• Duterte won’t run for higher office


    I HAD the opportunity to talk to Davao City Mayor Rodrigo “Rody” Duterte last Friday at the airport, on his way to an out of the country trip.

    Duterte, the most controversial local official in the land because of his no nonsense crime fighting style, said he is not running for president or vice prresident in 2016.

    “I am old and I just want to rest after my term as mayor of Davao ,” said the local government official, believed to be in his late 60’s or very early 70’s.

    The mayor’s name popped up as possible candidate for the presidential race in 2016 when Davaoeños started a signature campaign months ago prodding him to run for the highest office in the land.

    As of Friday, not only do Davaoeños, but 6 million Mindanaoans wanted him to join the race to Malacañang two years from now.

    Still Duterte insisted he is not running for either of the two higher positions. He claimed there were other good candidates available who can run the country better.

    He even issued a statement last week saying he is going to shoot anybody who forces him to run for the presidency.

    However, instead of silencing his supporters, a “shoot me Duterte” challenge has begun.

    More and more people have joined in the said craze including actor Edu Manzano and my brother Mon, whose objective is to force Duterte to run in 2016 as President.

    Duterte is right. There are other people who can run the country better than the one who is in Malacañang now, like Vice President Binay. Despite being persecuted and maligned, he continues to enjoy the support of the masses, as several surveys show.

    Ever wonder why people, especially from the Visayas and Mindanao regions, want Duterte badly in Malacañang?

    The answer is simple. They want somebody who is tough on crime and a disciplinarian at times like this where criminals and rogue cops seem to rule the streets.

    Notorious criminals in Davao City vanish in thin air if they do not heed the mayor’s call to leave, so do any abusive lawmen.

    People can walk on the streets of Davao even in the wee hours of the morning without being mugged or robbed, or extorted.

    Still Mayor Rody wants a quiet and peaceful life after 2016.


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    1. while it is nice to daydream about seeing an economically and morally advanced phils, it does not matter who the next president of the country is going to be, the phils will continue to be the sickest nation in asia and eventually the world…its cultural habits like utang-na-loob, “makapili mentally”, “weather-weather lang” among others are too ingrained in its society that it will probably take at least 3 generations to even begin its reversal

    2. Go for Duterte lets shot us, if that require him to be our President with Iron Fist he will need a lot of bullets i think..

    3. Ala Dirty Harry..OK ako dyan..GO Duterte..mabubuhay ang RP economy due to memorial park, memorial plan, memorial insurance and all the kaakibat businessess of DEATH..dahil marami ang itutumbang pasaway sa RP. Pwedeng HEADLINE sa dyaryo..RP POPULATION DOWN by 50%, GDP UP 150%..kasarap. GO GO GO Duterte SHOOT ME 3X..

    4. Since he has no intention to run as prez, I’m pretty sure he’ll sway a lot of votes to his publicly anointed candidate.

      Little do people know that Duterte is not only effective in crime prevention but is also effective in employing technology to enhance public safety and security in his city as evidenced by Davao’s Smart City initiative.

      In short, he’s an ideal government executive unlike the majority who have achieved nothing substantial.

    5. Mayor Duterte is typical of people who takes their responsibility seriously.It’s like those who want to become fathers then just to abandon their family of like most of our politicians who are just good at slogans but lacking in sense and grey matter. The good mayor would have been a good president but he would not like to deal with the politics of senatongs and tongressmen.

    6. Mindanao should have president which we can call a true bloodied mindanaoan. Mayor Rody is the only hope for our country to have a lasting peace. No more crooks, no more police scalawags, holdilap, riding in tandems, traffic woes, DAP bribery, THIEVES, kidnap for ransom, drugs syndicate
      .etc…etc..etc. Mayor Rody, GO GO GO GO GO..2016

    7. if he runs, it will be first time in mindanao history that we will have president from that island. Go Duterte, Go!

      • Go Mayor Rody, that’s your marching order from us. Run this country towards true progress! by abolishing the congress and senate!