Duterte trust, approval ratings high – Pulse Asia


President Rodrigo Duterte maintained high approval and trust ratings in his first three months in office, according to a survey conducted by Pulse Asia.

The survey held from September 25 to October 1, 2016 showed that 86 percent of the 1,200 people polled said they have “big trust” for Duterte. The same percentage said they “approve” of his performance.|

Only three percent said they have “small or no trust” for the President. The same percentage said they “disapprove” of his performance. The rest were undecided.

According to Pulse Asia, Duterte continued to enjoy big majority approval scores in all geographic areas and socio-economic classes.

The President got the highest approval rating in Mindanao, with 93 percent of respondents appreciating his work. He got a score of 81 percent in the National Capital Region, 82 percent in Balance Luzon, and 86 percent in Visayas.

His trust rating was 81 percent in Metro Manila, 82 percent in Balance Luzon, 86 percent in Visayas and 96 percent in Mindanao.

Pulse Asia noted that “ambivalence” toward Duterte’s performance “is more pronounced than outright disapproval,” with single-digit disapproval ratings across locations and socio-economic classes.

Among socio-economic classes, Duterte got the highest rating from Class E with 88 percent, followed by 86 percent from Class D, and 82 percent from Class ABC.

On Monday, a survey by SWS showed that Duterte’s trust rating fell by three points, from +79 to +76, but it remained “excellent” amid his anti-drug campaign.


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