Duterte to pursue talks with Reds


Despite being called a “bully” by communist rebels for withdrawing his ceasefire declaration, President Rodrigo Duterte on Monday said he will still pursue peace talks with the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP).

“We are hoping that we can just talk. Maybe we did not understand each other,” Duterte said in a speech during an oath-taking ceremony of new officials in Malacañang on Monday, two days after lifting his unilateral ceasefire with communist rebels.

Duterte had wanted the CPP, its political arm the National Democratic Front (NDF) and armed wing the New People’s Army (NPA) to reciprocate his unilateral ceasefire, after the July 27 ambush by communist guerillas in Davao del Norte that killed a government militiaman and wounded four others.

The President demanded that the CPP also declared a truce but the rebels failed to meet the 5 p.m. final deadline he imposed on Saturday.

The government and the communist rebels are slated to resume peace talks on August 20 in Oslo, Norway.

The lifting of the ceasefire did not sit well with Jose Maria Sison, founder of the CPP, who accused Duterte of being a “bully” and said the CPP was supposed to declare its own ceasefire at 8 p.m. on Saturday.

Speaking to reporters, Duterte expressed his dismay at the CPP.

“I was the one who declared the ceasefire, we suffered casualties, and the government is the bad guy?” the President said.

“I declared a truce so the soldiers went down from the mountains, and then they were ambushed,” he added.

Still, Duterte said he remains friends with the communist rebels because just like them, he is also against those who oppress the people.

“They are socialist but they are the Communist Party of the Philippines. I am just a socialist in my dimension because I grew up poor.

I hate government and anyone oppressing the people,” he added.

When asked by media if he will reinstate the unilateral ceasefire, Duterte said he is yet to make a decision.


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  1. People are losing track of what’s really happened. Check this out: Pres. Duterte declared unilateral ceasefire on July 25. The NPA attacked a “militia” patrol on July 27. or 2 days after. The NPA who attacked did not hear, it much more understand what’s “unilateral ceasefire”. I DON’T! And even Joma Sison! hehehe. Pres. Duterte “requested” an explanation of the attacked in spite of the unilateral ceasefire he declared and whether the reds is in it. He wanted it (the response for both items of his speech at the wake of the dead militia) in 24 hours. Pres. Duterte did not get any response so he took back his offer. BTW, those “YS” (ask Dabawenio whats YS) were in the mountain. They don’t know what’s going on downhill.

  2. ‘Still, Duterte said he remains friends with the communist rebels because just like them, he is also against those who oppress the people.’

    The NPA are the number oppressor of the poor and uneducated people of the Philippines that live in the hinterland. The extort and harrass them for food, shelter and if they don’t comply they die. Duterte is a fool to deal with Ma. Sison, a known criminal and traitor.