• Duterte wants to restore death penalty by hanging


    PRESUMPTIVE President-elect Rodrigo Duterte has vowed to reintroduce death penalty “by hanging” in the country as part of his relentless fight against crime.

    Speaking to reporters in Davao City Sunday night, Duterte said he would ask lawmakers to approve the death penalty for heinous crimes, such as drug-related offenses and rape.

    “What I would do is urge Congress to restore [the]death penalty by hanging, especially if you use drugs,” Duterte said.

    The tough-talking Davao City mayor said he would also give the government security forces “shoot-to kill” orders against those who will resist arrest violently.

    “I said if you resist the arrest, tapos you offer a violent resistance, my order to the police or the military is to shoot-to-kill,” he said.

    The 1987 Constitution restored the death penalty for henious crimes under then-President Fidel V. Ramos, but it carried out seven times under then-President Joseph Estrada.

    Estrada’s successor, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, repealed the death penalty law in 2006.

    Duterte has vowed a “bloody war” against criminals, particularly drug dealers, as he sought to bring to the entire country the anti-crime drive that, he said, has made Davao City attractive to investors.

    During his campaign for the presidency, Duterte had vowed to “fatten the fish” in Manila Bay with the dead bodies of criminals.

    When asked why he was hell-bent on wiping out criminals off the country’s streets, Duterte explained: “We have a society now where obedience to the law is really a choice, an option only.” CATHERINE S. VALENTE



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    1. David Michael Meyer on

      From what i can understand by the reading on the conventional wisdom; regarding capital punishment …Is that; all the studies done up till now show that capital punishment does in no way, reduces the amount of murders…

      So the re-introduction of death by hanging;will not in the opinion of the experts …Do anything to diminish the amount of killings/murders ..

      .Maybe the President needs to confer more with experts in law enforcement…Or perhaps he has another reason to want this …?

      Paradoxically the president wants the death penalty –yet wants to be able to “Kill criminals” seemingly without having to adhere to the rule of law

      Dr David M Meyer (Phd Psych}