Duterte’s historic, mind-boggling break from the past



If President Duterte completes his term, and I think he will, and if he doesn’t change his view of the world and our place in it, and I don’t think he will, scholars of the future will divide modern Philippine history as the ‘before Duterte’ (BD) and ‘after-Duterte’ (AD) periods.

BD refers to the era of the United States’ formal and informal subjugation of the Philippines, which started when the US, then an emerging power, grabbed control of our government from the Filipino revolutionaries who had brought the waning Spanish Empire in our country down to its knees.

The AD period has just begun, after the President in his hyperbolical manner announced — during his state visit to an emerging superpower, which the US nearly nuked during the Korean war, the People’s Republic of China ­— the Philippines’ “separation” from the US.

Quibble whether that really meant the end of our relations with the US, or whether he was just referring to military arrangements, but his message is crystal clear: no longer will the Philippines be a vassal of the US, and will henceforth pursue an independent foreign policy.

I can’t imagine any past President, or even any other political figure­­, except perhaps Miriam Defensor-Santiago, doing what Duterte has done.

Exaggeration to refer to a pre- and post-Duterte period? I don’t think so. Since the birth of the nation at the turn of the last century, we’ve been under the aegis of the American eagle, so much so that few found it disgusting to have had such a pro-American official of an Indonesian conglomerate, Albert del Rosario, as foreign affairs secretary, who steered the country to become Asia’s American factotum against China over the Spratly dispute. Why on earth antagonize an emerging superpower in our part of the world, which has become in the past few years our biggest trading partner, making up 20 percent of our trade, as compared with the US’ 13 percent?

Our cultural and ideological subjugation has been total that many Filipinos still revere President Ramon Magsaysay, whom the very CIA agent who “handled” him, Col. Edward Lansdale, had revealed in several books how much that “man of the masses” was his marionette. Lansdale even cited a moment’s displeasure where he lost it and punched the man.

In more recent history, there couldn’t have been a Marcos dictatorship without US approval and support­­ – among a host of minor reasons: to ensure Clark and Subic air bases’ strategic role in the Vietnam war, as well as for US capital to repatriate their investments, given the termination of the so-called Parity Rights in 1974. “Minor,” as the major reason was geopolitical: we were a bastion of anti-Communism in the 1970s in this part of the world.

A cartoon from a US magazine in 1905: Duterte hates it.

A cartoon from a US magazine in 1905: Duterte hates it.

Marcos junked in 1986
The US junked Marcos in 1986 and almost totally handled Cory Aquino’s rise to power, as the strongman could no longer rule. The dictator’s kidney ailments had made him a shadow of his former self. His ideas for stepping down fell through, with the Americans concluding that his preferred successor, “Prime Minister” Cesar Virata, would be eaten alive by his wife Imelda or by the magnate, Eduardo Cojuangco.

More importantly, the global debt crisis that was started in Latin America, which the return of Ninoy Aquino from self-imposed exile – whether he had lived or was assassinated – converted into our own debt crisis in November 1983, pushed the country into its worst economic conflagration, compelling the Philippine ruling class to beg the US to intervene.

I myself witnessed how the US really controlled this country in 1989, when I saw from our office F-4 Phantom jets whizzing by toward Malacanang Palace to threaten rebel Col. Gregorio Honasan’s puny world-war vintage planes that were strafing Cory’s residence.

Duterte should keep that incident in mind: the Phantom jets weren’t coincidentally in their Clark air base as their propaganda made the nation to believe. They came from the US carrier USS Enterprise in “Operation Classic Resolve,” which was deployed with all its accompanying fleet of support ships, to defend Cory. A history of the USS Enterprise by the Public Broadcasting System boasted about that episode:

“Enterprise began its 14th overseas deployment in September 1989. In early December, Enterprise participated in ‘Operation Classic Resolve,’ President Bush’s response to Philippine President Corazon Aquino’s request for air support during the rebel coup attempt. Enterprise remained on station conducting flight operations in the waters outside Manila Bay.”

Historians will indisputably prove, as I think several scholars have already done, that our revered “saint of EDSA I,” Corazon Aquino, was a US creation, and puppet. I suspect that roughly the same judgment will be rendered on another currently respected President, the West Pointer Fidel Ramos, who very effectively got the nation to believe in the American (and British) monopoly capitalists’ worldview of deregulation and globalization – which obviously opens the door of any country to them. How could he have won the 1992 elections over such a popular figure as Miriam Defensor-Santiago and Ramon Mitra, with his powerful political machine?

The two more recent cases of our subservience to the US, without most of the nation not knowing it, was the signing of the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA) and President Benigno S. Aquino’s filing of the arbitration case against China over the Spratly territorial dispute.

Bulgaria and Romania entered into their EDCA arrangements (from which ours was copied like a cut-and-paste work) with the US only after ratification by their legislatures in 2005 and 2007, respectively. It took a month in Bulgaria’s case and 17 months for Romania. In our case, Aquino’s subservience to the US was such that no approval by our Senate needed to be sought. Why?

Imperial arrogance
Sheer imperial arrogance on the part of the US perhaps, or it feared that the Senate, as it did with regards to the US base agreements in 1991, wouldn’t approve the treaty.

The more realistic explanation shames us all. Aquino wanted desperately for President Obama to make a state visit, and time was running out, and he could be the only Philippine President during whose term a US head of state didn’t visit the country. It would have been a notable miss given the window that was opened when Obama announced a swing through Asia, to begin with Japan.

But without EDCA, no state visit — that was the clear message of the Americans, foreign affairs department sources had told me. To do so, Foreign Affairs Secretary del Rosario yanked out the then head of the negotiating panel Carlos Sorreta, who had been “asking too many questions” and replaced him with a more malleable foreign affairs bureaucrat. But still, the negotiations didn’t’ go as fast as del Rosario wanted.

When was the EDCA signed? When Obama was in Air Force one, in the clouds coming from Malaysia. He could have announced some emergency and skipped the Philippines, if EDCA wasn’t signed, DFA sources claimed.

I have written several columns on why Aquino moved to file the arbitration case against China over the Spratly dispute, how the US quite brilliantly played the past administration to decide on that move that made us the American proxy in the territorial squabble on the other side of the globe from Washington, D.C.

My account had not been contested by the Aquino administration: How the chain of events started with the US donation of what would become a Philippine Navy warship BRP Gregorio del Pilar; how Aquino foolishly deployed it to Scarborough Shoal only to withdraw it after a few days; how China claimed our country militarized the area and, therefore, was justified in occupying it with a dozen of their civilian ships; how Senator Antonio Trillanes 4th confused the situation by negotiating with the “Chinese;” and finally, according to that senator, how del Rosario falsely told the President that there would be simultaneous withdrawals of Chinese and Filipino ships from the shoal.

The Chinese didn’t leave while ours did. So Chinese ships occupied it, and have simply blocked our ships from even approaching it – which in international realpolitik means we have lost the shoal to the Chinese, so that as del Rosario put it, we had no choice but to file the case. (See http://www.manilatimes.net/the-philippine-suit-a-brilliant-us-machination/273407/).

We’ve won the arbitration case, but we, and the whole wide world, can’t enforce it, making it into a worthless sheet of paper.

Magsaysay. The Marcos dictatorship. EDSA I and Cory Aquino. Our heroic, David versus Goliath fight against China. All American projects, with us being so gullible.

Duterte’s stance of independence from the US is fraught with danger, as the bulk of the ruling economic and political elite are economically, ideologically, culturally, ‘residentially,’ and even generationally tied up with US interests and the “American way of life.” Is there anybody in our elite who doesn’t own a residence in New York or Los Angeles?

We have been America’s stooge in Asia for more than a century, yet we are still impoverished. A country that literally fought the US, the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, is fast growing it may even overtake us soon. But epochal changes in any nation on earth have always been very risky. The separation from the US won’t be easy, and the nation is likely to suffer first, and the big question is whether Duterte could survive the blowback.

If he does, it won’t be us but the coming generations that would reap the benefits of being a truly independent nation.

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  1. Baibonn Sangid on

    Mr. Tiglao what made you think that the country wont survive simply because few elites are residing in New York or LA?
    The economic elite maybe in the US but the big chunk of populations are here to defend President Duterte. USA must be warned that any harm done on the President will have worst repercussion on the American interests in the country.
    You failed to mention the many leaders in the past who served shortly and die in the office? Were they like President Duterte trying to negotiate a better terms for his people?
    USA is only a miltiary might, that one soon would decline, God knows.
    But time is changing, people’s perception too are evolving, and I must PRRD awaken not just Filipinism bout Patriotism among the people, young and old.
    Just read and follow the people’s messages, see how President Duterte engages his compatriots everyewhere he goes. No leaders of this country has done that, not even Marcos.

  2. We have only ourselves to blame for our problems! President Duterte has made significant initiatives but it behooves him to be in consultation with his cabinet before making pronouncements. Isn’t he mortified when he says something and immediately backtracks?

  3. Qouting Master Tiglao;

    “Big question is whether Duterte could survive the blowback. If he does, it won’t be us but the coming generations that would reap the benefits of being a truly independent nation”.

    On this account, Filipinos should support and unite towards Duterte’s pronouncement putting into action!

  4. This whole article. including the F4 Phantoms, USS Enterprise lurking at Manila Bay, the tobacco sucking west poiner, etc. I’ve heard only from my dad.

    My friends’ parents would laugh at me whenever I ask about it saying that I should study Philippine history more than playing with their kids.

    Never heard of this story from school nor books. I am really sad that we still have people living here that idolize the American way.

  5. I was stationed on the USS Enterprise in 1989. There were no F-4’s only F16’s and F-18’s. I also worked in the Combat Direction Center. There were no Raids into Philippine Territory. This story is nothing but fiction.

    I love the Philippines, it is one of the most beautiful place on the earth.

  6. We are NOT independent, as Duterte told Xi Jinping “we(Philippines) will be dependent on you.”

  7. I think you must have fallen face first into some of the shabu that has been confiscated because your opinions are delusional to say the least and at their best are simply conjecture fueled by blind nationalism.

    We live in a global economy; all nations trading with one another. Our interdependence is a necessity for continuing growth and economic expansion. That said, just because we trade with China does not mean we adopt their Communist ideology. It is a failed system as we have seen it fail in Russia, Cuba, North Korea and others. I mean, there are no boat people trying to escape from Florida into Cuba.

    Communism and its brother Socialism are the death nail in the economy of any nation. The state controls everything and there exists no desire to work hard and succeed, because if you do your reward will be the same as the lackadaisical person who has no desire to work harder. Why should an engineer develop a better product when his wages are the same as the person working on the assembly line.

    Both China and Russia have opened the door to privatisation; not because they wanted to, but because they had to. Private ownership is a reversal of Communist and Socialist ideology. These nations have begun to learn how efficiently businesses operate when the government is not involved in their operations.

    If there is to be any effective and beneficial separation it should come by way of separating our bloated and inefficient government bureaucracy from the business sector. A shift toward the ideologies of China and Russia will only perpetuate the bureaucratic quagmire that has impeded our growth for far too long. True independence comes only to those nations that have stable economic growth and that comes through less government…not more.

    • Yes the world has globalized and have been integrated further but it doesn’t mean we always have to agree on all loped sided agreements whether political, military and economic in nature. Unfortunately most of our bilateral and multilateral agreements esp. With the USA are all lopsided like the MDT, EDCA-VFA, GATT- WTO, APEC,AFTA etc. Likewise, try to study more about socialism and where it failed. It is not on giving what is for the people ie universal health care, housing, regular jobs etc. Compare these social benefits with any of the capitalist state and you will find out how this socialist countries fair more in terms of human development index as presented by the UNDP. WHAT IS LACKING OR WAS TAKEN AWAY WAS GRASSROOTS DEMOCRACY AND WAS REPLACE by party control. True socialism is not the anti- theses of Democracy. Rather it is capitalism and its moribund concept of private ownership and control that is the true antithesis of True and popular democracy.

  8. lol. who are the top 7 billionaires in PHL? all tsinoys. the fact that they have to put up with our stupid red tape and some discrimination yet they made it. why? they are hard working, disciplined and united. thats whats wrong with us we want easy money. the way to easy money is corruption. we shall remain slaves in our own country until we change withing ourselves.

  9. >>> All what had been written in this column by Mr. Tiglao very understandable and I agreed. Pero tama lamang at dapat magsimula na ang ating bansa at mamamayan na magsikap sa sariling sikap lalo na ang mga ordinaryong mamamayan.

    Tanging mga oligarch at mga elite na pamilya at grupo ng mga negosyante na maraming investment nakatali sa USA ang nangangamba sa magiging resulta ng pagbabago ng ating bansa sa “Panlabas na Usapin” o sa nais natin at ng a ating PDU30 na “Independent Foreign Affairs”.

  10. “We have been America’s stooge in Asia for more than a century, yet we are still impoverished.”

    Poverty came with de-colonization. don’t you think so? And no, I’m not for colonization. The argument that PH is poor because it is an American stooge is simply too simplistic. Quezon wanted a government run like hell by Filipinos and now he has it.

  11. Bobbi Tiglao Thank you and Congratulations for the bold brave narrative about the EDCA with no Senate concurrence. Wow! Only events will tell if President Digong can survive his term, but with the Pilipino people and you behind him, we can as yet leave something honorable to the next generation of Pinoys. I felt proud when for the first time a Pilipino president, President Digong asserted the nation’s sovereignty and began the peace process with the MILF, MNLF and the CPP. For so long we were kept in the dark and now slowly and gradually we will see the light of dawn, but with vigilance commitment to be independent and free. It is quite strange why the truth is always known behind the curtain of the world stage? And it is disappointing to note that some Pilipinos are still innocent or naive in real-politik? Again, thank you so much!

  12. No longer America’s puppet!

    In an article published recently on The Wall Street Journal entitled “Behind Duterte’s Break With The US, A Lifetime of Resentment.” the author, Trefor Moss attempted to capture Duterte’s anti-US mindset from a history of deep personal resentment which began from the time of Duterte’s own grandmother in Mindanao – a Tausug.

    The entry of Human Rights Watch International (whose current chair is a protege of prominent China-basher and global stock market raider and currency manipulator, Jewish investment fund banker and CIA benefactor, George Soros) when he was still mayor and being persecuted by then DOJ Sec. Leila De Lima and now with outgoing US Pres. Barack Obama’s tactless remarks on alleged extra judicial killings OBVIOUSLY was a BIG MISCALCULATION by the people at the US State Department. ARROGANCE obviously got the better off these suits thinking they could employ the usual carrot and stick strategy to Duterte. They failed. MISERABLY.


    MY GULAY, President Duterte has successfully DEMONSTRATED and PROVEN that in this part of the South Pacific and in this critical times, THE US GOVERNMENT NEEDS THE PHILIPPINES MORE THAN WE NEED THEM!!!

    Duterte is the master of reverse psychology. Same strategy in the sex tapes of Leila. :-)

    • Surely you meant to say “retarded” psychology. His remarks only make us look like uncouth warring tribal natives running around in loincloths. It is past time to eliminate that mindset from our culture where political differences are settled at the end of a gun barrel. Killing people does not, nor has it ever, solve any problem. North Korea and China and Russia have killed many of their citizens who disagreed with the ruling government. The deaths of many have not solved any of the problems that plague their citizens.

  13. Sometimes you get exactly what you wish for — just do not complain when it does not workout the way you think. China will always act in its own interest. We should expect the Philippines to be the economic slave of China in no time at all. China will give easy loans to the Philippines and create huge debt. China will then manipulate the currency. The Philippines poses no economic threat to China, so expect China to squeeze the Phillipines hard to take what it wants frm the Phillipines.

    By that time, the US will have pulled out of its interests in the Philippines and reduced aid significantly, and the Philippines will be worse off than Venezuella. China is not a friend and not an ally. How many people from the Philippines are now living in the US and living productive lives? The future is not with selfish China, but finding a better exchange with the US.

    The US has no desire to see the Philippines go communist or to be ruled by a dictator. The Philippines can be a stronger partner with the US like Taiwan or Singapore, but it has to bring something to the table. Presently what is brought is a place for US ships to stay and some fruit and rice. it needs to be more than that. The US can replace the ports and fruit and rice, but can the Philippines replace the partnership with the most powerful country in the world?

    Pride in independence is a great thing, but alliances with freedom loving countries like the US and Europian Union will not be replaced soon or easily. Careful what you wish for!

    • Every country puts its own interest first. China will likewise manipulate the Philippines for its own benefit. But Duterte is wrong in thinking it is better to cozy up with a tiger and a bear. He will end up being mauled and eaten.

  14. I agree that the difficulties and challenges the Filipinos are experiencing is not because of the two superpowers. It is a combination of lack of discipline and lack of education. For example, our government employees are allowed to be late in their office without reprimand or threat to discipline the offender. Teachers who are incompetent are allowed to teach. Barangay captains, military forces, mayors, congressmen, senators lack morality, qualifications to lead or even to debate and communicated to people.
    DU30 continue to make bad decisions/statements(without consultations) add to the misery and confusion to Filipinos. What is he playing? He should not insult and voice out to the world his displeasure to a country or leader if his ego is affected. Can we not improve relations by not bad mouthing our long time allies?
    The bigger picture here is the US who is still the most powerful country in the world is containing China who is starting to challenge the US for dominance in economy, militarily, political influence, culture/lifestyle and innovation. In all these areas, US is still way ahead of China. First on military spending – US is 4 times bigger than China, 8 of the technology innovations are in the US, US culture/ lifestyle is surely an envy of the whole world, economy – though US has trade deficit and China has trade surplus – the US GDP is 53K against China’s 6K. So with these advantages of the US against combine China and Russia, it is no brainer that we have to stick with US who has helped our country to win the arbitration case and home to 3-4million Filipino Americans. The US based OFW accounts for 37% of the total PH remittances. If we stick to US, it does not mean we can’t trade with other countries. But like what most people know, be aware in the quality of product from China and the gift giving to bribe our officials. My one cent of comment.

  15. After knowing our faults, lets to do something about them- act, contribute, constructive feedback, raise our moral moral values, reject thievery culture, safeguard our interests, take matters into our own hands if it comes to it.

    Lets try to contribute toward real progress by doing something useful, not being a crab, self-sacrifice and reject the easy corrupt ways, be competent in all of what we do. It is the open secret of the tiger economies. We are on the same leaky boat, but we can still plug and patch, so that we may not sink.

  16. Duterter should respect religion, should respect different belief… this americans are God of some or most Filipinos..

  17. The President has done so much in less than four months. I would rather have a Rody Duterte anytime than a noynoying idiot in Malacanang.

  18. I enjoyed the tidbits of history in your column. The US committed the big blinder in the game of international politics. They failed to realize that DU30 was a man of conviction and not a follower. Now they have lost the pivot point (the PH) in their Pivot To Asia strategy. I am sure that DU30 will follow the terms of the EDCA agreement but he will stop it as soon as possible according to those the terms. Any future meeting of the US and the PH will be on equal terms. The master/slave relationship has been broken. Given the US past history, the US will explore a regime change. We all have to be on the watch to make sure that does not happen.

  19. Mr. Tiglao, from your article, it appears that you are blaming the USA for what Philippines has become.You were former ambassador.You know or must know or should have known that in any foreign intercourse the contending national interests of the countries involved are primordial consideration. For America, the american interests in the Philippines and in Asia are the priorities of the US government.If EDCA, for example, is disadvantageous to the Philippine interests, are you blaming America for resorting to diplomatic machinations to have EDCA signed by former President Aquino. In fairness, do not blame America. You need to shame and castigate the Philippine officials like Del Rosario, Pres. Aquino, Ambassador Brady etc. for submitting to the American instigation. On a personal note,Mr. Tiglao, I must admit that I reside here in the US. But I look at the issues in the balance.It is true that the US can be faulted for its imperial attitude towards the Philippines. You must be warned, though, that China will also exert its ” imperial arrogance” towards the Philippines.

    • Roberto Saguing on

      Being a US resident, then your opinion is worthless to us living here in the Philippines, because you have no stake in this issue. Our stake here is our lives and the future of our children – and our nation. Nothing more to say.

    • I’d blame USA’s participation in annexing countries that don’t agree with her beliefs.
      Japan, Philippines, South Korea, South Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Egypt, etc

      Philippines tried to be free during Marcos, but your homeland, yes your USA, connived with Philippine oligarchs to oust a legit government who’s only goal is the advancement of its people.

      unlike yours who’s agenda is world dominance – which is very selfish. no wonder, lots of countries hate USA.

  20. Realignment of Foreign policy specifically in relation to the US is a bitter pill we need to swallow now.

    We may not be comfortable with the manner of discourse being displayed but it is a lot better than the flipflopping stance/s of a field grade Navyman graduate of the premiere Business School in Baguio, who earlier claimed access to the higher echelons of the Chinese government and now calls PRRD a commie ?!

  21. Mr. Tiglao. Thank you for your worth reading article. By the way I think it’s 1992 were Ramos defeated Santiago in a presidential election in an unidentified reason of winning.

  22. mag-dilang anghel po sana kayo mr. tiglao. here’s wishing all the best to the president and to Philippine independence.

  23. I am sorry to know that, all along we thinking Philippineses was the fighter for US.
    United Nations and Philippineses be all freedom.
    Please stop let the rulers kills your people and your brother and sister.

  24. I really think it is time to put aside the past and look to the future. I see no reason why the Philippines cannot emerge as a developed country in the not too distant future. To do that, I think it truly has to walk an independent path and do the things that benefit its people the most. Allies, trade partners,oligarchs have their place. But the needs of the people have to be the first priority. For far too long, that does not seem to have been a high enough priority.

    • “I see no reason why the Philippines cannot emerge as a developed country in the not too distant future.”… I see a few reasons.

      The fact that the PR is an archipelago of many islands makes economic development difficult in most of the nation. Such makes a national powers grid that supplies cheap and reliable electricity impossible. Ground transportation can only be local within an island which isolates much of the country from a manufacturing capability of scale. Interisland shipping is slow making agriculture largely regional which cuts off much of the nation from agricultural exports. Water supplies are regional and often suffer from seasonality.

      These are some of the basic topographical factors that the Philippines will face in becoming a developed nation (unfixable).

      The unpredictability of governmental and legal structures, poor infrastructure planning, the relatively high cost of labor, the centralization of power in Manila, and constitutional disincentives for foreign investment are other issue (those are fixable).

  25. Bobi mali ka si Reagan pa ang Presidente noon ng binobomba ni Col.Lagaspi ang Malacanang ,kung hindi ang USA wala na ang mga yellow cult. However you are absolutely correct Digong will be remembered for ending the manifest destiny of US to our country.Hate him or love him but his legacy will be recorded as ending our country as an american lackey, first president to call the great father in the white house as son of a whore!

    • Agreed, a fine analysis. We can only hope that the RP can play off America vs. China in an artful and beneficial way. Duterte’s talk of seeking closer ties with Russia is more for effect than a real plan though. The Russian economy is way too small to matter to the RP in any meaningful way.

  26. in fairness to the US, why blame the US? most of our problems are our oun doing. look at our stupid voters they voted; Pacquaio who is not a high school graduate and now tax evader, some of his relatives run for office and won too because of his popularity., next, the Marcoses and Romualdes they all won, ERAP, aside from his known drunkeness, womanizer, and corrupt, charged for plunder and ousted in office, still he won as mayor of Manila., Vilma Santos, Nora Aunor, Tito Sotto, Grace Poe, on and on. these politicians and leaders knows that they were voted by stupid voters so what do we expect? of course they will just steal money and do nothing while in position. Now we have this idiot Duterte. then we blame the US for our misfortunes? lol. that is how stupid we are and as a nation. You think china respect us? they are laughing among themselves to the bank and to the south china sea. while its true that US sometimes mistreat us and that is because we allow it to happen. if we think there are some lapses in US PHL relations in the past then why did the past administrations quiestioned it to the US congress and Pentagon and tell them to stop or we will scale down military alliances etc. the US will listen to that if we complain but no one from our leaders highlighted this except Marcos and now this Idiot duterte. but its too late now. he is doing it wrong. and does not listen and he has no lay out strategy in foreign policy and he should keep it a secret and not announce everything to the world. that is how stupid Duidiot is and it makes us all look like him. lol lastly look at Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan these are former US controlled states and look at how wealthy and successful they are. south korea and taiwan were dictatorships and corrupt too. but the people persevered and worked hard with discipline thats whats missing to us thats why we are still a semi feudal society after 60 yrs of democracy. dont blame the US its not all their fault.

    • Whats wrong is that we had been kept stupid, greedy and superstitious all this time. Do you think your dilawan friends actually respect us as citizens and people?

    • Very good observations, but there are celebrities who were voted and turned out to be good public servants. We can also add Singapore and even Vietnam becoming successful countries because of their people and good leaders. In other words I agree with you totally, let us not blame others for our own failures as a people. Our president’s admiration of Putin is scary! He needs to learn more about this person unless he admires him because he is a killer!

    • The Great Defiant on

      learned from history….
      and don’t let all the blame fall on us…
      fix the problem and not the blame that is what Japan and Sokor is doing.
      they support their leaders.
      what about you?
      if you have nothing good to say like Tadtad or Datdat, shut the f&*^^%ck up.

    • You can blame your self too… you can be jealous to Taiwan, Japan, Korea & so on, but look at you self, nonsesible talking. PUTAK ng PUTAK lang…you are haters bro…Kung meron kang mas magadang lay out kompara mo kay DU30 bakit di mo i-suggest, malaya ka naman para magsalita tulad ng dak-dak mo dito sa comment mo.

      Ang pag-asenso ng isang bansa ay nagsisimula sa pagsunod ng mama-mayan.
      Ugali na ng mga Pilipino ang mag-marunong, at isa ka na roon.

      Ang presidente natin ngayon ay mahigit 90 araw pa lang.. He has the love for the Filipinos” He will do for the best. Try to look out & compair our country from the past 15 years versus 90 Days.


    • Quite true. Thanks for speaking up your mind. The bigger picture here is PH can’t stay neutral as the super power are starting to feel the heat.

    • Why blame, US, we have very short memories,, we have to blame our selves, we always elect the wrong people., because of vote buying, the utang na loob. corruptions, and that is always the norm. We do not respect our laws, and practice double standard, that we allow this practice, nobody even did to stop it. SC, the legislative is a joke, they make laws, that they never implemented. In short we never have a good leader, that implement our laws. Until DU30 came, a wakeup call for everybody, One thing good with him, he knows how to make his people work, and implement the law down to the street level. But when it comes to foreign policy, he need some refinement, and should consult the people in that department. Well nobody is perfect, let us just wait and see, let see what he can do for the people.

    • So being fair to the Americans is blaming how the Filipino vote? Reagan is an actor but became a president and now they have a strong presidential candidate like Donald Trump? So what’s the deal? Where are the Aquinos in your list? or because they are ‘educated and rich; so they are exempted and moral?
      People who got used to begging in foreign countries and being on top of the food chain are the one whose at fault and do not deserve to be called Filipinos. They are willing to sell their principle for gain and lose their dignity just to keep the status quo. And the US of A knows very well that they can take advantage of that. You cannot say, SOMETIMES; it should be MOST OF THE TIME!

      Now we are trying to get hold of whatever left of us as a nation; the president is still an idiot? Geeze man! What’s wrong with you?

    • Pag-aralan mong maigi ang tulong na ginawa ng US sa mga bayang binanggit mo. Simulan natin sa Singapore, napaka liit na bayan, nguni’t dito nilagay ng US ang pinakamalaking Oil Refinery nila at hindi lang isa kundi tatlo. Dito nagsimula ang puhunan ng Singapore at binigyan ng US ang mamumuhunan ng refinery ng tax incentives sa produktong gawa dito. Dito nagsimula ang pagkakilala sa Singapore na sentro sa Asia sa oil trading. Binigyan din ng lisensya ng world financial bodies na kontrolado ng US at UK ang Singapore na maging international financial center katulad ng HK. Dito kumikita ang Singapore ng bilyones sa financial trading lang.

      Ang Japan naman. Wasak-wasak ang infrastructure ng Japan matapos ang WW2. Giba lahat ng factory at walang pera kahit ang mga dating bantog na mamumhunan nila. Sa totoo, kulang pati pagkain sa kanila. Dumating si Mang Arthur at nakita ang potential ng Japan sa manufacturing. Agad tumulong ang US sa pagbibigay insentibo sa trade na gawa sa Japan. Nagkaroon sila ng trade preference at binigyan ng libreng taripa at insentibo sa buwis ang mga negosyong US na nag-aangkat ng gawa sa Japan. Kasabay dito ang pagbibigay ng mahabang pautang para sa mamumuhunan sa Japan. Dahil sa likas ng may taglay na dunong sa teknolohiya at pag papatakbo ng factory ang mga hapon, at ang produkto naman nila ay may siguradong buyer na US nga, madali silang nakabangon at umasenso. Ganito rin insentibo ang binigay ng US sa Taiwan para masiguro na maging matibay ang maliit na bayan na ito at hindi mapasailalim ng China.

      Noon panahon ni Mao sa China, wala halos gusali sa kanila. Kung bibisita ka sa China, makikita mo sa malalaking siyudad nila ang mga isang palapag na kabahayan katulad ng Project 2,3 and 4. Wala halos sasakyan kundi bisekleta. Ang kakapirangut na bus ay sigunda mano na galing Japan. Panay agrikultura ang China. Nang mamatay si Mao at pumalit si Deng, dito pumasok ang US. Hinimok niya si Deng na binigyan niya rin ng trade preference at walang taripa ang mga gamit na iaangkat ng US sa China. Binigyan niya rin ng insetibo sa buwis ang mga mamumuhunan US kung magtatayo ng factory sa China. Gustong gusto ng mga kapitalistang US ito kasi bukod sa mura na labor sa tsina, sigurado pa ang merkado nila at may insitibo pa sa kita. Madaling nakatayo sa pag asenso ang China sa pamamagitan nito.

      Ngayon, sa Pilipinas naman. Nag antay tayo kay kay Mang Arthur na nagsabing, I SHALL RETURN. Oo nga’t dumating pero dumeretso sa Japan at Korea at doon nagtagal. Yon naman pala, wala tayo sa planong i-develop. Yon mga insentibong binigay niya sa mga nabanggit na mga bayan ay hindi man lang pinag usapan sa lahat ng naging Pangulo ng Pilipinas, kahit man lang pabulong. Ang talaga pa lang balak nila sa Pilipinas ay taga tanim lang ng bigas na ipapakain nila sa mangagawa ng bayang pina asenso nila.

      Ngayon magtataka kapa kung bakit umasenso itong mga bayang ito at tayo’y napagiwanan. Kung ang Pinas ang binigyan ng ganitong isentibo, puputaktihin tayo ng mga kapitalista na mangagaling sa iba’t ibang lugar sa mundo at hindi ganito ang lagay ng Pinas. Ngayon, nagising na ang Pangulong DU30. Alam at damdam niya ang sakit na ginawa ng US kaya hindi natin masisisi kung magbitaw siya ng maaanghang na salita kasi sa tagal na itunuring natin na kaibigan at tagaligtas itong US na tinulungan pa natin sa giyera sa Japan, Korea at Vietnam, wala pa lang balak na tayo’y pa asensuhin at hanggang katulong lang tayo sa kanila.