• Duterte tells China: Stop fishing in shoal


    PRESIDENT Rodrigo Duterte bared on Sunday he asked the Chinese to stay away from the rich fishing grounds of Panatag (Scarborough) Shoal in the West Philippine Sea during his state visit in Beijing last week.

    In response, Chinese officials said they had asked their fishermen to leave the contested area, he said.

    In separate remarks before typhoon victims in Cagayan and Isabela, Duterte said he couldn’t let Chinese fishermen prowl at Panatag Shoal, citing the July 12 ruling of a United Nations-backed arbitration tribunal that the area lies within the Philippines’ 200-mile exclusive economic zone (EEZ).

    The ruling rejected China’s “nine-dash line,” with which Beijing claims ownership all of almost the entire South China Sea, and upheld that Philippines’ sovereign rights over its EEZ as provided under the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea.

    “Just wait for a few more days and we can return to [fishing in]Scarborough. China said it is theirs, and I also said that Scarborough is ours. There is a lagoon there … in green … which is the fishing ground. I told those [Chinese] myself, don’t go fishing there,” Duterte said.

    “That is my appeal to them, so we would have a good food supply. It behooves upon us not to gamble on the fishing ground because otherwise, it would create imbalance in our food supply. They told me they also told the Chinese fishermen to leave, but I don’t know if they will keep their word,” Duterte added.

    Farm boost
    Duterte then disclosed that China had vowed to boost the Philippines’ agricultural sector through affordable financing schemes for farmers.

    The scheme, Duterte said, would spur the revival of the policies of the late strongman President Ferdinand Marcos dubbed Masagana 99, which promoted high-yield crops; and Biyaya ng Dagat which granted aid to fishermen.

    “I will bring back Biyaya ng Dagat and Masagana 99. I will copy it. Marcos was very bright, he knows what to do. The agriculture sector will get one the biggest budgets. It will be education, agriculture, then health,” Duterte said.

    China won’t back down
    The President, however, admitted that his friendly stance with China would not make Beijing accept its bitter defeat before the UN-backed tribunal anytime soon.

    “They said they own the island historically, and I said to them we won’t back down from here because we won the case in the UN Court. But I won’t pick up a fight. The solution is not to kill each other. We can resolve this case peacefully, someday. We will continue to talk,” Duterte said.

    “One day, in the future, we will really talk about this [UN ruling]. We can’t leave it hanging. And when we do, we won’t go out of that document. But I will not insist now; I will not impose now; I will not go to war now,” the President said.


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    1. The Philippines doesn’t have to give ground on the SCS dispute to improve relations with China and gain access to Chinese capital resources. The key is that the disputes are between China and the Philippines, any US involvements will only be for the interests of the US.

    2. Fish?

      Good. At least Duterte had the courage to say that to the CHinas. But will they listen?.. he says?| I have the feeling that they will.. but if the Instiks won’ t keep their word: may the Heaven place fire in the oils of that Waters :P

      HELL| CH is on Fire!!

    3. marikit sandiwa on

      We need the actual transcript of the President’s message to China… with due respect Ms LLANESCA T. PANTI, TMT, your article title is misleading… We have witnessed time and time again how some media personalities misquote, misinterpreted and put the President’s message in a wrong context…@ Mario, you are right! Where’s the proof that the President really uttered those exact words to china as in the title of this article.

    4. ay sus maniwala ka sa pinagsasabi niya. pina iikot lang niya ang mga tao. Puro pakunwari lang yang sinasabi niya ng bumango ang mga tao sa katangahan niya

    5. Ignacio Balbutin on

      I will believe it if the chinese ships will leave scarborough shoal and leave it alone to us, its not only rich in fish but also abundance in oil and gas which deposits is bigger than that of Saudi Arabia. It is the hope of all the filipinos na makaahon na ang karamihan sa kahirapan at tayo naman ang tatanggap ng mga maid galing sa ibang bansa

      • When are we going to believe what Pres. Duterte is saying. Most of the time, his vague statements are being clarified by his cabinet (most of the reason being cited if not all is that the statement is taken out of context). Unless he reigns his unstoppable mouth, soon he will loose his credibility and no one will believe what he is saying.

      • Common sense naman.Pag nabasa nila Ang comments ng presidente,I’m sure magbibigay din sila ng comments nila?

    6. Duterte is just doing what is sensible, patriotic and realistic, same as suggested be Feng Xiao Ping since 1989… shelve the territorial ownership matter and jointly enjoy the resources of the area…only the Amboys in the Philippines and the paid hacks of the CSIS in U.P. and La Salle faculties never wanted this and got Noynoy and del Rosario’s full support.

    7. ha ha ha. he speaks as if he can go to war now!? no. all he can do is play off the americans and the chinese against each other. to move to a neutral position and away from the americans.

      • Correct NICKY LEE!!! Is this not enough a big gift to US and CHINA (cooling down the boiling temperature at the South China Sea)??