• Duterte to rivals: ‘Let us begin healing now’


    “LET us begin the healing now.”

    This was the message of Davao City Mayor Duterte to his opponents in the presidential race after he cast his vote on Monday.

    Speaking to reporters, Duterte said the past days of the election period have been “quite virulent” with all the black propaganda and accusations thrown by the candidates against each other.

    “I would like to reach out to my opponents,” Duterte said in an interview in Davao City. “Let us begin the healing now. Let us begin the healing of the land. … Let us be friends. Forget the travails of the elections.”

    The tough talking mayor said the offer was for everybody, including Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV, a vice-presidential candidate who accused him of having hidden wealth.

    “If you don’t accept the goodwill, fine. Then I will take it,” Duterte said.

    Duterte, the current survey frontrunner, said he remains “hopeful” in winning the presidency, but says he has to wait for the final results.

    “I don’t want to be presumptuous… I ain’t there until I am there,” Duterte said, noting he has never experienced defeat at the polls.

    “This will be my 11th election in my life, I never experienced defeat. Maybe this time, if it’s God’s will. But If I win I’ll do my job,” he said. CATHERINE S. VALENTE




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    1. Congratulations Mr. President. Congratulations Philippines, a proper socio-economic revolution is in the midst with the Duterte win. Finally… Good luck RP and lots of love from Canada.

    2. Heal the nation by going after the thieves who have been looting the country the past 6 years.
      Purge the country of the Pork barrel thieves, the DAP Fund thieves, the Yolanda Fund thieves, the Dynasties who have looted the country, the senators who took bribes to impeach Chief Justice Corona, the corrupt Supreme Court who ignored the constitution to allow Poe to run for president, Get rid of the dynasties and enact the Freedom of Information law. Jail the corrupt and incompetent Aquino appointee’s (even those that just got elected to the senate) and most of all Justice for the SAF 44.

      The People elected Duterte to right the wrong done to the country by the Liberal Party and the dynasties they work for.