• Duterte visits Russia’s ‘Admiral Tributs’


    PRESIDENT Rodrigo Duterte on Friday visited a Russian warship docked in Manila, in yet another sign of Philippines’ determination to forge closer ties with Russia.

    Duterte boarded the Russian destroyer Admiral Tributs, one of two Russian warships docked at Manila port, and was welcomed with Russian Navy officials and Ambassador Igor Khovaev.

    GOODWILL President Rodrigo Duterte (center) visits the Russian anti-submarine ship Admiral Tributs at Pier 15 of Manila’s South Harbor on Friday, in yet another sign of warming ties between Manila and Moscow. PHOTO BY RENE H. DILAN

    GOODWILL President Rodrigo Duterte (center) visits the Russian anti-submarine ship Admiral Tributs at Pier 15 of Manila’s South Harbor on Friday, in yet another sign of warming ties between Manila and Moscow. PHOTO BY RENE H. DILAN

    “Mabuhay kayo,” Duterte said after signing the guestbook.

    In Malacañang, presidential spokesman Ernesto Abella welcomed Russian officials’ pronouncements that Moscow was ready to help Manila enhance its military capabilities and cooperate in the advancement of the two countries’ common interests.

    “The goodwill visit by the Russian Navy will contribute to the strengthening of friendship with the Philippine Navy. It also is an indication that our maritime cooperation can further be enhanced to enable diplomacy and camaraderie,” Abella told reporters.

    Last Tuesday, Admiral Tributs, a 6,930-ton Project 1155 Udaloy I-class anti-submarine warfare destroyer originally built for the Soviet Navy, and Boris Butoma, a Chilikin-class fleet replenishment oil tanker, arrived at Pier 15 of Manila’s South Harbor for a five-day goodwill visit.

    The Russian navy visit comes less than a month after the President sent his foreign and defense ministers to Moscow to discuss arms deals, after a US senator said he would block the sale of 26,000 assault rifles to the Philippines because of concerns over the rising death toll in Duterte’s war on drugs.

    Amid the flagging ties between the US and Philippines under Duterte, Russia said it was willing to hold joint military exercises with the Philippines.

    Abella said Thursday President Duterte was “open to joint military exercises with Russia.”


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    1. A short prayer:

      Father God! I thank You for the friendship we made with Russia and China. I thank You for making Philippine a Czar of Peace. Thank You for the wisdom You have bestowed upon the hearts and mind of our leaders. I speak blessing and wellness to the land of Russia and China. For they are our brothers too. I speak blessing, good health, welfare and protection to the Leaders and citizens of these countries.

      May You create a big-big noise in their land and it is the clanging chimes of you glory and salvation. Thank You that You have raised these nations to be mighty for a purpose. Seal a lasting friendship with them and the rest of Nation in the world with Philippines.

      May our leaders join hands and do mighty exploits for the love of life and for the good of many. But all the works of evil will be trampled down to the ground in Jesus Name! And for the Nations who chose You and You’re your righteousness –Blessing and protection will be their portion!

      In Jesus most precious name I pray! Amen!

    2. I hope the Philipine President and people will not be trick by the Russian. A decade ago, viet nam invite the Russian state own oil company for a join venture to build an oil refinery. We offer them all because of friendship and long time allied. Then this is what they said to vietnam ” My roll of bread will never be divide for vietnam” what a friend. Then they promise Vietnam to build a nuclear power plant , which they have no intention to do it and we have to cancel the project at the end and it cost us million for study and planning a location and trainning staff. Russian company refuse to invest in viet nam and buy our product. But Russia are very happy to make money by sell billion of dollar of millitary weapon to viet nam.At the height of the world oil price , Russia never offer any help or assistance to their former Allied like Vietnam Cuba, they enjoy good time and status on the world stage. Lastly they walk out on socialism. Do you trust a country like Russia?Look at the way how they treate their friends, I rest my case Mr President. Russian supporters in Vietnam communist party put their head in a pillow with shame. Do you want to become the next victim Philipine.

      • Check again your history. Russia never invaded a nybody in asia as well as the Philippines unlike American empire that killed milions of Filipinos and Vietnam.

    3. How disgusting! Duterte flirting with Russia and China countries with a record of oppressing and killing their people without due process of law. Sounds familiar?
      Why not demand China to leave the Spratleys?
      I don’t know where you get your polls but many Filipinos I know believe Duterte is not fit to be President of the Filipino people – anyone with that foul mouth should be driving a tricycle in Davao.

    4. I think this is about time to have other friends of our country that is welling to help without string attached to it. Good bye America, you’ve been soo arrogant for so long.