Duterte undecided on nat’l smoking ban


President Rodrigo Duterte has yet to sign an executive order that will ban smoking in all public places nationwide.

The President said he needs “enough time to study” the proposed ban.

“I’m measuring the resistance. Whether I can compromise. For example, smoking areas inside building, we did not adopt in our ordinance because the smoke will seep in. But there are a lot of dynamics there. So just give me enough time to study,” he told reporters in an interview. He was referring to the ordinance implemented in Davao City that prohibits smoking in public places.

The President was supposed to sign the EO drafted by Health Secretary Paulyn Jean Ubial this week.

“She wants to hurry the measure but I said Davao is different. So I have to be very careful in trying to navigate the way, how I can present it to the public,” he added.

The President said he also needs the inputs of the medical sector regarding the smoking ban.

“They should be in the forefront of this because they know the benefits of totally banning smoking,” Duterte said.


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