Duterte to cut ties with US, Australia


Trash-talking Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte has warned that he is prepared to cut diplomatic ties with the United States and Australia after their ambassadors criticized his supposed joke about the jailhouse rape of a missionary.

Duterte told the ambassadors to “shut their mouths,” as controversy continued to rage over his comments in which he said he wanted to have been the first to rape the Australian woman who was brutalized and murdered in a 1989 prison riot.

“If I become President, go ahead and sever it [diplomatic ties],” Duterte, 71, said on the campaign trial on Wednesday night, referring to the relationships with the US and Australia, two of the Philippines’ closest allies.

“Australian, American ambassadors, shut your mouth,” he added. “Do not interfere because it’s election time.”

Duterte said he is not afraid if his statements will affect the country’s relationship with its strong allies.

“This is a democracy. Freedom of speech is a sacred right. Nobody can question my mouth. Huwag mo akong kontrolin [Do not control me]. This is my freedom of expression,” he added.

Duterte, who while campaigning has called the pope a “son of a bitch” and promised to kill thousands of criminals, recounted at a recent rally the riot events as part of his tough-on-crime pitch to voters.

“They raped all of the women… there was this Australian lay minister… when they took them out… I saw her face, she was beautiful and I thought, ‘Son of a bitch. What a pity… they raped her, they all lined up,” he told the crowd.

“I was mad she was raped but she was so beautiful. I thought, the mayor should have been first.”

Duterte was at the time mayor of Davao, a major city in southern Philippines where he is accused of running vigilante death squads that have allegedly killed more than 1,000 people.

He has at times on the campaign boasted about running the death squads, claiming they killed 1,700 people, but also denied any links to them.

Duterte has similarly offered varying responses to the rape comments, with his media team releasing a statement in which he apologized.

But on the campaign trail, he has repeatedly told reporters he would not apologize.

Australian Ambassador Amanda Gorely criticized his remarks, saying in a statement on Twitter: “Rape and murder should never be joked about or trivialized. Violence against women and girls is unacceptable anytime, anywhere.”

US Ambassador Philip Goldberg later agreed with her, saying in a television interview that “statements by anyone, anywhere that either degrade women or trivialize issues so serious as rape or murder are not ones that we condone.”

A US embassy spokesman said there was no immediate response to Duterte’s remarks about the ambassadors. An Australian embassy spokeswoman said there would be no comment.

The Philippines and the US have a long-standing relationship. The two countries just finished holding the yearly Balikatan (should-to-shoulder) military exercises.

Australia, which supports the US position on China’s unilateral moves in the West Philippine Sea (South China Sea), has also a good bilateral relationship with the Philippines for the past 70 years.

‘Petty’ issue

The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA), meanwhile, played down reports that Filipino workers in Canberra were affected by the controversial remarks of Duterte.

An unnamed Filipino working in an Australian firm was quoted by the Philippines Defense Forces Forum Facebook page as saying that at least 50 Filipino workers may lose their jobs because of the uproar.

The post said the “owner of the company we’re working for is a very devout Christian and she felt insulted by Duterte’s comments against her fellow Aussie, our supervisor already told us today that the contracts of all of us 50 Filipino workers will no longer be renewed, that we will be replaced by Pacific Islanders.”

In an interview with The Manila Times, DFA Assistant Secretary Charles Jose said he believes that Australia will not magnify a “petty” matter.

“Hindi naman ganoon ang Australia. Napaka-petty naman nu’n [Australia is not like that.

The issue is very petty],” he said. “The comment of Australia is not about the government policy. It’s about a presidential candidate. It’s not interfering in internal affairs.”

The DFA official pointed out that the controversy should not be treated as a national government issue.

Jose, however, said he understands the sentiment of Australia and the US.

There are 304,093 Filipinos in Australia as of June 2015, most of them permanent residents.


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  1. please elect Duterte, the exchange rate will go through the roof, I thought 57Php per USD was great, with 100Php per USD after Duterte cuts ties with US and AU, I will be able to buy that new harley I was wanting, if the dealership is still open then… Duterte’s new slogan “Helping foreigners live like kings”

  2. I rather admire the foreign ambassadors for their coolness and intellectual ability than DUTERTE with no self-control and unfit for any elected position. I am sure his selfish behavior could be related to the way he was raised by his parents.
    The more you judge him the more he will come back with rancor remarks. There is a saying that you are a fool or idiot if you continue arguing with a person whom you know is an idiot.

  3. The direct consequence of severing ties with a country is mutually closing all consulates and embassies from each country. What happens to the millions of OFWs in those countries who would not have anybody protecting their rights? Mr. Dudirty, becasue of his dirty mouth, will single handedly deplete the number of OFWs who are the biggest source of income for Filipino families.

    Please do NOT vote for DUDIRTY (Duterte).

  4. Who the Hell is Duterte that he wont accept positive/negative criticisms on him. Sobrang yabang. Akala mo sino siya na higit pa sa Diyos!!! Akala niya lahat ng ginagawa niya ay tama. What is he too proud of that he thinks he can say and do whatever he wants? Law graduate kuno siya pero walang batas sa kanya dahil ang sarili niyang batas ang nasusunod. The Duterte family enriched themselves through smuggling in Davao city. How can the Philippines have peace with the rebels when he himself is the financier. Remember that the NPAs were reduced from Luzon and Visayas so they retreated to Mindanao for the protection given by maniac Duterte. To the peace loving Filipinos, let us all pray to save the Philippines from the abusive Dutertes.

  5. Jacobo Santiago on

    #duterte4president ivote medjo bastos pero maginoo at ma-Ginoo naman talaga yan kaya AYOS lang! wala kasi siya envelope para ipamigay so kunting bad joke lang yun mapasaya lang ang mga sangkatutak na kusang dumalo sa mga rally niya. ang importante dun ay ang totoong mensahe sa likod ng kahit ano pa mang bad joke na yun. tayo naman pag naka-react napakaover talaga, ang hirap kaya magpatawa mga friends. confirmed talaga na box office hit ang #duterte4president kahit saan pa magpasurvery North-East-West-South.

  6. well hope he does get voted in and cuts ties with Australia and America. And when the next super typhoon destroys the Philippines he in his wisdom will be able to help and provide for his country by himself. Now id like to see that.

  7. This man is showing his true nature of just being a male chauvinist ! He totally contradicts himself . He says he respects women and yet he is a womanizer. He mentions about strong faith and yet he cusses the Pope openly. He brags about killing. He declares of his freedom of speech , and yet does not respect the people who are offended by him, he takes offense and going as far as threatening their country. Just like North Korea leader KJ. Durtete has a very dangerous personality and irrational of a man. The truth in his medical Psychiatric record mentioning of his Narcissistic tendencies are traits that must not be ignored!

    We need someone who has RESPECT not just for himself but for others as well.

  8. Mr. Duterte will steer this country into isolationism, very much like North Korea, and that will invoke a heavy toll in our economic prosperity. He could very well be viewed in the same level as Kim Jung Un of North Korea, a troublemaker!

    That would be a disaster to our economic gains!

  9. Jose Samilin on

    This is mere remarks of Mayor Duterte, what if Philippine Ambassador to US during the sex scandal of President Bill Clinton with Monica Lewinsky broke out, made a similar stand and condemn the acts of the President, will Bill Clinton bow down to the Philippine Ambassador? They will not say, shut up, but will probably say to the Ambassador, fuck you. Therefore, why allow others, we can stand on our own and resolve it ourselves without any foreign interference!!

  10. Juan T. Delacruz on

    Cut ties with U.S. and Australia? Trash talking Duterte will have his BALLS cut off first because it must be voted at the Congress first. The ambassadors did not pay attention to his trash talks because they knew it is not worth to engage even a simple conversation with Duterte. Being representatives of progressive countries, they understand and should have used to it by now, the big egos and arrogance of Filipino candidates aspiring for the highest office of the land, such as Duterte. The problem with Duterte is that, his ego is bigger than what he can handle, and a lot of times, he gets his foot in his mouth as well.

    In spite on all of these issues, he remains as the peoples’ choice because the Filipino people want change in their government, and this is plain and simple. Duterte is the only candidate that can deliver a meaningful change, especially in the areas of criminalities and government officials stealing the hard earned people’s money.

  11. “This is a democracy. Freedom of speech is a sacred right. Nobody can question my mouth. Huwag mo akong kontrolin. This is my freedom of expression,”

    That’s a warped sense of democracy! Duterte can question others, but others cannot question him. He can control others with his freedom of speech, but others cannot control him. He is free to talk, but he wants others to shut up. Duterte is insane.

    • Warped sense of democracy indeed..

      Anyway .. do we need another 6 years of these… another psycho after this incumbent .. one to be leading a nation of 100 Mi.. median age 22 y.o. .. most likely 20 – 25 Mil nasa 15- 25 y.o. lahat yan — normal nang mag P8&# ..

    • This man is getting bizzare. Insane! He doesn’t have the sincerest of intention. Sira ulo. Kanto boy. Ginawang laroan ang Pilipino BoBoTANTE.

  12. The Country needs some one like Duterte, but not him. Just as the US needs some one like Trump , but not him. Can’t respect them, but like most of what they stand for. If both would install a filter between the brain and the mouth, they would win.

    • Yes we want someone with holy lips like Poe, Roxas and Binay but only on their lips, not their bodies. Later on there are lips floating on the air, no bodies since their bodies were all rotten.

  13. what an idiot, it’s as if he wants to lose on purpose now. to alienate your country from proven allies is not very smart sir.

  14. Now I am definitely sure Duterte will lose this election. You do not mess around with the powerful United States. Americans has a tendency to believe what Duterte trash talking and think this s true. Goodbye mr. Duterte. Maybe tou do not know, never, never mess around with the Americans, they will retaliate. Even the powerful Marcos knows this.

  15. Jose Samilin on

    Please be advise MICHAEL JOE T. DELIZO AND AFP that Mayor Rodrigo Duterte’s comment to shut up their mouth, according to DFA Assistant Secretary Charles Jose is not a National government issue which is just a petty matter to affect diplomatic ties of the Republic of the Philippines with that of the United States and Australia.

  16. Ha ha ha, of course Duterte wont do that, thats his way of telling the ambassadors to shut up. Thats Duterte way.

  17. This guy is dangerous. He will sell us to the Chinese. He is a threat to national security.

  18. Wala siyang sinabi na ganun! Ang sabi niya, ” Go ahead and severe it” Yan ang pagkasulat mo sa taas. Pero bakit iba ang title? Wala sa content.

  19. LOL! Imagine? Cutting ties with the USA and Australia after one comment from those countries? If and when he does become president(which is impossible, to say the least), he will have cut ties with almost all the countries, except maybe China. ULOL!

  20. The U.S. and Australia are not that stupid to react to a statement by a mere loudmouth ‘city mayor’.