• Duterte warns defiant policemen


    President Rodrigo Duterte on Tuesday warned police officers who refused assignments in Basilan to “prepare to die.”

    “I will not spare you, you will be the first to die. If you commit a mistake, your wives will become widows. You are special targets,” Duterte said.

    “Don’t be surprised if they are killed one of these days, one by one,” the President added.

    Duterte earlier this month ordered the deployment of some 300 errant cops to Basilan as part of efforts to cleanse the police force of “bad eggs.”

    However, only about 50 police officers, showed up for their deployment to Basilan last week.

    “I have requested the police to form a squad that will watch dismissed policemen. Most of them are ninjas, so they are high in the list and don’t be surprised if they are killed, because they are wanted,” Duterte said.

    “Once these are removed from their jobs, they will continue their plunder, they will continue with their crime. So someone should keep a watch on them from time to time,” he added. CATHERINE S. VALENTE


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