Duterte to run for president


DAGUPAN CITY, Pangasinan: Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte on Wednesday said he is willing to run for President “if only to save the Republic.”

Speaking before at least 2,000 participants, mostly youth and students, to the First
Federalism Forum in Northern Luzon held at the Lyceum-Northwestern University, the 69-year-old Duterte said the Philippines faces an imminent disaster as it is confronted with problems on corruption, criminality and the possible collapse of peace talks with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF).

“If only to save this Republic, I could run for President,” Duterte, who has been tagged as the country’s “Dirty Harry,” told the forum.

“I could make this sacrifice if only to save this country from being fractured,” he said.
Duterte’s announcement surprised even his closest advisers.

It was the first categorical statement by the colorful and controversial mayor indicating that he has finally yielded to the clamor of the people to seek the country’s highest post.

He made the announcement during the open forum, responding to a question fielded by a participant who asked him what he could do to address the ills of the country.

In a forum early this year in Butuan City, Agusan del Sur, Duterte said if he becomes President, his first task will be Sur, Duterte said if he becomes President, his first task will be to end corruption.

He said he will ask corrupt officials to step down.

“If they won’t resign, then I will have them arrested. If you don’t trust me as a dictator in the presidency, then that’s your problem,” Duterte said.

Former Pangasinan congressman Eric Acuna said it was the Davao City mayor’s moral obligation to save the country.

“It is no longer a personal decision for you. It is your moral obligation. You have to save this country,” Acuna told Duterte.

He said he and his group will launch the “Save the Philippines Movement” to mobilize people in Northern Luzon to support the mayor.

Duterte’s declaration was a radical departure from his position a year ago when he categorically said he was not interested to run for President.

In November 2014, however, he yielded to public clamor for him to listen, instead of closing the door on calls for him to consider running for the presidency.

Last month, Duterte agreed to launch the “Listening Tour,” a nationwide campaign to push the advocacy to shift from the unitary presidential system to a federal parliamentary system.

He said a federal parliamentary form of government will address neglect of the countryside as well as the Mindanao problem in the face of an expected rejection of the Bangsamoro Basic Law by Congress.

The Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption lauded Duterte.

“Finally, we heard the words that we have long waited for. This is a game changer for the country,” VACC head Dante Jimenez said.


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  1. Federalism is an option for good governance. The current Presidential form of government doesn’t work for the filipino people. Due to high percentage of illiteracy and poverty, voters are not serious enough to choose the right person to govern. In my viewpoint, Mayor Duterte is not eligible to lead the country; he lacks the personality of being a leader i.e. critical thinking, to understand and listen to the problem of all sectors in the society….corruption is a challenging issue but how will you move forward the country from poverty. YOU HAVE TO LEARN HOW TO LISTEN TO ALL SECTORS OF SOCIETY!!!

  2. Change is what we need. If we keep on working on an ill-fated system, it would not be beneficial to move forward (if we keep on walking on this turbulent system).

    CHANGE now.. Some would not feel what are the clamor of the other provinces, since they are the ones experiencing the benefits of most projects from the national government (like the MRT/LRT, only NCR residents benefit from these mode of transportations, and yet the budget for that came from the national budget [ibig sabihin lahat ng tax ng buong bansa ang nagbayad sa isang facilty na sila lang ang naka-benefit]). Ang resources ng Malampaya Project (which is in Palawan) ay hindi naibigay sa mga residente na nandoon, diretso agad sa national government, and in the end kinikurakot lang ng mga mambabatas (kaya hindi napupunta sa mga probinsya). This is the sad truth, and we should not continue this imperial “____” thing.


  3. he is sympathetic to the CPP-NPA-NDF and those bastards are just as bad as the MILF/BIFF so no i will not give him my vote

  4. Duterte who is known to be head strong will have terrific success and terrible failures. The road to success is paved with good intentions…Just like Hitler who utterly was convinced in his delusion that he was doing the right thing.

    • Asuncion Soriano on

      The only difference with Duterte and the other head strong leaders is Duterte has more than 22 years success as a leader, I think that is more than enough for you Mr. Pedro!

    • Count me in your vote Mayor Duterte to save our dying homeland. I can vote here in the Phil. Embassy London. God be with you in your journey to presidency.

  5. The truth is…. if we compare the government of our country to other countries (not DEMOCRACY), they are more peaceful and growing in economy. In democracy, the so much freedom is ABUSED. Siguro kailangan nating maranasan uli ang “diktador” para matimbang natin ang tunay na kahalagahan ng gobyernong “DEMOKRASYA”.

  6. Just signed it para lang magcomment… :)

    Go Duterte!! ikaw lang ang pagasa namin dito sa Pilipinas… He is a very wise, intelligent and strong person at higit sa lahat mapagkakatiwalaan ….

    Godbless you! Good luck on your campaign!!!

    • Duterte, a man with principle, yet he should run for vice president with GILBERTO TEODORO as his mate for President… a great team!!! Determinacion con obras, no mas muchas hablas…

  7. Now is the time for the country to be fully developed. We need a leader who has the guts, sincerity, commitment, integrity and all the traits of a leader. We have found it in the person of no less than Davao City Mayor Rod Duterte. Let’s go for a parliamentary-federal system.

  8. This is good news for us, to have something hope atleast to change our corrupt system of government. alam kung maraming babatikos sa kanya kasi probisyano lang sya at taga mindanao pa. But he has a very smart commonsense, a very good heart, a very strict leadership, a very discipline style of leadership, a very good vission for the country, magaling magsalita, kinakatakutan ng mga kriminals, iaabolish nya ang congress, matapang and respected by people.

  9. the time has finally come. You have my vote Mayor Duterte. This mission of saving the Republic is everybody’s. Let’s us put a stop to the practice of unintelligent and uneducated voting which has gone on for many years. We do hope many Filipinos will realize that what this country needs is a strong and great leadership.

  10. I will go back to the Philippines and campaign for Duterte if he will indeed be true to his words to run for the presidency…

  11. I’ve had been one of the witness of him running Davao and I can conclude that he has the well and the capacity , , ,though we knew it for a fact that the culprit are indeed a bigger fish . Philippines is sinking because not only for the corrupt politician. . but because of the attitude of filipino in general… Lets help one another, lets help duterte run our country. . .let us allow changes takes over Philippines and its people towards unity and progress. .

  12. A Duterte-Robredo tandem can be a winning combination for 2016.This country needs
    an overhaul,cleansing and moral correction.

    • formidable tandem: duterte – robredo (2016) a country’s leader for change, progress, genuine peace and eliminate corruption.

      REPLY: but you are forgetting the Smartmatic-PCOS machines system imposed on our elections by he corrupt Comelec under Melo and then Brillantes!

  13. Looking back we can discern a somewhat common circumstance in the candidacies of erap, Cory and now duterte. They are considered what I call, for lack of a better term, low density candidates. Erap was known for murdering English when he speaks and compared to de venecia he lacked political savvy and Cory was a “walang alam” compared to Marcos. Now how does duterte compare with roxas who has the roxas political legacy and high education abroad and binay’s political savvy, I would say he might compare poorly. Erap’s and Cory’s administrations were failures not entirely for their personal defects and deficiencies but for the corruption surrounding them. Perhaps this will be duterte’s possible value that could persuade many to vote for him, I.e: people are fed up with corrupt people governing this country for so long reaching its apex with this imbecile noynoy that we hang on to duterte’s promise to clean it up this time hoping that, with duterte’s track record of no nonsense dealings with bad elements, it might just happen. I will gamble for this fellow taking back my resolve to not vote in 2016 if he runs. A dream team in my mind is a duterte bongbong for president and vice.

    • Bilib na sana ako sa comment mo kaso bigla mo siningit ang Duterte -Bongbong combination. Nahalata ka tuloy na loyalistang uma asa pa. Naghahanap ka ng bibitbit kay Bongbong para magka pag asa makasingit maybe in 2022. Wag ka na dodong.

    • are u nuts? its like comparing oranges and apple? duterte is more experienced than roxas.. digong is a lawyer and has served as prosecutor.. just look at what Duterte did to davao city and compare it to the bailwick of roxas.. U speak shit..

  14. Duterte and Binay have been local chief executives for long, and have children in public office. Both began their political careers after EDSA ‘86, and both of them won their first elections in 1988. Both served under five Presidents since, and both have led local governments. Both have never lost an election.

    Duterte has the distinction of having served as a Congressman in the House of Representatives, while Binay has not one day of service in either the lower house or the Senate. Binay, however, served in the Aquino cabinet and was one time chairman of the Metro Manila Development Authority. On this note, Duterte surpasses Binay due to the former’s legislative experience.

    A look at Binay’s Makati and Duterte’s Davao shows us a larger backdrop in comparing the two. Binay’s supposed success in Makati is clearly the result of having inherited it as the financial center of the country upon his assumption into office. He has just allowed it to continue. It cannot grow any further as a city. Duterte’s Davao, on the other hand, is a Southeast Asian success story almost similar to the rise of Singapore under Lee Kuan Yew.

    Both Davao and Singapore rose from violence and dirt into the clean and safe cities they are today.

    Regarding current challenges, Makati sees no need to produce food or ensure steady water supply, and to my knowledge, has no rebel fronts, NPA kutas or other forms of insurgency. There are no fisherfolk or lumads claiming ancestral domains. I wonder if Makati has a City Agriculture Office? As Makati Mayor and MMDA Chair, Binay has never had to deal with NPA rebels or other insurgents, and never felt the pressure to ensure stable food and water supply for his constituents. Davao, on the other hand, has 244,000 hectares in its territory, and almost 1.59 million residents compared to Makati’s half-million population in a dense 21 square kilometers or 2,157 hectares. Davao City is half the size and 3 times the population of Brunei Darussalam and a third the size of East Timor. It has the world’s largest Chinatown and is host to a kaleidoscope of cultures and faiths unseen in the rest of the country. It can feed, water and clothe itself with the coming 200 plus megawatts of power coming from hydroelectric power and other sources, and has a deep water port and an international airport with coming upgrades through which direct trade with neighboring countries can take place.

    Davao is virtually a self-supporting country where almost a hundred Makatis can fit.

    • Between the two, i would rather go for duterte, that is, if these 2 are the only presidential contenders we will have to consider. binay has been playing it safe with the present administration to the point of indecisiveness. Will he pursue going after abnoy’s various violations when the time comes? As to duterte’s resolve, I have no doubt about it as i’m sure he’ll go after these corrupt officials, incumbent or not.

  15. What our country needs is a complete transformation to a parliamentary form of government…a shift to federalism …which seems to be an “impossible dream” for now. But with the support of the majority of the Filipino people to rally behind Mayor Duterte we can and we will eventually reach this goal. Let’s place Mayor Duterte on the pedestal of the presidency, come 2016!!!

  16. It’s time for the Philippines to have Rudy duterte…go..go..Rudy kaw pag Asa namin..kailangan ng pilipinas ang katulad mo. Boboto LNG pamilya ko kapag c duterte ang tatakbo ng presidente.

  17. It’s time as well to bring-in Migrante International to support Duterte’s presidency to ensure all Filipinos leaving abroad and OFW’s are for Duterte.

  18. Nakakita na seguro sya nang financial backers. It is expensive to run for president. I like his platform; federalism and parliamentary form of government. Matagal na tayo naghahanap ng pangulo na makadisiplina ng Pilipino. I believe mayor Duterte has the guts to do it.

  19. Paulstronghold on

    A voice from the wilderness of Davao. I agree with his latest pronouncement. Only to save a dying Republic. Long overdue we need somebody who has “balls” to run this country free from corruptions and criminalities.

  20. Even Uncle Peping Cojuangco ay duda sa election system natin using those PCOS machines and servers.

    PCOS needs an immediate forensic audit of its firmware and software from client machines, servers, network, and data center itself. Forensic audit should be done by a reputable ISO registered IT company overseas.

  21. Time for a real man to run this country. tama na ang mga kabaklaan sa gobyerno. A brave and disciplined leader is what we need.

  22. Now is the time! Rody Duterte for President! I know him to make things happen! True to his words! He promise and he delivers! He is the kind of leader we need more than ever — so we can start anew and make this nation great again!

  23. kudos to mayor duterte for finally wanting to save the phil. when do you start passing the hat around?

  24. And now let,s join the task of eliminating Smartmatic from our electoral system. Justice must be serve first by charging in court those corrupt Comelec officials na ng dugas noon 2010/2013 election using the hukos pcos Smartmatic machines at pakulong agad bago mag election. Si Gloria, tawag lang ang ebidensiya, kulong agad. Salamat, Mr. Duterte for evading the sins of omission. It’s your duty to serve and to save the country.

  25. Glad to learn that Mr. Duterte has finally listened to the voices of our countrymen. He is very qualified for the position. Forget about his being a lawyer… what we need is honesty and lot of galls to cleanse corruption and crime which are both choking development of our country. Mabuhay ka Mayor Duterte.. Go for it.

  26. yoyoy c.italio on

    the time for collective effort to stir once again our depleted country is NOW…now and no other time available..if we don’t unite our ACT together still the partisan much much super much corrupt politician will again reign and more hardship will dwell through out the land..we need to resist by rallying behind what we believe the more state man persona;RODY R. DUTERTE for president is a good start to begin with.

    • I am for Gibo too. The question, however, is: is he still interested?
      If Mayor Duterte wins, he will be the first Mindanaoan to be elected President of the Republic of the Philippines.

    • brigido domingo on

      I will all-out go for the Honorable Gilbert “Gibo” Teodoro. The guy is not corrupt, intelligent and he too, is more than qualified for the Presidency.
      Du30 made mention of Teodoro for he would rather choose a younger generation to be our next President. And that if Gibo will run in 2016, Du30 said, he will definitely support him all the way.

  27. warlito l. bornea on

    Right timing for Mayor Duterte’s decision to run for President . Our country needs a president who has the guts, balls and the will to eradicate the ills of society particularly the corrupt government officials! The people will surely have enough time to form their own movement to support the advocacy of the Mayor. We will all ask our people to go and support Duterte for our future, our children’s future, our children children’s future…NOW IS THE TIME!

  28. juramil d tuvilla on

    there is no other way to end this uneven distribution of wealth which resulted to poor services in the far flung better way to end the rampant corruption in the government but to shift to federal system..and for that DUTERTE should lead…DUTERTE 2016

  29. Gloria M. Kuizon on

    I hope Mayor Duterte realilzes that as long as the election system is the one that was used in 2010 and 2013–the Smartmatic Automated Election System using the PCOS machines, a system that violates our country’s election laws–he will never win because this Venezuelan company’s technicians will know how to manipulate the software.

    The Comelec unconstitutionally and illegally abdicated its function to the Venezuelan marketing company and paid it billions of pesos.

    Having democratic, fraud-free, honest and TRANSPARENT elections is one of the reasons Aquino must step down from power and have the National Transformation Council as his adviser-decision maker.

    • Agree, those PCOS firmware or software including its database servers needs a third party forensic audit and certification ASAP from a reputable ISO registered IT company from overseas.

      In short, may karga ang firmware at software n’yan.

      I prefer that the election this 2016 to be held manually with observers. At least the data is in analog form (paper based), the fraud is minimal kahit matagal ang result.

    • Kaya lang kung may Smartmatic PCOS machines ang 2016 elections paano si Mayor Duterte mananalo?

    • Manual election na lang muna sa 2016 presidential election para minimal ang fraud kahit matagal ang result. Isantabi muna ang mga PCOS na yan, may karga ang mga firmware at servers nyan. It needs a forensic audit from a reputable ISO Audit and IT company overseas.

  30. Shift from the unitary presidential system to federal parliamentary system is only possible if a politician, who hopefully becomes president, will actively support it. Indeed, a Federal parliamentary form of government is the best vehicle to hasten the development of our country side and make them free to develop and use their natural resources without the intervention of imperial malacanang. No doubt it will also solve the Mindanao problem .. . considering that our Muslim brothers will have their own state under a Federal form of government.

    Bravo? …. Duterte

    • But first we must get rid of the Comelec-Smartmatic Automated Election System using the PCOS machines, di ba? Kasi naka program na sa mga cards sa loob ng PCOS machines ang mananalo.

  31. i will vote for him just to clean up the congress corruption and irresponsibility unscrupulous politician. the Economoy will grow if we have a better leader. i hope the Filipino people will learn from this current administration, it is not just because you came from a prominent Family politician you can be a leader, or a President.

  32. Romulo L. Pracuelles on

    Extremely glad to his pronouncement to run for president just to save the republic. The country needs him now. Both upper and lower house were both plague with scandals and corruption. It’s time for the citizenry to act and help Duterte on the upcoming election. The mayor has no money to fund himself but we , the people from all walks of life must be wise enough to vote. We should not be allowing ourselves to be bought during election. What we need is total support to Duterte.Its our only last hope to stir this country from being plague by corrupt and greed public officials.

    • Unfortunately, Mr. Pracuelles, the Comelec Smartmatic AES system’s PCOS machines will make sure that whoever is the Aquino-=LP candidate will win. That is what Smartmatic did in the 2016 and 2013 elections and Brillantes made sure it will again be done in 2016.
      You and Duterte obviously have not bothered to read or learn about it.

  33. “In a forum early this year in Butuan City, Agusan del Sur, Duterte said if he becomes President, his first task will be Sur, Duterte said if he becomes President, his first task will be to end corruption.”

    Manila Times Editor: Please check and double check your articles. ” if he becomes President, his first task will be Sur, Duterte ….”

    Otherwise this is great news.

    Salamat po.

  34. As long as Duterte can put the corrupt Binays to jail because of their corruption, this country will be considered saved. God, please save the Philippines from the Binays.