• Duterte to check LGU intel funds


    President Rodrigo Duterte wants to investigate how local government officials are handling intelligence and discretionary funds, which amount to millions of pesos.

    “I will create a special team. I will review your intelligence funds. That’s the easiest to pocket. Those mayors who are not performing, you make your city clean and peaceful,” he said in a mix of English and Filpino.

    Duterte expressed his dismay over the inability of mayors and governors to manage garbage in their areas.

    “Many localities in the country are so dirty and yet the mayors are not doing anything about it,” he said.

    “There is trash and garbage around and if you have to wait for the plastic to go inside the drainage every time there’s a downpour and excessive rain water, nagka-clog,” he said.

    The President stressed that the governors and mayors could effectively manage their garbage well because they have discretionary funds.

    Local officials who have fancy offices and who use expensive vehicles should be ashamed of themselves, he added.



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    1. Matino na Pinoy on

      Most of the localities in the country use “trash collection” as one of their modus operandi to steal money legally. If honest government auditors look into the books of these local governments for audit, they normally listed them as “trash collections is 3 times per week at XXX amount. The reality is they may only collect thrash once a week, and the rest of the profit stolen from the people are then divided to the group who orchestrated this scheme.

      It may seems that it is small operation, but if they can go into 6 areas or more, that provide services to the people, they can increase their government salaries up to 1,000% clean money and tax free. What the present administration should do is to quadruple the budget and hire more government auditors to work independently for the Central Government. They can go in to any local government office unannounced and audit anything and everything on how they spent their money.

      Makati City have used different kind of modus operandi and the whole world is aware of it. The beginning just got started and there will be more lawsuits underway.