• Duterte’s first SONA poignant, inspiring – Palace

    IN WITH THE NEW A worker installs photos of new lawmakers at the photo gallery of the House of Representatives two days before the opening of Congress. PHOTO BY MIKE DE JUAN

    IN WITH THE NEW A worker installs photos of new lawmakers at the photo gallery of the House of Representatives two days before the opening of Congress. PHOTO BY MIKE DE JUAN

    President Rodrigo Duterte will deliver a “very poignant” and inspiring speech when he addresses the nation on Monday, Malacañang said on Saturday.

    Presidential Communications Secretary Martin Andanar said the President is expected to discuss his legislative agenda for the next six years as well as his policies for peace and order and illegal drugs, among others, in his first State of the Nation Address (SONA).

    “It’s extremely optimistic but it’s very poignant that when I read it, it made me cry,” Andanar said in a television interview.

    The speech, he added, is still “being revised” by the President.

    Duterte, Andanar said, will also call on Filipinos to rally behind his administration.

    “A call to unity, a call to rise to the occasion, and a call to be more positive about the country and a call make this nation great once more,” he said.

    “Once you listen to the speech, it will awaken the patriotic spirit of every Filipino,”
    Andanar added.

    Former presidents Fidel Ramos, Joseph Estrada and Gloria Arroyo have confirmed their attendance on Monday. Former president Benigno Aquino 3rd had declined an invitation to attend the SONA.

    “We ask for sobriety and for calmness inside the House of the Representatives when the President delivers his speech,” Andanar said.

    However, Duterte’s first SONA will not be as grand as the previous SONAs.

    Palace spokesman Ernesto Abella said since the President wanted a simple event, the government will save money since the expenses will be pared down.

    “Given the minimalist approach, it should be way lower than the previous occasion,” Abella said, referring to the budget for Duterte’s first SONA.

    In keeping with the simplicity of the event, guests have been asked to wear simple attires.
    Earlier, Finance spokesman Paola Alvarez said that the SONA will focus on the President’s message.

    “[Duterte’s first SONA] would be different in a way that we’ll be minimizing the entourage, we will downplay the event; it will not be a fashion show,” Alvarez said.


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    1. Saludo ako kay Digong. Lagi kong inaabangan dito sa Canada ang kanyang mga programa. Mabuhay unta mo taas ang imong kinabuhi.

    2. I expect a simple SONA but challenging and exciting. Something that would change the feeling and outlook of the citizenry towards being a Filipino where could be proud of that we are one. I understand PNoy of not attending the SONA as he is not comfortable to be with his predecessors. Would it be he feel that what he did was not right because if he did he can face the music.

    3. If I am reading right – it was said that the SONA speech of President Duterte will be very short as compared to those SONA speeches of all previous Presidents. This is well and good – as long speeches tend to distract the focus of the listeners, hence what is being spoken will not be understood and then all together forgotten. As we were told in school – make it brief and to the point. Remember the saying: Make it short and sweet.

    4. Finally , a Real Sona that would mean more for the People . President Duterte is
      doing the right thing ! looking forward to his Leadership !

      I am not surprise that BSAquino declined the Sona invitation. He is so disconnected with the Filipino people to begin with. He is finally Out!

    5. Secretary Andanar, let the people be the judge after the Sona, not you which is self-serving for obvious reason.