Duterte wants me out of Senate – de Lima


SENATOR Leila de Lima on Friday claimed President Rodrigo Duterte was working to kick her out of the Senate, using the Executive department and Congress as the means to achieve that end.

De Lima pointed out that the President, on several occasions, had declared his intention to destroy her, and that the Chief Executive had said she was “finished.”

“I sometimes wonder how it will end. What will happen to me next? I feel that I’m living by the day with no idea of what will happen to me tomorrow. I feel like I’m a dead woman walking,” de Lima said in a radio interview
“I know that this is going to be a long and very lonely battle but I never imagined that they would do this to me,” she added.

Duterte has linked de Lima, a former Justice secretary in the previous Aquino administration, to the illegal drug trade at the New Bilibid Prison. The President also publicly revealed de Lima’s alleged affair with her former driver-bodyguard, Ronnie Dayan.

The President’s allegations led to a House inquiry this week, in which a number of inmates and two of de Lima’s former subordinates at the National Bureau of Investigation testified that the senator received millions in payoffs from drug syndicates.

The money was supposedly used to finance de Lima’s senatorial campaign.

De Lima was ousted as chairwoman of the Senate justice committee this week after she brought out a surprise witness who claimed Duterte was behind the “Davao Death Squad” that killed 1,000 people from 1988 to 2013.

De Lima claimed the attacks against her, the inquiry of the House committee on justice and her ouster as head of the Senate committee on justice and human rights were part of Duterte’s effort to get rid of her.

In addition, Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre 2nd claims he was gathering evidence to file criminal and administrative cases against the senator, including documents from the Anti-Money Laundering Council supposedly showing she had millions in bank deposits.

The senator on Friday denied this, and added that she had no dummy accounts for drug payoffs.

De Lima is also facing two complaints at the Senate ethics committee headed by Sen. Vicente Sotto 3rd in connection with her activities when she was secretary of Justice.

The first complaint was filed by lawyer Abelardo de Jesus, while the second complaint was filed by Ronillo Pulmano, an overseas Filipino worker.

She also has to contend with an election protest filed before the Senate Electoral Tribunal by losing senatorial candidate Francis Tolentino, former Metropolitan Manila Development Authority chairman.

Tolentino filed his complaint in July, asking the tribunal to nullify and recount more than 1.3 million votes.
Tolentino landed on 13th place in the May 9 senatorial race after getting 12,811,098 votes, 1.3 million votes behind de Lima who won 14,144,070 votes.


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  1. KARMA is now Digital and surely it works very much faster. What is happening to De5 now is a boomerang of her unlawful activities in every Offices she headed. The last national election however signifies that SMARTMATIC REALLY DID AN UNPRESIDENTED MESS in Phil. Elections since 2010. Who would believe Bam Aquino become a Senator? How come did an alien Grace Poe became no.1 outplacing Loren Legarda? In the last Election…Drilon is the most hated Senator yet he landed No.1? Honti-VIRUS a perennial loser since 2010 made it? and both De Lima and Villanueva who were mud slinging with their anomalies made it too? If the last senatorial elections will be voided and another one will be done thru special elections w/o Smartmatic, the result will be very different.

  2. I can’t understand why Delima is still around. She should have been impeached already. So much evidence against her. Just citing the prolifiration of illegal drugs at National Bilibid Prison under her watch is concrete evidence that she was neglectful of her public duties to say the least.

  3. I believe the message is clear, it’s NOT Pres. Digong who wants you OUT but ME the ordinaryong tao. Kung Japan lang talaga tayo, mauubos kayo sa kongreso at senado kaka harikiri. Kaya lang, talagang ganon bes, pakapalan lang talaga ng apog, Wag mo ng hintaying kaladkarin ka papalabas ng senado. Go in grace and with dignity (if you still have it). Just like what Sen. Zubiri did last time. He’s man enough to face the truth. Look what happened, he came back and came back strong.

  4. Kaya nga ipinu-push ang Federalism para wala ng mga Senatong at ire-organize ang mga TongGressman by their respective territories or regions. Ewan ko lang if manalo pa ang mga iyan, kaya lang dapat may safety net versus sa Family Dynasty dahil iyan ang magiging breeding ground ng mga Warlords at Feudalisms.

  5. It looks like she picked the wrong fight with the wrong man. I wonder how, she will survive this fight of her public life.

  6. Corrupt,liar,,sex maniac,a dog and arrogant of having drug money by the millions a months is trade mark…It is a serious crimmes.Will she be liable and be convicted….Let the honest nations bethe judge.

  7. Day of reckoning is coming and grinding of teeth continues for the ambitious Laila de lima who is now in dilemma. If she resigns she lose the game she choose. If she holds on her position she will lose face on her shameful position. Someone’s advice to her to hang herself must be reconsider to save face?

  8. As Teddy Locsin once said, “We can’t figure out how you win!” It’s the people who want her out of the Senate. The president is just making representation for the people. We actually want all the LPs out of the Senate, the likes of Drilon, Hontivirus, Pangilinanan and Recto. We feel they did not win fair and square.

    The problem with Sen. Delima is she do not realize what is happening to her now is a “karma”. Its good for her to look back and ask forgiveness for abusing her power while DOH chief. Its good for her to reflect to realize she did wrong unfairly to GMA, to SC Chief Juctice Renato Corona, etc., etc. The problem with Sen. Delima is that she is so self-righteous that she believes all she is doing is right all against her wrong. The problem with Sen. Delima is that she do not realize that their abusive time is already up, finished already and should not ever come back.

    • Ryan Jayme Gebilaguin on

      Very well said. De Lima must be totally out of Philippine Politics as she is destroying the good governance that we are having right now by our President.

  9. Excuse me po! It is not just Duterte, the majority of the people wants Delima OUT of the senate. For obvious reasons that she just cheated to win the 13th slot! proof that she cheated, How come we can’t see nor hear those 14M who voted her??? Not only that you cheated, you are a stumbling block to the nation. All you do is block the administration and political propaganda ala – Liberal style!

  10. I feel for De Lima but she is no better than the people persecuting her. It’s like payback time..”do unto others what you’d like others to do unto you” and that is exactly what is happening now. Remember Chief Justice Corona and former president Gloria Arroyo?

  11. All that deLima is accusing the Duterte government is doing in securing witnesses is what deLima has been doing previously. That’s why she could cite all the acts because those are exactly what she did. It’s a ‘look who’s talking’ thing. DeLima must suffer just like how those she persecuted suffered.

  12. Leodegardo Pruna on

    Leila not having any idea of what will happen to her next? What she did to GMA is what will happen to her and probably be more. Unless she whistle blow who is on top of all these and point out the mess they have miscalculations they have done to the country. What is happening to Leila is her own making and she only has to blame herself and her ambition for all these. She was in cloud 9 before, now experience tropical storm 5. God bless the Philippines.

  13. The President also publicly revealed de Lima’s alleged affair with her former driver-bodyguard, Ronnie Dayan.

    TheDirty appears to be obsessed about de Lima’s sex life. How about his multisex life?

    TheDirty is a big TSISMOSA!

  14. People will not believe sen delima when she said that jaybee sebastian, a convicted felon is a government asset. This senator should present documents to support her claim, otherwise, what she stated will be considered a mere hearsay or another trash talk.

    • Jun Marcelino what I believe is , the source of some of her ASSETS is JV Sebastian… likewise , the cause of her LIABILITY is when she let her ASS SETS in the Kubol of JV Sebastian for a while…JOKE !
      he he he her he he he

  15. What I see is one corrupt senator being booted out of theSenate and more to go once the DAP/PDAP tainted senators have their days in Pres. Digong’s crosshairs.

  16. losing senatorial candidate Francis Tolentino, former Metropolitan Manila Development Authority chairman.

    A vile and disgusting liar of a man, brought party girls to a liberal party and birthday event where the girls grabbed liberal party members and simulated sex acts on stage in from of everyone there that included children.

    Lied about knowing anything about the party girls numerous time when asked then finally admitted it days later.

    Just what the senate needs another liar.

    • Have you made a mistake as all other comments talk about Leila Delima but you talk about her as a man.(A vile and disgusting liar of a man). Maybe you know something we dont.

    • The comment is in ref to Tolentino

      If the Senate removes De Lima and Tolentino replaces her then nothing has been gained as Tolentino is a lying cockroach.