• Duterte’s Easter wish: ‘Salvation’ from drugs


    LIKE Jesus Christ who went through hardship and suffering for the love of mankind, Filipinos should continue to work hard for the sake of the country.

    This was President Rodrigo Duterte’s message to Filipinos on Easter Sunday, when Catholics celebrate the resurrection of Christ three days after his death on the cross.

    Duterte underscored the need to improve peace and order to push the country’s development.

    “I join the rest of the Christian world as we celebrate the fulfillment of Resurrection three days after the passion and death of Jesus Christ on the Cross,” Duterte said.

    “May this occasion be a reminder to Filipinos that our country deserves salvation from drugs, criminality and corruption that have long plagued this nation and that our people will rise and triumph over society’s ills,” he added.

    The President then urged Filipinos to follow Christ’s example and make sacrifices for the greater good of the country.

    “The story of the Risen Christ on Easter Sunday is a message of perseverance and faith in the grief of Black Saturday. Christ’s Resurrection should inspire us to achieve our collective aspirations through our unwavering devotion,” Duterte said.

    “Let the promise of Easter be our guide as we build a progressive, inclusive and independent nation—where government and people work together to attain peace, justice, safety and security for all,” he added.

    Duterte went on a weeklong overseas trip for state visits to three countries in the Middle East.

    The President first visited Saudi Arabia where he was able to secure three agreements, before proceeding to Bahrain and Qatar. He is expected to return to the Philippines today, Sunday.


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    1. reminder to Filipinos that our country deserves salvation from drugs, criminality and corruption

      Again, People with health care problems are NOT CRIMINALS. Salvation from drugs????? Like Penicillin?
      like so many other life saving medications?
      The issue is BLACK MARKET, LEGALIZE all Drugs and the problem goes away, but of course, so
      do the one million dollar per day pay checks that those selling the drugs get, Yes and on a daily basis.

      Legalize all drugs, the issue of drug problems goes away.

      So many governors, police, authorities from all over the Philippines, are making one million US DOllars per day
      selling the illegal drugs. And the Stupidos say, it is the poor selling the drugs….. HOW STUPID.

      Or Not stupid, but an illegal drug dealer trying to keep their black market business alive.

      50 years ago, all drugs were over the counter. Now that the Philippines followed the USA, like a lap dog should, and the politicians followed the USA and made laws to make the drugs illegal, why? So that a handful
      of drug dealers can make big money.

      Look at how many Phillippinos went to the USA and did very well financially, It could occur in the Philippines,
      but there are the small minded politicians that line their own pockets first.

      1 . REMOVE all voting, it is rigged anyway. Have a Lottery Selection. Term Limits??? With a lottery selection, rare chance of getting selected twice. And no more political parties, we will all be on the same side. Plus, the lottery picks have to make sure that they meet the criteria. So we know they are qualified.

      2. 5 years maximum employment for all Goverment jobs. The government will need to learn how to
      contract labor to private firms.

      3. Companies may have 100 employees or less, this will assure of innovation beyond belief.
      Any new invention will not have the inventor murdered because their invention creates a paradigm shift.
      And the companies will have to work together for standards in inputs, outputs and process.

      4. One person may own a company, and only one company at a time. No groups to own companies, no companies to own companies, it must be an individual person.