Duterte ‘unhappy’ at being President


FIVE months into the job, President Rodrigo Duterte says he’s unhappy and somehow regrets being elected Chief Executive.

Duterte was in familiar territory when he made the revelation Saturday night during a reunion with schoolmates from San Beda College of Law in Taguig City.

The former Davao City mayor, who used to roam the streets at night incognito, said he wasn’t fond of having too many security men tailing him wherever he went.

“Am I happy being President? No, I am not. [You ask me], ‘Do you regret [being President]?’ Yes, to a certain extent. Because my work is…I’m like a prisoner. There are the police, always behind me. At least two men follow me,” Duterte said.

Duterte took office at high noon on June 30. He has 67 months to go before his six-year term expires on June 30, 2022.

“Just give me a handcuff because it has the same effect. You don’t have freedom. You lose your private life entirely. I cannot talk to anybody, especially businessmen,” he said.

Duterte also admitted to having difficulty traveling abroad and talking to foreign investors.

“I find it so hard to go to other countries and appeal to the investors. I will blow your balls off. This is the Bedan President that you have. I have a mouth that is not really courteous. Well I’m sorry, but this is me. I can’t do anything about it,” he said.

No less than former president Fidel Ramos, who was at the San Beda reunion, had criticized Duterte for skipping the gala dinner of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation meeting in Peru last November 20, which the President blamed on “jet lag.”

During the summits of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean) in Vientiane, Laos in September, the President skipped the meetings of regional leaders with the US, India and the UN.

Palace spokesmen initially said migraine prevented the President from attending the Asean-US meeting. Duterte later admitted he skipped the Asean meeting with US President Barack Obama on purpose, because he was “anti-West.”


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  1. AM I HAPPY BEING PRESIDENT? No!! Not bad at all as you undergo your spiritual dryness, that only means there is a hope of your salvation in the future? Really? Isn’t it over 3,000 drug personalities have been killed in your war on illegal drugs? Now that means your spiritual dryness is because of sin. But your highest rating approval is 92%, so it seems like it is not merely 16 million voted for you but because of VCM (now popularly called Vote Cheating Machine) it is then possible not 16m but must be about 48m voted for you. What I am saying is just like Donald Trump was mandated by American people in time of the imminent decadence of moral degradation in America, so God intervened and similar thing to Rodrigo Duiterte, God love His people that God most probably come to intervene. (only God knows) What is scary is all these killings were all direct punishment God? So Du30 is mere instrument of most loving and merciful God, used to be slow to anger. So Du30 had not been abandoned, and if anything, it is a demonstration of His love to let you and us Filipino people feel broken fellowship since it moves us to repentance.

  2. It just shows he is incompetent being a President. The best job for him is to stay as Prosecutor and/or Head of Ant Narcotics Agency.

  3. “My job and my responsibility at this point is to give hope to the hopeless. To give inspiration to the inspired. To motivate the unmotivated. Because it’s not lonely at the top if you help somebody else get there.”
    Tyrese Gibson

  4. Maybe it’s time to stay in the country and work on our problems. It seems every week he goes from one country or another. Maybe it was unavoidable, but slow down a bit. That being said, I feel he’s doing a good job overall.
    Many improvements in a short period of time. He’s rude, crude, but efficient. I’ll accept that gladly.

  5. We should thank heaven that Rodolfo Duterte is doing what he is doing as President despite his many foibles and imperfections. Can anyone imagine a President Grace Poe-Llamanzares, a President Mar Roxas, a President Jojo Binay, or (God forbid!) a President Leni Robredo battling head-on the rapacious drug lords and their well-entrenched cohorts in the government as well as the narco-generals and the corrupt elements of the police force? That’s hallucinating, of course, for among them none but Duterte has the Don Quixote will and indomitable courage to do it. The least we can do to help him succeed is to stand aside and keep quiet while he does the things he truly believes he has been fated to do. Don’t wish him ill but wish him all the luck in the world!

    • Disagree. He already said that he does not like to become President. There is a lot of skills and knowledge he has to have to be a better President and as head of the 100million Filipinos not just 16 million. Don’t be blinded about what he is doing on anti drug campaign. The result remains to be seen. If the drug is eradicated in 6 months or even 1 year then I salute him. There are many EJK latest are Mayor Espinosa and Vice Mayor Saudi Ampatuan.
      He has antagonized a lot of leaders and embraces the leaders of communist countries.
      We seem can not learn from the story of Cuba, Vietnam, Myammar, Laos and Cambodia.
      I certainly do not like our country to be like these countries where democracy is NIL, Zero or bokya!

    • The CCP court in the Netherland is for his term to end and arrest him for crimes against humanity just like other powerful Serbian dictator and strongman made their fall from grace and end up in the International court of justice to face their crimes.

  6. What is there to destroy? For 30 years, the yellow evil empire has turned this 3rd world country into heaven for the oligarchs and criminals and a north Korea for the rest of the 99%.

  7. Admission of a small time hik (mayor) of not having adequacy to run a country full of corruption and poverty and not having world stage know how to integrate with, communicate with, and deal with other world leaders to better the position of the country he represents. Yet he talks big about “three against the world” as if he has anything to contribute to the two big commies. Instead of trying to gardner international recognition, should focus on the nation’s economy, generate jobs to bring down poverty,and aggresively address the forever rampant corruptions by elected officials, judges and the militarys’ top brass who have and are continuously raping the nation and its people, keeping them at third world status forever.

  8. The mayor who failed to become a president, after sworn in as the president. Duterte is still living in delusion, a psychotic disorder.

    Those who voted for Duterte now regret, then again, who were there to choose from?

    • He might have regret it, but I never regret supporting him. I can see a positive change. I can feel the change. It might be different from your experience but please do not speak like you are representing the majority of the people.

    • You are having delusions. I never regreted voting Duterte. Those who regret voting him are swing voters who do not really know whom to vote, and only guessing the list of presidentiables in random.

  9. Dear people of the Philippines:

    It is now obvious (at least to the rest of humanity) that you have foolishly elected a psychotic despot for president. A darkness has engulfed your whole nation. You no longer have due process, constitutionally protected rights or fair trials in a public forum. Suspicion or rumor is now all that’s required to terminate the life of any citizen. All of you now run a very high risk of execution by a state-sanctioned death squad.

    Nowhere on this planet has any nation ever had success with the policy of drug prohibition. Many of your villages, towns and cities will be turned into killing fields. Hundreds of thousands of you may now die. Your most precious institutions and possessions will be destroyed—but the drugs, the corruption and the violence will still be there. And the world will finally realize how dangerous and destructive prohibition really is.

    You are actually in the process of destroying your own society and nothing can change your fate. Every one of you is now vulnerable to deadly attack. Right here n the Philippines, drug prohibition has finally reached its inevitable blood-drenched conclusion.

    Thank you for helping to teach the world this powerful lesson with the blood of your own families!

    • mabait na pinoy on

      This idiot made a comment, an outsider looking in, full of exaggerations and arrogance. This fool doesn’t have a clue that the President is a human being like everybody else, and failed to understand that when a person is tasked with a very difficult job to make, a breaking point is more likely to be reached. What the President was saying, is his privacy, his love life, and most importantly, his sex life have somewhat deteriorated or faded because he is being followed by security personnel.

      To Malcolm Kyle, you are operating at a different frequency level and you need to calibrate yourself. I personally respect your opinion, but you have so many distortions and you need to be completely awakened to the reality, not so much on exaggerations.

    • Who do you think to vote? An elite, anti-poverty and selfish guy pretending to be a decent man or an American citizen who choose to be a dual citizen to come home for a plan to be a politician to make revenge for what had done to her father?

  10. It is not lost to us the majority of lowly pinoys.

    But as our only hope for a better country and future, we hope that this administration cares enough for the country, not to abandon the good fight.