Duterte’s call for federalism gets Palawan’s support


PUERTO PRINCESA, Palawan: The island province of Palawan fully supports Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte’s call for a shift to a federal system of government from the current highly centralized unitary form as a lasting solution to the nation’s many problems.

Duterte was pleasantly surprised to discover that Palawan strongly supports his federalism advocacy.

Speaking during the Federalism Summit hosted by Palawan Gov. Jose Ch. Alvarez, he said a federal form of government would ensure that Palawan will get its fair share of Malampaya gas field revenues, because “Palawan gets the revenues, retains its just share and remits the balance to the national coffers.”

“The reverse is true in the current system, where the (Malampaya) revenues go to the national government, and then, it is the national government that gives us in the provinces crumbs from the table of plenty.”

“What’s disheartening is to discover that the money end(s) up in the pockets of corrupt officials,” Duterte said.

According to the mayor, federalism is the country’s fallback position if Congress fails to pass the Bangsamoro Basic Law or if the BBL is declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court.

“Otherwise, we go back to war in Mindanao. More precious lives, both of combatants and innocent civilians, will be wasted not only in Mindanao but all over the country as well, because terrorism, more than open combat, is the new norm of rebellion all over the world,” Duterte said.

Palawan, according to Alvarez, has long felt that it is not included in plans and programs of the national government.

“I even have to ask the weather bureau to include us in their weather forecasts,” he said in his opening statement at the forum, which was attended by leaders of various sectors from all over the province, including Puerto Princesa Bishop Pedro Arrigo.

Palawan is embroiled in a dispute with the national government over its revenue share from the Malampaya offshore gas fields.

The local government claims that of the estimated P73 billion it should get from Malampaya, only P3 billion was released during the Arroyo administration.

Speaking before Palawan State University students in a separate forum, Duterte again noted the failure of the national government to release Palawan’s share from Malampaya funds.

“Can you imagine what P73 billion could do to you? It would give you quality education and modern equipment, such as computers for all students. It will make PSU (Palawan State University) a world-class school. The funds would help ensure a brighter future for you,” the Davao City mayor said.

Palawan is the last stop in the second leg of Duterte’s “Listening Tour,” which started in Cebu City on January 29.

He has visited San Jose del Monte, Bulacan; and Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija.

The first leg took him to Butuan City in Agusan del Sur on January 22, then to Zamboanga City.

The scheduled visit to Pagadian City was aborted because of bad weather.


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  1. I agree on him on this one. its long overdue to adopt federalism and parliamentary altogether the Presidential form is too centralize and causes many red tape, just the leadership of the PNP SAF operations lately shows the inefficiency of our leadership protocols and system. too many chiefs and not too many Indians.

  2. Duterte is hungry for power and popularity.

    NO WAY to Federalism. Do you think corruption will clean up when federalism takes place? When a leader becomes proud of himself and not for his countrymen, he always becomes corruptor and liar.

    UNITY, COOPERATION and DISCIPLINE are what we want for all the Filipinos because in such a small scale issue it seems many filipinos are still on “talangka’s way of thinking’. They blame for each other rather unify to fight what is for the best of the Philippines and its security.

    How many soldiers in the past that have died in Mindanao, none of the many issues happened never involved military men in uniform to blame their commanders and the president of the country.

    Too much politics why the Mamasapano case went into hot water.

    Former President RAMOS is now talking again, he’s a big damn liar in all the philippine president. He’s the only guy that never try in court and jailed due to his silent corruption. He’s the most corruptor, he should be with ENRILE now in jail.
    RAMOS done a lot of mistakes in the past being commander in chief, he let multiply MNLF during his time even before becoming our president.
    He should keep his mouth shut on the new leadership who fighting corruption and jailed them.

  3. Go DUTERTE GO. The people will surely rally behind you. Don’t think twice, just once straight to the point – that as Commander in Chief of the Philippines. Come 2016, we surely hope, you’ll lord it over. MABUHAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God bless you.

  4. sonny dela cruz on

    Federal system of government is the only answer to all the country’s problem. Filipinos should rally behind it and they won’t regret it. The Federal system of government is people oriented.

  5. Go ahead with anew EDSA as long as the accused senators (Revila, Estrada, Enrile and the Binays) remain behind bars. As long as the leaders of the new EDSA are not the Binays that’s fine with us Filipinos. The Binays will take advantage of the situations for their own political interest. Who knows, it might be Binay who is behind the massacre for him to become the President just in case the Filipinos want Ninoy out of the Palace.

    • Are you serious? Try to keep polictics out of this. This is about a failed plan and failed mission that got 44 policemen killed by criminal gangs.