Duterte will not run for president in 2016


COTABATO CITY, Maguindanao: Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte will not seek the presidency in the elections next year.

Groups from various parts of the country have called on Duterte to run for president. And in most of the interviews he toyed with the idea, while in some he denied that he is seeking a higher position.

In an interview, Duterte said he has several reasons to support his answer. He said members of the Duterte family have vehemently opposed his plan to run for president.

He also cited old age as one of the reasons saying, “matanda na ako at tapos na ang aking panahon” (I am old already and my time is up).

He also said that he doubts if he can sustain a massive nationwide campaign that entails billion of pesos in expenses.

When Duterte was asked if there is a chance that he would change his mind, Duterte politely said, “No it is final and my official stand I will not be running anymore for president in 2016.”

He said he would most likely be seeking a re-election as city mayor of Davao if his daughter former mayor Inday Duterte will not run for mayor.


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  1. Edward D. Abad on

    Several people are asking this question. All I can say is this.
    1. Mayor Duterte is an initiator of CHANGE.
    2. Mayor Duterte CHANGED Davao City from a Killing field to 5th Safest City in the World.
    3. He wants to CHANGE the present government system to a federal system.
    4. He wants to CHANGE our country’s image to something Filipinos be proud of from the rest of the World.
    So for people who desire for Mayor Duterte to run for President don’t be
    discourage just be patient, he might CHANGE his mind in the coming days. Besides the only PERMANENT in this World is CHANGE.