Duterte: Trillanes collecting money from businessmen


PRESIDENT Rodrigo Duterte has accused one of his arch-critics, Sen. Antonio Trillanes 4th, of accepting money from big businesses, a charge that the opposition lawmaker immediately branded as a “lie coming from a pathological liar.”

Speaking before the Filipino community in Thailand on Wednesday night, Duterte claimed Trillanes collected “retainers” from big businessmen who were too afraid to turn the senator away.

“Nagkokolekta iyan sa mga malalaking negosyante… Iyan ang abogado na hindi abogado. Abogado may retainer iyan. Totoo iyan. Ang mga malalaking negosyo natatakot sa kanya [He collects from big businesses. He is a lawyer who is not a lawyer. Lawyers have retainers, that’s true. Big businesses are afraid of him],” the President said.

He then mocked Trillanes’ participation in the 2003 Oakwood Mutiny and the 2007 Manila Peninsula Siege, calling the senator and his companions cowards for surrendering immediately to the police.

“Anong ginawa ng p**** i** niya? Di ba nagrebelde? Diyan sa Makati nagwara-wara ng mga baril. Nagmartsa doon. Inagaw yung Peninsula na hotel. Nag-barricade doon. Pagdating ng pulis ang mga duwag na u*** nag-surrender kaagad. Tapos naging senador akala mo nagmamakalinis ang g*** [What did that son of a b**** do? Didn’t he rebel? He marched and seized the Peninsula hotel and barricaded there. When the police arrived, he and his coward companions surrendered. Now that he is senator, he is making it appear that he is clean],” Duterte said.

“Sabi ko napakaduwag niyang p***** i** matakot kayo. Pagdating ng pulis surrender kaagad. Akala ko ba makipagpatayan ka [I said, why be afraid of him, he was a coward. He surrendered when the police arrived. I thought you were willing to die]?” the President added.

In a statement, Trillanes dared Duterte to bring him to court. Otherwise, the President should answer allegations that he hid P2 billion in secret bank accounts.

“If that (accepting money from big businesses) is true, he should come out with the details and charge me. I will face that. In my case, I came out with specific details, documents, witnesses, and I charged him (Duterte) to support my allegations against him. But he’s hiding until now,” Trillanes said in Filipino.

So stop fooling us, open your bank accounts,” he added.

Trillanes had accused Duterte of amassing ill-gotten wealth amounting to P2 billion as early as the campaign period.

This was denied by presidential spokesman Ernesto Abella, who called the lawmaker last month “overly imaginative and very dramatic.”


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  1. @dusty

    Because people realize that it’s not about IQ anymore. It’s the passion and willingness to help people that matters to them. MP may not have the brains and the IQ that we really are looking for a senator but at least he always make sure that he’s able to help those people in need. In case of Dutere’s wealth, time and time again, he says to open it. It’s only the system in banks that is getting in the way. Before, I admire Trillanes for his stand but right now, whenever he talks or being interviewed, I switch channels. One doesn’t need to wonder why he is branded as sundalong kanin.Attack dog together with Alejano.

  2. Trillanes first said the president had all this money in his account, just as corona was accused. Corona afgued but eventually opened his bank to show P180,000,000 of un accounted wealth. Now du30 is accusing trillanes of receiving money from businessmen. Is du30 trying to distract people from his accused ill gotten monies. Why doesnt he open his accounts so people can see. The only reason i see is just like corona he has something to hide, yet very few call for him to show what he has. Dont use his saln as many of them lie on that as did corona. Get rid of this bank secrecy law as its there for one purpose only & thats to hide ill gotten monies. Its only the rich who have dollar accounts so ask yourselves why doesnt the bank secrecy law cover peso accounts. The poor dont have ill gotten money & anyone from the legal system can check our accounts yet it stops us from checking people in positions that allow them to get illegal monies. That to me is corruption already.

  3. Trillanes sick obsession with obstructing the war on drugs is mind boggling. I have always wonder what’s it in for him.

    I don’t believe for a moment that he is doing it for the people. With the taxpayer money he is wasting to pay all his numerous consultants and his brother ( nepotism), it does not seems to be the action of someone who really care about the people.

    Before, when I still have the patience to listen to him dialogue. I asked myself, why did the people vote for such below average IQ to be their senator. It is very painful to listen to his reasoning. Then later on, to make my life easier, I skip whenever he is the one talking. One can only take so much BS and crap before one wisen up.

    • You ask why did people vote for trillanes because he has low iq. Have you ever asked why people voted for manny pacquiao if education or iq comes into it

    • Trillanes is a two termer senator. Didn’t even campaigned but still got elected. There must be something there. Start with the number of bills that he has authored maybe you’ll change your mind. The senate website is accessible to anyone.

  4. I see since the start of PRRD office in Malacanang, Sen Trillanes did not stop to criticize our present administration to the point that he wants our president to be impeached. Its very clear that something or it might be there are some people behind him, pushed him to do these actions. We all know that during the election he tried to pull down PRRD by hurling so many accusations but this does not work well instead it helps to strengthen the follower of PRRD to fully support him resulted to a landslide victory. Until now the people support to PRRD becoming more stronger because of his tangible accomplishments. Mr. Trillanes should stop this, there is a saying that goes “Do not do unto others what others do unto you”.