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    1. These people who are anti-Duterte bec of his ‘extrajucial killings’ are narrow-minded people who have not done their research and who do not know what they are talking about. He has killed people during SHOOTOUTS, and these people (drug pushers, kidnappers, rapists) had shoot-to-kill orders bec of the heinous crimes theyve commited. Compare that killing to the death of SAF 44, who were killed bec of an uncorrupt president’s carelessness and stupidity. And the DAP scandal? The Yolanda victims who only got cans of sardines after receiving 50million? We cannot afford another stupid wimp to be our leader. We need Durerte.

    2. Say, what did the pope do that can alleviate the sufferings of millions of Filipino people… Ashamed of what Duterte had done with the rest of the world? But World leaders who blunder in the international arena is just ok? Creating sufferings caused by wars and sheer neglect of human lives is but ok? A pope named Benedict who had his share of alleged blunders is ok? We are suppose to fear hell and do good to inherit the kingdom after physical death a foundation of Faith based religion. And the sufferings, turmoil and bad governance in the phils is a reality that needs a leader who is tough, brilliant and no non-sense is puny compare to a pope who has not done anything in my beloved country? Niw ket me ask Jose Rizal about it

    3. A president should also be an excellent speaker. He can’t speak that way when it comes to international stage or else Philippines would be in the brink of war w/ other countries. As they say, words are mightier than swords.

      • Duterte is a lawyer.. Pass the BAR after graduating law.. Ang became a prosecutor.. Who are you telling that doesnt know what he is Saying?… Pls read more…

    4. I rather vote for him THAN any candidate who kisses Pope’s ring & continually steal billions & billions of pesos to Filipinos. Please! The Actions of Duterte for his constituents are more Christian-Like than any of the persons in Malacañang!-

      • Stephen Chicano on

        They are both hypocrites…Du30 breaks God’s 5th and 6th commandments..which are “Thou shall not commit Adultery” and “Thou shal not kill.”, respectively!
        The Holy Trapos break God’s 7th commandment, “Thou shall not steal!”

      • Duterte is judged as a womanizer & “killer” bcoz he says he is. most politicians however pretend to be holier than thou when in fact they have hidden their mistresses & who knows how many people they killed on secret too.. isn’t that 5,6, & 7?

      • Vulnerably he is showing what he will do more later, maybe you will wait that your family member/s will be his victim of killings and rape……then you say AH….I think it will be too late!

      • His victims? Do you know how it goes in Davao? Been there? Spoken to the people concerned? Families of those criminals supposedly killed by the DDS? If you are a criminal a drug pusher then the Dds might be a ghost that would hunt you or anyone of your family involved in these illegal activities. Those who are suspected are investigated, put in surveillance and when confirmed they are written a warning to either stop or to get out of the city. If they continue doing their misdeeds they are going to be apprehended and charged. If they fight they will definitely be treated not with kids gloves. Just follow the law and you won’t have a problem. It’s been 30 years and not one of those cases have prospered. Ask why? I don’t want to speculate. Maybe the family are afraid because it’s true or because they will be massacred? I don’t know of a massacre happening in Davao attributed to him.

      • He is needed to do the things where he will maintain peace and order not the other way around which you are saying…