Duterte vows policemen behind Kian killing will be jailed


President Rodrigo Duterte on Monday assured the public that policemen behind the killing of 17-year-old Kian Lloyd delos Reyes will go to jail if proven guilty.

”I saw the tapes doon sa TV and I agree that there should be an investigation. Should the investigation point to liabilities, my warning to all is there will be a prosecution and they have to go to jail. That I can assure you. There will be no luto-luto,”
the President told reporters during a media interview.

He added that he will not interfere in the investigation of the Department of Justice.

”That could be an obstruction of justice, and you could be impeached. That’s an impeachable offense,” the President said.

“The most prudent thing for me to do is to shut up and wait for the result of the investigation,” he added.

Duterte said he called Philippine National Police chief Ronald “Bato” de la Rosa to arrest those involved in the incident.

”Sabi ko kay Bato arestuhin mo, ilagay mo sa kulungan( I told Bato arrest them, put them in jail),” he said.

When asked if he will pardon the policemen if they are convicted in delos Santos’ case, the President said: “No, I saw the evidence.


Duterte said he never ordered the police to kill and commit suicide, as their duty is to arrest and take custody of criminals.

”The duty of criminal is to surrender, ang pulis naman is to take criminal into custody, and if there’s a resistance, to overcome resistance, otherwise, you can’t bring him to the police station.
In other words, kapag lumaban (if they fight) you have to neutralize him. I never ordered the police to commit suicide,” he said.

The President said he will not go to Kian’s wake because it would be “pregnant with so many suppositions.


Delos Santos was allegedly killed during an anti-illegal drugs operation last week. Police claimed delos Santos shot at them thus they had to return fire. CATHERINE VALENTE



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