‘Duterte waiting for a sign from God’


Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte remains coy on his political plans in 2016 because he is waiting for a sign from God, former senator Aquilino “Nene” Pimentel Jr. said on Saturday.

Pimentel, a former mayor, said he talked with Duterte when he went to Davao recently.

“I asked him if he has already decided to run for president, and he told me “Hinihintay ko pa sign ng Panginoon,” he said, amused at the mayor’s reply.

“If Rody does decide to run, his major platform would be the federal system of government,” the former lawmaker added.

The proposed federal system would divide the country into 14 states.

The idea was first brought up by Pimentel in 1982.


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  1. Dio San Pedro on

    I like Mayor Duterte but I hope he is just joking when he said he is still waiting for a sign from GOD. The people of the Philippines might truly need him to make the much needed change for the whole country. More than any other candidate so far, he has shown that he has the “tapang at malasakit” to turn the country around. He is more than capable in doing so by looking at his achievements in Davao. The task he is facing and the goals he must achieve if he becomes president could be humanly impossible to attain in 6 years. Thus he has to WANT the job and MUST be MOTIVATED to be the President of the Philippines.

    Mayor Duterte need not look for a sign from GOD but look instead at himself. Of what he can do to help the suffering of his own people and act accordingly.