 25 to 26 to show their undying support to the president.

Top government officials, who are members of the one-million strong Mayor Rodrigo Roa Duterte National Executive Coordinating Committee (MRRD-NECC), defended the chief executive from a supposed ouster plot and urged the people to support the president’s advocacies.

The group, which claims to have convinced Duterte to run for President, launched the ‘People’s Support on Duterte’s War Against Illegal Drugs, Corruption, Criminality and Poverty’ at Club Filipino in Greenhills, San Juan City on Wednesday.

“What will happen on February 25 is the gathering of all the stakeholders and participants in this undertaking. We will have a prayer vigil, candle-lighting, and of course, testimonies of victims of illegal drugs, and also we will be having some performances by artists. And on February 26, there will be a series of speeches from different organizations, and there would be some presentations showing our nationalism and fervor to support and desire for peace and development and progress in our country,” Interior and Local Government Undersecretary John Castriciones said.

Castriciones said the vigil does not aim to counter the 31st anniversary celebration of the EDSA Revolution, which was being participated by members of the opposition bloc.

“This is not a political activity. We also believe in the advocacy of the EDSA revolution. The EDSA revolution caused for change, and this time change we would like to advocate to fight the evils of the community – the evils that are destroying the fabric of our society, families that had been destroyed because of the illegal drugs, and those people who had been victimized by heinous crimes being committed by the so-called drug users. That is our purpose: the corruption, the poverty, which is the bottom line of all these problems,” he said.

“We are not competing with everyone. What we are trying to do is we would like to unite with them, unite with everyone that there must be a genuine effort from all Filipino citizens to really advocate for change so that we will be able to promote good. What we want is genuine peace, we want people to be united, and we want people to really coordinate to show for our love of our country,” the government official added.

Castriciones said almost a million supporters of the President are expected to join the activities.

Asked if there are really moves to oust Duterte, Castriciones said, “There are unseen hands trying to manipulate everything, trying to corroborate to see to it that the usual business should continue. And there seems to be a pattern on how they would like to create an impression that there is a mass dissatisfaction, and that they cannot tolerate to happen most especially that there is undergoing activity wherein people are being recruited to create political miles somewhere in EDSA and also encouraging those who are members of the armed forces and policemen to do as well.”

“Well, of course, we had not verified it whether it is true or not, but the fact, as we said, we are vigilant and we will not let anyone or anybody spoil the democracy that has been restored. We will not allow any act of destabilization or plot to prosper,” he added. NEIL A. ALCOBER


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  1. One thing that i or we have to emphasize to tell the whole world that our solid support to our chosen elected President Rody Roa Duterte still unchange ( a second to none!) ,
    The changes of the Philippines has been seen already to which never been seen at all on previous administration.
    We as the pilipino peoples were already tired with criminality, corruption & other criminal element of the society, corruption among others evils and here the changes that we were aspiring is already takes its course,

    For this reason we will always be vigilant for those other group who want to spoil the better program of our current government and we will not allow them to succeed for their evil intent, let us ultimately reject it.
    Let us continue our solid support to our chosen president duterte because we believed that he is the only leader of this country with political will capable to transform this nation a better one and peaceful & prosperous nation on asean & in asia pacific country.

    As a citizen of this country we need peace & prosperity similar to those of our neighboring asian nation.
    We would be grateful that one person came from visayan & mindanaoan lead this country because his determination is strong with vision & initiatives for the welfare of the peoples.
    As an ofw’s in middle east & the rest of the world, we will pledge a solid support of our president duterte, & all of our families back to the philippines do the same & that will remain solid.

    As a solid supporter we were almost 17 million numbers that ready to depend our president in case some evil peoples trying to do bad things to disrupt his program for the country, & our group will be there always side by side to counter those evil demon & ready for any eventuality takes place.

    Thats it……