Duterte threatens to junk military pact


President Rodrigo Duterte continued his attack on the United States Sunday by threatening to junk the country’s Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA) with the US, a pact that allows American forces to conduct activities on agreed locations inside Philippine military bases.

Duterte, in a speech during the opening of the MassKara festival in Bacolod City, said that EDCA, whose constitutionality was affirmed by the Supreme Court in July this year, can be scrapped because it wasn’t signed by former President Benigno Aquino 3rd.

“May I remind the Americans, this EDCA…it is an official document but it does not bear the signature of Aquino. Better think twice now because I will be asking you to leave the Philippines,” Duterte said.

The Supreme Court ruling said EDCA implements the 1951 Mutual Defense Treaty and the 1999 Visiting Forces Agreement inked between the Philippines and the United States.

“The Americans stayed here for 50 years. They have a colonial syndrome, thinking that we are still under them,” the President added.

The Philippines was an American colony from 1899 to 1940.

“Take all our dollars if you want. We won’t go hungry. After this document is reviewed…if you can’t produce a signature bearing the permit…including the war games…You make it harder for me? Fine. I’d do it. I am not a statesman, said the monkeys who are white,” Duterte said.

“I did not run to be a statesman. I ran to be the President. Why would I be a statesman? I don’t like that,” he added.

The President bragged that he is in the good graces of two giant economies at odds with the US: Russia and China.

“When I was in Laos, I met with [Russia Prime Minister Dmitry] Medvedev. I asked for their help. I said the Americans are insulting me. They said, that’s how the Americans are. We’ll help you. With China, they said I won’t get anything with the Americans. I am going to China to make friends with them. Also with Russia,” Duterte said.

He was referring to last month’s Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean) Summit hosted by Laos.

“If I cannot deal with them [critics], the best defense I can do is to insult you. You son of a whore. Whoever you are. I did not even believe my mother. Why would I believe you?” Duterte said.


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  1. The United States should immediately suspend their aids to this country while this guy is the president. Let him go to China, Russia or whoever he thinks can match or do better than what the U.S. is providing the Philippines.


    Duterte is a simple man, so they say, and he wants all Filipinos to be like him. Modest life, house, mistresses galore, not a lot of ambition…why should every Filipino have that mentality?

  2. Only d30 himself would like to ally with China & Russia not the people of the phililippines.

  3. Pinoy Citizen on

    Why would Philippines ally itself with China, a country that disregarded our EEZ, threatened and continue to disrespect the rule of law, the PCA’s ruling?

    Mahirap na ang buhay sa Pinas, bakit gusto pa ni Duterte lalong humirap? Tayong mga ordinaryong Pilipino ang mahihirapan sa kapalpakan at kalokohan ni Duterte. Tayo.

    Duterte, RESIGN!

  4. America will leave with their dollars. They will take only so many insults.

    Unfortunately they will take their call centers with them. No American will want their phone answered by a country who has repeatedly insulted the united states.

    1 million Filipinos will be laid off from their high-paying jobs, but Duterte has promised they will not starve, so that is fine. With those jobs will go the Philippines economic boom.

    China is not helped any other country on the globe escape poverty. Their 4 major friends in East and Southeast Asia are North Korea, Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia. All have been helped for years by China, all are economic basket cases.

    For Duterte to think that the Philippines will be treated in any way different without the Philippines making drastic territorial concessions to China is sheer fantasy.

    • KL you are still living in the Neo colonial mentality. We are an independent nation and not a servant of the US. We can say Yes or No to anybody wishes. We can disagree without being disagreeable.

  5. Duterte in his incessant tirades make the global politics ambivalent,colorful,interesting,funny and entertaining. ??