• Duterte: Trillanes used dirty money for destabilization plot

    President Rodrigo Duterte accused Sen. Antonio Trillanes 4th of laundering money to fund the destablization plot against him and his government .
    In an interview aired over state-run PTV on Friday night, Duterte said an anonymous country was providing him information about Trillanes’ supposed bank accounts.
    “I cannot tell you the country. Isa lang. Galit iyan sa Money Laundering (They’re against money laundering),” Duterte said of this unnamed country.
    “Based on the analysis, the funds being laundered by Trillanes and his group may not be for their personal use but rarher it is beung used for their cause, and possibly, to destablize government,” he added.
    The President also revealed more details about Trillanes’ alleged bank accounts, including the names of his co-depositors like a “Fabian Go” and a “Roberto Fong”.
    But Duterte said Trillanes was able to close his bank accounts in Singapore before the senator signed a waiver and flew to that country.
    “He terminated it online on September 8, 2017, past 10 p.m., then left for Singapore after that to show his waiver of the bank teller doon sa Singapore na wala siyang account,” Duterte said.
    Trillanes went to Singapore on Sept. 19 and said he had proven that he had no bank accounts after visiting the city, thus debunking the claims of the President.
    On Sept. 15, Duterte claimed that Trillanes, under the name of “Antonio Fuentes Trillanes,” owned Singapore bank account number 178000296012 with a balance of 193,000, sans specific currency
    But the President, a week after, confessed that Trillanes’ purported Singapore bank account number he revealed last week was merely a “product of his imagination.”
    Duterte said he tricked Trillanes by heedfully providing the senator a “fake” bank account number, noting that the real one was cited by Presidential Communication Assistant Secretary Margaux “Mocha” Uson and broadcaster Erwin Tulfo.
    “When you lie, you put another lie to cover this lie. To cover this lie, you put another lie. To cover this lie, it would be piled up. If you get [a bank account number]with even one number being omitted, [that’s incorrect]. What I read was [178000296012],” he said.
    In a press statement, Trillanes said he was told by the bank teller that the account number provided by Duterte, Uson and Trillanes was non-existent.
     “‘No such accounts, said the bank teller when I showed my passport and two account numbers given by Duterte, Erwin Tulfo, and Mocha Uson. I also clarified if there’s Antonio F. Trillanes IV or Antonio F. Trillanes either existing or closed accounts and whether single or joint accounts on their bank,” the senator said.
    “Upon checking in her computer, the teller again said, ‘No such accounts exist,'” he added.
    The President, however, called Trillanes “desperate” for flying to Singapore to merely dismiss his allegations.
    “He (Trillanes) spent money just for a propaganda,” Duterte said, as he maintained that his source from a “foreign government” alleged that Trillanes owned “bank accounts” in Singapore. CATHERINE VALENTE

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