Duterte to flout climate change deal


President Rodrigo Duterte on Monday said he will not honor the Paris Agreement on Climate Change which was adopted by the Philippines and about 200 countries in December last year.

In a speech during a meeting with the Philippine Olympics athletes on Monday, Duterte described the international agreement as “stupid.”

The President said he was mad at a foreign ambassador who reminded him of the Philippines’ commitment to limit its carbon emissions.

“You are trying stymie us with an agreement na ganito lang kayo [that says you can only go up to here]. That’s stupid. I will not honor that,” Duterte said.

The President was riled when the ambassador asked him if the Philippines will be able to limit its carbon emissions.

”Sabi ko [I said], ‘No. I cannot tell. You don’t do it that way, Mr. Ambassador,” Duterte recounted.

When reminded that the Philippines was a signatory to the agreement, Duterte replied:
“That was not my signature. It’s not mine.”

He pointed out that such requirements on carbon emissions are unfair because the wealthy nations were not given such impositions when they were industrializing.

“We are here, we have not reached the age of industrialization. We are on our way to it,” Duterte said.

In his inaugural speech, the President said the Philippine government under his administration will honor all the international agreements it had signed.

The Paris Agreement on Climate Change seeks to limit global warming to below 2ºC (3.6ºF). It also calls on countries to adapt to climate change impacts, increase resilience, ensure sustainable food production and come up with plans to finance efforts of developing countries to implement procedures to minimize climate change.


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  1. a comment from the philstar fb page

    “J*** P*****
    First off Please don’t join those that believe humans are not at fault for the current rushed climate change. Humans are responsible, and yes, the modern countries are those most responsible, but we ALL have the same future going forward, one in which the result will be either an Earth we can not live on, or an Earth we can live on.
    If needing financial help to keep emissions down then petition for that, but don’t simply refuse and using past generations in the industrial countries as culprits and reasons to not try to do what is best for the Earth we all share.
    As far as money goes those industrial countries will have a lot higher costs cutting back on emissions as they have developed infrastructure that relies on it already. Philippines will not have as high costs cutting back and will, for the future, even SAVE money as you can lay down infrastructure that is NOT depending on coal and gases and oil instead right away, instead of needing to replace everything.

    This is NOT a good thing by Duterte. Maybe “good” for Philippines for the next few years but one of the MAJOR problems in the industrialised nations has been, and still is, smog in the major cities.
    By skipping over, not going the route of coal and oil first, you’ll all skip over the parts of industrialisation that leads to smog and pollution in your lovely country, and might end up one of the few countries left in the world where tourists want to go for unpolluted beaches.

    All in all I only see benefits from not going the coal and oil route, and fervently wish you all could see that too.”

  2. Forget climate change for awhile and focus more on improving the government and the lives of all Filipinos. We have more important things to worry about than climate change. Screw climate change. I agree with Duterte.

  3. Is there any evidence that PresiRody said that ….” the Philippine government under his administration will honor all the international agreements it had signed”? Nasa YouTube ba? Weather-weather lang ata ang sinabi…