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  1. and then they got so confused and effectively got their black propaganda tooo late looool….people already inloved with duterte kahit pa ano sabihin nyo mga media ulol gising na mga tao salamat sa free comments at masasaksihan nyo tunay na saloobin ng nakakarami dinyo na kaya mag manipula ur time is over u bias assholes

  2. again, the media (has this cartoonist any sense in his head at all ????) IS TWISTING everything.

  3. Prove to us that he did say he was running before his announcement. As far as I remember he was always consistent that he was not running.you guys are a bunch of liars. RIPaid Journalism

  4. misleading. there is only ONE time that duterte said that he will run. why the grtaphics is like this? u r confusing the people. #paidmedia

  5. Everyone had its moment of indecisiveness in his/her life. The mayor knows the great majority of his countrymen needs him, but his family needs him too. It is just very tempting that at his age to imagine enjoying life, the free moments and not not have so much care anymore.
    By deciding to run for presidency he understands it is a sacrifice, maybe he thinks the Filipino people is worth dying after all. I salute you Mayor !