• Duterte tells worried foreign businesses to go


    TOKYO, Japan: President Rodrigo Duterte on Tuesday urged foreign businesses in the Philippines worried about his deadly drug war to “pack up and leave”, as he launched another anti-American tirade before flying to Japan to attract investments.

    Duterte voiced outrage at comments made the previous day by the top US envoy to Asia that his fiery rhetoric and crime war, which has claimed about 3,700 lives in four months, were bad for business.

    “These Americans are really crazy. Their style is to walk here. They think they are somebodies,” Duterte said, as he held up a newspaper with headlines reporting the criticism from US assistant secretary of state Daniel Russel.

    “Russel says ‘Duterte comments causing worries in business communities’. Then you pack up and leave. We will recover, I assure you.”

    Duterte then flew to Japan, one of the top US allies in Asia, for a three-day visit that is partly aimed at building on two-way trade of more than $18 billion dollars last year.

    “With Japan as the Philippines’ top trading partner, I shall seek the sustainment and further enhancement of our important economic ties,” Duterte, 71, said in prepared remarks at Manila airport.

    “I look forward to meeting business leaders in Japan. I will tell them clearly that the Philippines is open for business.”

    Upon arrival in Tokyo, Duterte proceeded to a hotel for an event with members of the local Filipino community.

    More than 100 of them waiting outside gave him an enthusiastic welcome, calling his name and waving small Philippine flags. A smiling Duterte approached them and shook hands.

    Duterte will meet with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and have an audience with Emperor Akihito during the trip, which follows his headline-grabbing state visit to China last week.

    Duterte, a self-proclaimed socialist with close links to communists, announced in Beijing the Philippines’ “separation” from the United States, throwing into doubt a 70-year alliance that is anchored on a mutual defense treaty.

    He quickly walked back from his comments after returning from China, saying “separation” did not mean he would “sever” ties and that the US alliance would continue.

    But his anti-American vitriol also continued.

    No lapdog

    Duterte said Tuesday he was not a “lapdog” of the United States, and again voiced anger at American and European criticism of apparent extrajudicial killings on his watch.

    “You are a son of a whore,” he said referring to his critics.

    “Do not make us dogs. Do not. As if I am a dog with a leash and then you throw bread far away that I cannot reach.”

    Duterte has previously branded US President Barack Obama a “son of a whore” and told him to “go to hell.”

    Russel, the US envoy, said after meeting Philippine Foreign Secretary Perfecto Yasay on Monday that many people around the world were becoming increasingly worried about Duterte’s tirades.

    “The succession of controversial statements, comments and a real climate of uncertainty about the Philippines’ intentions have created consternation in a number of countries,” Russel said.

    “Not only in mine and not only among governments, but also growing concern in other communities, in the expat Filipino community, in corporate boardrooms as well.”

    Japan, which is wary of China’s rising influence in the region, signalled it would be looking for clarification from Duterte about his foreign policy plans.

    “It is important to have good communication and to listen directly to what Mr Duterte has in mind,” Japanese Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida told reporters when asked about the firebrand leader’s comments on ties with Washington.

    Abe had worked to improve bilateral relations with Duterte’s predecessor, Benigno Aquino 3rd.

    Japan provided patrol boats to support the Philippines in its territorial row with Beijing over rival claims to the South China Sea, as it sought backing in its own maritime dispute with China.

    Aquino took Beijing to an international tribunal over its extensive claims in the South China Sea—where it has built artificial islands capable of hosting military facilities—and the Philippines won a resounding victory in July.

    But Duterte has sought not to use the verdict to anger China, instead worked to improve ties and attract billions of dollars in Chinese loans and investments. AFP



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    1. Common denominator of Duterte’s supporters even in this site is use of foul language and bad manners. Birds of same feather…A person who has total disregard for human propriety and compassion is rare. Once in a while in right place and time, one conforms to expected public propriety. If not, then sadly there is a mental issue.

    2. Two wrongs never add up to a right! Obama and Duterte both wrong. But, as an America that has lived in the Philippines for almost 20 years, I defend Duterte’s killing of drug dealers and those that even allow themselves to get involved in the drug trade.

      Obama was way out of line. He is an idiot with no idea about the real problem.

      The Philippines is corrupt. Courts, police, lawyers, city politicians, barangay officials, garbage collectors, and hundreds of other people with a little authority. Corruption is a way of life in the Philippines. The US also has it’s share of corruption and a monstrous drug problem a 1,000 times bigger than the Philippines.

      Taking a drug dealer to court is a waste of time and good money both in the Philippines and in the US. Drug dealers are the scum of the Earth. They destroy families and societies. The only thing that will clean up this threat to our way of life is to kill the bastards on sight like one would kill a rabid dog. Drag the dirty bastard to the side of the road, tag him as a drug dealer, and let the maggots feast on his carcass. Or drag him to the dump and bury him in 20 feet of garbage. Film it all and show it on TV.

      Inocent people ought to know to stay away from these animals. If they don’t, they might get killed themselves. This is good.

      The praise goes to Duterte!

    3. to my fellow pilipino have you ever thank to Americans, Have you ever friend them, if not you should thank them and be our best friend also. To my fellow pilipino have you read the history of Philippines If not you should read it because of the american we are save during world war 2….. the americans is the reason why we are standing in our land what if the americans are not here during world war 2 where are we now……. please think before you act fellow pilipino….pilipino dont want war againts americans and china russia japan we want to be at your side and all of this country must become friend not enemy…………..

    4. Sorry all pilipinos that you have a “crazy dog” as your president. 100 days more and you will be led by a chinese dog. What will happen to those happy people in Philippines?? Another Marcos, a killer of his own people. Who could call that kind of man a president?? At least not in a civilised world. Sorry all pilipino frends, just wait and see. Lets hope there is still plenty of wise people in your country

    5. I admire the President because he says it like it is…..the Philippines has just been a battleground for U.S. wars and has historically lost so much just because of being a U.S. ally as in World War II when Manila and other areas in the Philippines were bombed because of aligning with the U.S. On top of which, the U.S. has compensated other countries after the war, e.g., Japan, Vietnam, Pakistan, etc. more than the Philippines just because it has been taken for granted as an everlasting ally. The Philippines does not like war, the U.S. is always at war, and President Duterte wants nothing to do with war. There is absolutely nothing wrong with what the President is doing. He is merely networking for business, “love, not war”; asserting Philippine sovereignty and independence; riddding the Philippines of its “U.S.’s little brown brother image”, and more importantly, aligning the Philippines strategically so as to promote economic growth and prosperity. Mabuhay ka, President Duterte, Mabuhay ang Pilipinas! (Long Live President Duterte, Long Live the Philippines!) Finally, my appeal to domestic and international media is to be responsible and report factual information only. The President is not guilty of EJK. Get your facts right, go the Philippines and get first hand information. That is your duty as a journalist.

      • Google SBS Dateline husband and wife assasins, and many more. In your own backyard and you are last to know or plain stubborness. You are the laughing stock of the world as the international press has got the evidences being shown worldwide. Truth is kept from you by sipsip subordinates, cowering politicians and fearful local journalists. But foreign press dangles $ get the evidence and off they go far from clutches of Duterte’s revenge.

    6. Susan Meyers, CEO on

      Duterte — we already started making plans to leave the first time you insulted our President Obama. We don’t need your permission to leave. We are not your DOG.

      • Kristian Francia on

        like what he have said, he’s not beholden to anyone, mosty NOT TO OBAMA but to the filipino people only… he owes no explanation to obama, therefore, who made such insults first?

    7. Duterte is weird. His actuations as president are not normal. He is making his presidency difficult by antagonizing potential foreign investors and other heads of states.

      I remember now what columnist Rigoberto Tiglao wrote before the presidential election. that Duterte was somewhat trying to back out from the election, but didn’t know how to quit as many people already supported him and businessmen gave money to his party.

      He often says, “if I don’t finish the presidency, something happens to me and i don’t finish my term if my plane crashes, there is coup d’etat, etc.” as if he wants an abbreviated presidency.

      • isa ka pang nagmamagaling ka..anta antagonizing ka pa nalalaman. Kita mo na resulta ng in6estment from china. pitikin ko itlog mo ng magising ka hunghang

      • This one is a relative of a moron 3HSS evil monkey. He don’t know what he is saying just to make a comment. Tell me who are foreign investors are pulling out, it is only the Americans because they were ordered by their government to do it …. then they will realize how stupid decision they have made. You will see, they will lost Philippines forever if they do it, for now it is in the status quo. Back to you Mr. Field, who is a greatest Moron and Stupid because we don’t toe the line that America told us. BS you.