Duterte wishes Poe good luck


Presidential aspirant and Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte on Tuesday said he wishes Sen. Grace Poe good luck, after the Supreme Court (SC) decided to save her from disqualification as presidential candidate in the 2016 elections.

“Good luck to her and I wish her the best,” Duterte said in a text message relayed by his spokesman, Peter Laviña, to The Manila Times.

In a vote of 9-6, the Supreme Court voted that Poe is qualified to run as a presidential candidate despite her status as a foundling.

In Malacanang, Presidential Communications Secretary Herminio Coloma Jr. refused to comment, saying the Palace will await an official copy of the SC decision.

“Need to understand decision as basis for comment,” Coloma told Palace reporters in a text message.


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  1. Kasama sa laban at pagkapanalo ni Sen. Grace ang lahat ng mga foundlings, marginalized, mga Pilipinong patuloy na nakikipaglaban para sa hustisya at mga Pilipinong nagnanais ng tunay na pagbabago at mas maayos na Pilipinas#POE2016

  2. If Grace Poe wins the Presidency, I would like her to hire Rody Duterte as her DILG secretary, and give him all the support in cleaning drugs on the streets. Also ask Duterte his inputs on how to dispose politicians convicted of plunder, convicted drug Lords, drug smugglers, rapists, human traffickers. Better yet, just give him all the authority and the power to deal with these criminals. If the Congress do not want to create death penalty, or will not bring back death penalty, let Rody Duterte design his own method of execution.

    Rehabilitations in no longer an option with these criminals because all of them will be doing all these crimes once they are out of jail, to include those senators now awaiting for trials. At their level, they are just waiting for their friends to get elected as President, and possibly getting a Presidential pardon later on. Hire DOJ Secretary that is a friend or close associate with Duterte so there will be a compatibility with the two agencies. In no time, you will put these criminal activities under control, and it would be much easier to deal on fewer criminals.

  3. Malacanang does not have to pretend they will be surprised. If rumors are true, this is what the president secretly wants, this is his plan B. If plan A, roxas, loses, plan B, Poe will win, and that is a win-win situation for him to avoid jail. Smart! anything can happen if you have the money. they spread rumors that Aquino is bribing the supreme court to disallow poe to run, what a beautiful drama good for those who easily believe. Some people want us to believe what can be superficially seen, but things never are they seem to be, as I said before you have to scratch the surface.Welcome to the poe government who will be a puppet of the powerful forces!

  4. Cecilia Yamson on

    From the very start of the election rumors, I know that Grace Poe will be qualified to run whether it is on the citizenship or residency issue. First, on the citizenship issue, we all know that a foundling, without any contrary proof, will have the citizenship of the state where she/he was found. Grace Poe on this sense was found in Jaro, IloIlo. Automatically will have the citizenship of the country where she was found. With regard to residency issue, she already resided here in the Philippines for more than 10 years. According to the constitution, a president must at least reside in the Philippines for 10 years. So these factors, doesn’t need Supreme Court to be further understand because she is really qualified on the first place.

  5. margie moran on

    buti pa ang si mayor nag congrats kay grace poe samantalang ang mga supporters niya patuly parin ang paninira sa social media. sana kung ganyan na ang sinabi ng sinusuportahan nila wag na sila manira, nagmumukhang sarcastic e. anyway, salamat sa SC at pinaburan si Grace Poe.

  6. Supot C Tiglao on

    It’s over now for Binay’s dreams of being the president and
    Poor Tiglao, Binay and his corrupt followers, the SC decided Llamanzares to run for the presidency. Now it can be assumed that either Roxas or Llamanzares will win the presidential elections. Gone are the dreams of
    1. Tiglao to be the Foreign Affairs secretary of Binay
    2. Binay to avoid imprisonment with his ugly corrupt family members
    3. Quicho and other corrupt arrogant lawyers will soon join Limlingan and Baloloy residing in an unknown province or country.
    4. Manila Times who will go bankrupt because Binay will go to jail
    5. Manila Times for making false accusations and predictions against candidates Roxas and Llamanzares.

  7. natalia salvacion on

    Mabuti pa yan si Mayor Duterte, fair and square. Hindi tulad ni Mar na saksakan ng perfection, saksakan ng bait, makamahirap nga, yung pagsaing ng kanin nasa mug at paginum ng tubig nasa plato. Naloko na