• Duterte to implement curfew, liquor ban, no-smoking policy


    FILIPINOS who smoke and drink alcohol, as well as 17-year-olds or younger who love to party until the wee hours of the morning may have to make some adjustments in their lifestyle under the incoming administration.

    In an interview in Davao City Sunday night, presumptive President-elect Rodrigo Duterte vowed to implement a nationwide curfew, smoking and liquor ban to protect the welfare of the general populace.

    Just like in Davao City, Duterte told reporters, he would set a 10 p.m. curfew for unaccompanied minors.

    He then vowed to order the police to arrest the parents for letting their children below the majority age of 18 to be out by themselves beyond the imposed curfew.

    “My order is this: not to arrest the child, the minor,” Duterter said, adding that after placing the child into the custody of concerned agencies, the police would then arrest the parents.

    Duterte cited the Revised Penal Code as his basis for arresting parents found allowing their underage children roam the streets during ungodly hours.

    Aside from the nationwide curfew, Duterte said he is also going to implement a liquor ban and no-smoking policy all over the country.

    He said the sale of alcohol could be prohibited as early as 10 p.m.

    “We need legislation for that. The Congress can give it to me …” Duterte stressed.

    Asked whether 10 p.m. was too early, the tough-talking mayor said, “You have the whole day [para bumili]ng isang truck ng beer (to buy a truck of beer).”

    He was quick to point out, however, that the liquor ban will start from 2 a.m.

    For the past 14 years, Davao City has imposed a ban on the sale of liquors at 1 a.m.

    Duterte said he would also ban smoking in enclosed public areas nationwide, with “smoking room” to be prohibited.

    Smoking will only be allowed on the street, 50 meters away from establishments, he added.

    Davao City has been implementing an anti-smoking ordinance since 2002.

    It may be recalled that toward the end of his campaign for the presidency, Duterte had said in jest that he might give smokers two days to adjust before banning smoking in public areas nationwide. CATHERINE S. VALENTE



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    1. Manuel Penales on

      Okay. I do not conform with the rule regarding the curfew of the majority of people below 18 years of age. It was stated that parents’ negligence of their child below 18 years of age are to to be concern of the police, to arrest them in prison, not the minor. Why would Duterte think of arresting the parents of this minor that gives any kind of reason around the street? If Duterte’s goal for this rule is for the safety of the minor, then how would it be safe for these minors to have their parents arrested in prison for a certain amount of time?

    2. Manuel Penales on

      Just a comment about his newly implemented rules. It’s kinda rude (for me ha, since I’m an athlete, specifically a Volleyball player, I usually have games really late until 12 midnight) because if a minor under 18 years old gets caught in the street like riding the bike because he’s about to go home already, his/her parents would still get arrested. It is clearly said “He then vowed to order the police to arrest the parents for letting their children below the majority age of 18 to be out by themselves beyond the imposed curfew.”. My parents’ not negligent to me. It just so happens that I needed to go home but it was late already.

    3. Jenny Lacabe on

      I hope he bans smoking in all bars also, those poor waitresses and dancers suffering in later life due to mostly foreigners passing on their ghastly second hand smoke and what about non smokers who visit the bars socially, I for one like the odd drink or two but I suffer after 10 minutes due to the amount of smoke from the selfish smokers. Please BAN smoking everywhere there are people working and also socializing. Mirrors Club, Angeles City is notorious for excessive amounts of polluted smoke from selfish smokers.

    4. I can see The Philippines becoming a place where you have no freedom of choice. He is starting off with soft measures, smoking, drinking , etc. He is a vigilante killer even known for killing homeless children. Where is the justice system? Where is democracy ? Duterte will be a tyrant. The lives of the poor and vulnerable will not improve under his leadership. Filipinos have been misled by this evil man. He will be like Saddam Hussein or Robert Mugabe.

    5. I agree no smoking policy public health is significant protect us from getting cancer and also regulating pollution

    6. Jeez what a load of crap. How about more important stuff first like garbage disposal? That’s a huge issue.

    7. Two of the most influential but much-disliked billionaires in the persons of Danding Cojuangco and Lucio Tan will not like Duterte’s move of liquor and smoking bans. They will affect the profitability of the liquor and cigarette businesses of these two hideous men.

    8. Danielhammond on

      Marshall law over lifestyle choises the man is deranged or insane . Hitler was like this as we as the Japs during the occupation.

    9. Thats OK to arrest all drug lords, pushers and criminal as long as Duterte don’t messed-up the case filed in UNCLOS. he will make a big blunder for the Philippines as a nation. Let the UNCLOS decide and plan what to do next. Dont submit to China’s pasakay. Huwag kang maging tanga Duterte, you will be impeach if you surrender our Claim to UNCLOS to China’s pressure. Tingnan natin kung may-balls ka to stand toe to toe against China using the rule of law.

      Subukang mo nga yung tapang mo sa Abu Sayaff, dalawang buhay ang pwedeng mawala. Kung tigas ka talaga, fix this Abu Sataff and rescue the foreigners being held against their will. Patunayan mo kung kaya mo, hindi puro alingawngaw.

    10. Rodrigo Duterte is just another shill of the WHO looking for his 5 minutes of fame (and a medal from the WHO). He is yet another who sees killing off people’s ‘freedoms of choice’ as a ‘no brainer’ yet, in the case of smoking, we cannot find one single person worldwide who has lived longer than they should have-whether they smoke or not! It is an impossibility to prove such, just as it is impossible to prove that any one person died from SHS!
      Quote: “Smoking will only be allowed on the street, 50 meters away from establishments”, he added – and I suppose that with motor vehicle exhaust fumes being far more toxically dangerous than SHS he will be enforcing a law stating that all vehicles must be 100 metres away from establishments – or doesn’t that matter???