• ‘Duterte to declare bid on Saturday’


    SUPPORTERS of Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte are expecting him to announce that he is changing his mind and will heed the call for him to run for President.

    “All roads are leading to Davao this Saturday. We expect him to heed the people’s clamor and run, nothing else,” said lawyer Emily Padilla, core member of the Mayor Rodrigo Roa Duterte National Executive Coordinating Committee (MRRDNEC) that launched the Run Duterte Run Movement and Duterte for President Caravan.

    When asked about the possibility that Duterte might actually announce the opposite like what he did in his news conference last September 7, Padilla replied, “We don’t entertain that thought.”

    Padilla told The Manila Times that once he declares his presidential bid, Duterte will face another dilemma–who to choose as his running mate.

    She said the mayor is torn between Senators Ferdinand Marcos Jr. and Alan Peter Cayetano.

    Both had declared their intention to run for Vice President and expressed their preference for Duterte to be their running mate.

    “Yes, there are supporters who are for Cayetano but there are many who want Marcos. If it comes to that, of choosing who’s who, Mayor Duterte will have the final say,” Padilla said.
    “Whatever his decision will be, we will follow and support,” she added.

    Cayetano, who was initially being pushed by House Speaker Feliciano Belmonte Jr. to be Liberal Party standard-bearer Manuel “Mar” Roxas 2nd’s running mate, made his announcement in Duterte’s bailiwick of Davao apparently to “jump the gun” on Duterte to take him in as the latter’s running mate.

    But the move did not sit well with a huge number of Duterte followers who are actually pushing for a Duterte-Marcos team-up.

    Marcos announced his own intention earlier this week, which came as a big surprise even to his own family since he was expected to seek the presidency.

    “MRRDNECC and PDP-Laban will support anyone of them who is advocating federalism and who believes in the principles, vision and platform of government of Mayor Duterte.

    The criteria will also cover those who wish to run for the Senate with Mayor Duterte as their President,” Padilla said.


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    1. He was the only candidate that I was certain would fix the corruption and remove the root causes of the islamist insurgency.

      Why would the only hopeful candiate drop out?

      He said it was because of shortage of money…..
      bs! they offered to pay his campaign and raise money. He knew it would have worked!

      He said it was age.
      bs again! Binay is 3 year older than him and running like a cheetah in these elections!

      he said because family saying no.
      K then, why in the world wuold they? there are no reasons to go along with it.

      here comes my theorie. HE is covering up the true reason why he is not running, and my theorie goes that there is a security threat to him or his family or something else that is important to him. He could have received a threat from people that oppose him. He is pro-poor and not pro rich, something unique from al the other candidates. The elite might lose out from his pro poor platform. They don’t want want this to happen. They want a Philippines that continues to serve the rich at the expense of the poor. So that means they could even threaten Duterte or his family. that is what I suspect. Why else would the best candidate be dropped out and the corrupt ones be well on their way? But it is only my wild guess.

      Anyone else have any theories as to why Duterte dropped out?

      The motive behind this cant be anything that he said. That list of reasons was more like a list of excuses. The real reason must have been hidden. Why else would he do this? a whole nation and even peoples lives are at stake in this nation battered by typhoons, and plagued by poverty, malnutrition and lack of cleanliness in crowded neighborhoods. He is giving up a huge contribution by doing this drop out so there must be a terrible factor at play that is stopping him from running.

      My theorie I put together suspects that the Philippines will never leave this cycle of poverty because any real good guy that surfaces for elections will get crushed because the elite hold a strong grip on the nation.

    2. Please observe wisely, Duterte – marcos both agree in federalism and restoring death penalty, death penalty is just to create fear, madami nagsasabi masama daw death penalty pero hindi nila naiisip pag may death penalty magiisip mabuti ang mga criminals kung itutuloy mga masasamang plano so its not masama, the real purpose of death penalty is only to create fear to those criminals and druglords, if there is no crime as well as no death sentence. Ok?

    3. Duterte – marcos ang pinakamaganadang tandem dahil parehas silang pabor sa federalism, not cayetano, ang dapat niyo tignan is parehas ba sila ng plataporma? Mag observe tayo mabuti sa mga interviews nila, yan ang dapat natin gawin as voters hindi yung boto lang ng boto, – federalism both duterte, marcos agree

    4. Mayor Rodrigo duterte I salute u sir for your good leadership and governance in Davao you are the last hope of our country, to stop corruption,rape,robbery,illegal drugs and other heinous crimes to punish those local and foreigner who commit crime in our country please run for president we will support here in cebu

    5. Duterte-Marcos is a dream tandeem. Napakalakas at walang mkkatalo. Marcos has a solid north and some part of visayas, while Duterte has a solid south and some part of visays. Ladslide na po ito!!! GO DUTERTE-MARCOS for 2016!!!

    6. Tiyo Rody it is really destiny for you to head our country. Wish I could serve your government which might be also a destiny to me! It’s time for you to proclaim now your candidacy to the people so we can move on with our campaign plans and strategies. We can pick up the true leaders of every region, tribes and families. Let’s come to work now building the new road to Malacanang 24/7.!!!

    7. We honestly look for leader who is proven not Corrupt,
      and excellent in good governance.
      We support Mayor DUTERTE.

    8. Yes! This is what I am waiting for. I wish Cayetano than Marcos. We need leader like Duterte! No other than Duterte go go go on 2016 :-) You will really bring the SUNSHINE in the Philippines!!!!

    9. Duterte is the only one who can bring peace and order to our country. Just simply watch the news! enough of the daily killings, robbery, rape, drug use of innocent people being victimized and the corruption of these criminals. GO RUDY RUN!!!

      • Contrary, Peoples torch on endorsing him for President of the Republic of the Philippines. Our belief would never be beaten if the people choices him our next President.

    10. It is ok with Filipinos if ever Duterte decided to run for president because people expected they will benefit financially from his campaign sorties in the provinces. Besides this is his first attempt at the national political scene at least he can gauge if it is truly his destiny to make it big in Philippine politics. For starter like Duterte it is expected that he will shell out at least 500 million to 1 billion pesos in campaign fund in his first nationwide campaign try. Nice try!

    11. Thank you mayor Rodrigo Duterte for considering the voice and outcry of the Filipino people to run for president come 2016. You are my last hope to get rid of the criminals “riding in tandem”drugs. prostitution, smuggling and corruption in the government.
      Go, go,go mayor from here in overseas we pray for you, Your tandem with bong2 Marcos is a dream come true. We will support your team.

    12. Please Mayor we need you I hope you hear the out cry of your fellowmen. We need someone like you, we need you to transform the Philippines…May God bless you…from Qatar..we are one for YOU….

    13. mayor rodrigo tatakbo ka nga bilang presidente ng pilipinas.habulin mo ung corruption..smugling..crime..drugs..we will support u..

    14. “Both had declared their intention to run for Vice President and expressed their preference for Duterte to be their running mate.”

      Something is wrong with the system if it’s the Vice President wannabe who gets to say who his preferred Presidential running mate is. I think it should be the other way around.

    15. Duterte run…we will be campaigning for your candidacy dito sa leyte. Duterte for President!

    16. Oh, I cannot wait for his declaration tomorrow. However, I am not just concern about his VP, I have read that he has prepared a list of a dream team lineup for senators… which, in my humble opinion, would not pass as a real dream team.

    17. Mar Padilla, Jr. on

      We Ilocanos want to think about it. For sure BBM will come out as Vice-Presidwent.

    18. This is good team-up and sure winners. DUTERTE-MARCOS tandem is a formidable team. MARCOS has SOLID NORTH and some parts of Visayas while DUTERTE has SOLID SOUTH with some parts of Visayas. NO ONE WILL BEAT THIS TEAM….

    19. People are really hoping to have a drastic change in the political atmosphere of the country; corruption, smuggling, crime, drug problem and too much red-tape to mention a few. Mayor Duterte’s candidacy for President will be a very much welcome news to millions of Filipinos, particularly those OFWs and and others abroad. While service or action may result in disservice, so is with inaction to serve, especially when it is called by many.

      Pres. Duterte – Veep BBM 2016!