• Why Duterte’s offensive vs oligarch Floirendo is crucial



    IF you hadn’t noticed, President Duterte’s war against the rule of the Philippine oligarchy has started, and gone into high gear.

    A part of this offensive is the move to collect billions in taxes allegedly evaded by the Philippine Daily Inquirer’s controlling owner, the Rufino family, and to recover prime government land that they’ve held for nearly four decades, as well as his threat not to renew the franchise of the Lopez clan’s ABS-CBN television network.

    This campaign’s long-term consequences are as important  as those of his war against illegal drugs, what with the consensus in serious studies of the Philippines that it has been this cacique kind of oligarchy in our country that is the major root of its underdevelopment.

    BANANA REPUBLIC? Bananas farther than the eye can see, with land “leased” from the Bureau of Corrections for 48 years now: Tadeco plantation and warehouses in Davao del Norte

    A crucial battle now raging is against one of the country’s most powerful oligarchs, the banana tycoon Antonio Floirendo, Jr., who is not only based in Duterte’s Davao territory, but is also his erstwhile buddy and even campaign contributor. Duterte’s top political lieutenant, House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez, is leading this fight, among other reasons, because Floirendo has been a congressman for three terms with loyal allies in Congress.

    Duterte and Alvarez’s move against Floirendo is an earth-shaking one in our political and economic landscape.
    Floirendo has been practically a crony of the past six Presidents starting with Marcos. This is because all past Presidents allowed his huge banana enterprise, the Tagum Agricultural Development Corp. (Tadeco) in Davao del Norte to control for 48 years – nearly half a century – and at atrociously cheap rates some 5,500 hectares of property, which is under, but not owned, by the Bureau of Corrections (BuCor), that is just one of the many bureaus of the justice department. It was crony access to such vast cheap lands and labor that made the company one of the world’s largest banana exporters.

    Political lord

    Past presidents’ amity with—or subservience—to Floirendo is perhaps understandable. His clout is not only because of his conglomerate, which includes several other plantations planted to other crops and employing more than 7,000 workers. Floirendo is a political lord in Northern Mindanao because of the vast network his father, the late Antonio Sr., built over 60 years, in alliance with other politicians. His uncle, Davao del Norte governor Rodolfo del Rosario, has been a political kingpin in that part of Mindanao since Marcos’ time, and held various high posts in past administration.

    Floirendo’s father who started and built up the banana empire in the 1970s, inadvertently revealed the secret of his success when he told the New York Times in 1981: I am the only businessman here “who has been in the good graces of all the Presidents.”

    It was President Marcos though who started Floirendo on his path towards building his banana empire by providing him with cheap land. Tadeco got hold in 1969 of the Bureau of Corrections’ 3,000 hectares that was part of its Davao Penal Colony, its control disguised as a “production contract”. Floirendo even got cheap labor as his plantation employed the inmates at the Davao Penal Colony who were paid a pittance, much less than minimum wages. It was a capitalist’s dream system: Convicted prisoners would be happy at the lowest wages possible, and they’d never get unionized, much less go on strike.

    The area was subsequently expanded over the years to its present 5,500-ha size. Cory in 1989 extended the lease for another 25 years, which was renewed for another 25 years in 2003.

    Why would the fiercely anti-Marcos Cory government extend the Marcos crony’s lease?

    Most probably because Floirendo ratted on Marcos. In 1987, he turned over to the Cory government prime properties in the US which he said was just under his name, but were really the strongman’s: Lindenmere Estate and Olympic Towers in New York and a residence on Makiki Heights Drive, Honolulu, Hawaii. Perhaps more importantly, Floirendo also turned over P70 million in cash to the Presidential Commission on Good Government in what was euphemistically called “compromise agreement.” What was the compromise? Would you believe that for a billionaire many times over, P70 million was all that was involved?

    Kept secret

    As in the case of, but worse than, the Rufinos’ hold on prime Makati property since 1980, Floirendo’s cronyism with past administrations had astonishingly been kept secret for decades.

    It had to be hidden: Floirendo’s hold on 5,500 ha of state-owned lands has been a blatant mockery of our laws and even our Constitution, as three different agencies of government—the Commission on Audit, the Office of the Solicitor General, and the justice department—concluded in just a few weeks of separate research independent of each other.

    For starters, both the 1935 and the 1987 Constitutions categorically prohibit any corporation from holding by lease or by any other mode government land exceeding 1,000 ha. Tadeco got 5,500-ha.

    There were other gross violations of our laws. The BuCor’s lands involved was so-called “inalienable lands of the public domain”, as nature reservations and national parks are, which, as the justice department study put it, is “outside the commerce of men’’. The President is authorized to declare some lands as alienable, but only the President. In the Tadeco case, neither Marcos nor succeeding Presidents did. Only a department bureau, the BuCor, in effect alienated what is inalienable. Even assuming that the land could be leased, various laws require that this should be bid out, which the BuCor land was not.

    Worse for Floirendo on a personal level, and probably due to his hubris as crony, is that when the lease between BuCor and Tadeco was renewed in 2003 for another 25 years, he was a sitting congressman at the same time the biggest registered stockholder of Tadeco. This is a gross violation of Section 14, Article 4 of the Constitution which categorically bans an incumbent Congress member from having any interest in a firm with contracts with government.

    The provision was implemented in the Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act, and punishable from one to 10 years in prison. “Floirendo will go to jail,” said a source close to Duterte. “And with him in jail, other oligarchs would start ending their oligarchic rule of the country.”

    Crucial battle

    Duterte and Alvarez’s siege of the oligarch Floirendo is a very crucial one for the future of our nation for two major reasons.

    First, while he is not well known as among the country’s super-rich, with his fame due only to his marriage to the 1973 Miss Universe in 1974, Floirendo is the quintessence of the country’s present oligarchic elite. This select group’s wealth expanded exponentially as cronies of the strongman Marcos, and who continued to grow in wealth and power under Corazon Aquino and her successors. The term “oligarch” means a magnate whose power and wealth owe to his clout with a state’s high officials who have allowed him to use government’s resources, to the exclusion of others. That definition, fits Floirendo to a T.

    Second, Floirendo has been based in Duterte’s Davao territory, and was even his biggest financial contributor in the last elections in which he was elected President. Giving such huge amounts of money for their campaign war-chests in fact had been the most common modus operandi of our oligarchs to put presidents under their thumb. With the quagmire that Floirendo is in now, oligarchs are learning that things have so changed—they can no more buy a president as they have done so for decades.

    If Duterte does nothing, and merely allows Floirendo to continue with his very anomalous hold on BuCor lands, he would be countenancing his oligarch. The Philippine oligarchy would rightly be laughing at him for his hypocrisy. If he fails in his campaign against Floirendo, Duterte will appear weak and/or incompetent, whom they therefore can also defy.

    Every war relies heavily on propaganda. The media oligarchs’ stooges’ propaganda is that Duterte is becoming tyrant, and controlling media is the first step. This argument of course falls on its face by the fact that the
    President has left alone other media outfits whose owners have no hidden debts with government.

    Floirendo on the other hand had managed to trivialize Duterte’s siege of him as the outcome of a squabble between his mistress and that of Alvarez. The truth is that Floirendo had moved against Alvarez to unseat him from the speakership post when he learned of Duterte’s plans against him. Floirendo immediately undertook that clever propaganda move. Floirendo’s no-holds barred move in dragging his and Alvarez’ private matters into the public sphere could be an indication of his desperation.

    Foirendo’s success in that clever propaganda move is quite understandable if it is true that some P50 million had been allocated for his PR and propaganda machine, a mere drop though in the billionaire’s wealth.

    An indication of this oligarch’s power is the fact that he got to employ as his black propaganda chief and bribe-distributor the long-time PR of a magnate in the Duterte Cabinet itself. That’s sad. It’s like lending your gun, or even seconding your hitman, to your colleague’s enemy or even worse, to that of your boss himself.

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    1. With the political clout of Floirendo, Duterte is walking on thin ice. Observe how he is powerless when his favorite appointees like Yasay, Lopez, possibly Taguiwalo and others were rejected in the Senate and House of Representatives. The oligarchs’ hands still hold a strong grip on those sections of government where power counts most.

    2. isa lang po akong simpleng mangagawa nang TADECO na ang hangad ay mailabas ang aking hina.ing. Hindi po ako binabayaran, kasi yung sahod na binibigay sakin ng TADECO ay sapat na para mataguyod ang pamilya ko, gusto ko lang pong ilabas ang hinaing ko sa mga nangyayari about Bucor-TADECO.. Unang una sa lahat, walang lease contract.. Joint Venture Agreement po! pangalawa, hindi po kami inaabuso Dito sa TADECO, sobra pa nga binibigay sa amin, almost 18mons. for the whole year, yung Anak ko nga scholar sa kolehiyo nang A.O Floirendo Foundation, may libreng bahay din kaming tinitirhan sa TADECO… Pangatlo, pamilya ang Turing nang TADECO sa tulad naming mga simpleng mangagawa..

    3. Brid Casimple on

      And daming comment sa article na ‘to. Ikaw na talagah Sir Rig.

      Pero sana po, tingnan rin natin ang other side of true stories. Kawawa naman po ang mga trbahante na siya talagang maaapektuhan kung ano man ang resuta sa mga pagdinig nito. I’ve heard several awards given to Tadeco dito sa Manila. Sana lng for this issue, magiging fair yung labanan.

      Hindi pa naman huli ang lahat Sir Rig, we could make thigs better by cheking out the real thing. Tao lng naman tayo Sir Rig, d b? Minsan ngkakamali or was just given vague informations. Hehehehe

      God Bless to you po.

    4. this is one of those few instances that I believe you, Bobby, specially when you said that “P50 million had been allocated for his PR and propaganda machine.” Floirendo trolls in your comment section are at it almost straight away!

      • For the record, we are not trolls. We are real people whose lives will be affected. Pasintabi po pero sana isipin po ang kapakanan ng nakararami. Buhay po ng libo-libong mga tao ang apektabo. Saan po nila kami ilalagay kung sakali???

      • How can you say trolls Fugopeta? We are just stating some misleading facts mentioned in the article.

    5. With this well written article do you think your boss will go against the Marcos and Arroyo properties first? Being the biggest campaign contributors of Du30 do you think he have the guts to run against them?

      • Before you judge, please read and know the other side of the story. thank you God Bless you

      • lahat po ng nag comment dito ay hindi nabayaran ng tadeco. its their emoition on how they feel about TADECO.that they are with TADECO and one with TADECO. thousands of families po nag natulungan nag companya at marami pong nagpapasalamat dahil dun.

      • 3rd generation na po ako nagtatrabaho sa TADECO at Malaki na ang naitulong nang TADECO sa Lolo, sa Papa ko, sa akin at sa magiging pamilya ko. Hindi lang Isang simpleng Kompanya ang TADECO, dahil Dito sa TADECO isa kaming pamilya! Isang malaking pamilya!

      • Sabagay sakto ka rin Bai.. sumasahod kami sa produksyong aming natatapos dito sa modernong pagsasaka na siya namang naghahatid ng sikat na prutas sa pandaigdigang merkado. Baka hinde mo pa alam, my production incentives program at quality incentives program kaming mga manggagawa dito – PIP/QIP nga kung tawagin.. napakasarap iimaginin na etong buwan ng Mayo matatamo naming muli..

        Kami sa Tadeco 16 to 18 months, taon-taon, ang katumbas na pasahod ang naiuuwi namin dito. Buong syudad ng Panabo nga e nagpipista tuwing akinse at atreinta sa amin. E, ikaw kaya.. umaasa din naman ako na sana ang iyong kinikita ngayon, gaano man kalaki o maliit man.. ay iyong totoong pinagpaguran, honest work ika nga, at may naiiambag para sa kaban ng bayan at sa ibang kabuhayan..

    6. This will be a very good case for the Government. OK there are some violations of laws, and Ok these violations of laws has resulted in good things to development of communities and to the people. What is the best thing to do in this case; 1. DU30 to close TADECO operations citing violations of existing laws and the operation to be undertaken by the government. 2. Continue TADECO operations by the owners and amend the existing laws giving no preferrential treatment to owners of TADECO ( e.g. re-compensate those inmates as if they are regular labors with full benefits, or re-calculate property tax on the land leased as if the land is for commercial use )….so many win-win situation to ponder but not shoot TADECO from the hip….DU30 is smart I like the way he invigorate the economy…shrewd thinking with benefits for the people…that is the president from the country side not from state side.

    7. Hindi po KAMI abugado, writer o politician. Kami po ay simpleng manggagawa. Kami po ang labor force ng TADECO. KAMI po ang TADECO. Gusto po naming makilahok sa usaping ito kasi at the end of the day, kami naman po ang apektado neto. Yan ang totoo.

      Maganda po ang incentive program at pasahod namin dito sa TADECO. Ganun din po ang sa mga inmates. Nagbabayad po kami ng tamang buwis. Madami pong awards ang naigawad at natanggap namin. Harmonious po ang aming pamumuhay. Welcome po kayong bumisita dito sa amin para po malinawagan kayo sa mga hakahaka na hatid ng platforms na gawa nito. Kaming taga dito sa TADECO, ang nakararami, sana ang isaalangalang – ang aming interest at kabutihan.

      We are the living proof. Our lives are not your story to tell.

    8. GLENNY JOY on

      Defeat your ENEMIES with your SUCCESS and accept the challenges so that you can feel the exhilaration of VICTORY. Hands Up to TADECO to its 67 years of existence in fulfilling the dreams of more than a thousands of bananeros! Truly TADECO is one of a kind! Helps in fulfilling such dream and improving peoples’ lives through the the Joint Venture Agreement (JVA) between TADECO and BUREAU OF CORRECTIONS. JVA aims to respond to the mandate of the BUCOR to rehabilitate inmates and to develop prison lands and resources into productive bases or profit centers; to develop and employ inmate manpower skills; to provide prisoners with a source of income, and to augment the Bureau’s yearly appropriations. TADECO and BUCOR established a joint venture social program, a partnership of shared commitment between the parties.Through the years, the JVA became instrumental in accomplishing the Bureau’s thrust for restorative reformation.

      Truly Im very BLESSED and THANKFUL that I’m one of God’s chosen children to experience his vastness through TADECO’s journey in the banana industry. Proud to be ‘BATANG TADECO”, BATANG BANANERO; born to be fruitful and successful. BE THE BEST TADECO! PADAYON SA PAGLAMBO! #TADECOKOBAI#GODWILLBLESS:-)

    9. BuCor and TADECO deal involves people, the local economies and government taxes & programs. The Joint Venture Agreement is also related to the livelihood of thousands of people living in adjacent communities, especially the poor. Ano nalang ang mangyayari sa kanila kung mawawala ang JVA? It’s not about hundreds, but the lives of thousands of people are at stake here. Saan pupulutin ang mga taong ito kung mawawala ang kanilang kabuhayan? Pano ang kanilang mga pamilya? tsk!

    10. What a revellation of truth so empowering to us who cannot comprehend the complexities of the symbiotic existence of oligarchs and politicians. We do not have oligarchs, how much more the calliber of Floirendo, way up here central north. The farther the truth gets up to the last naive Filipino the better. Thanks a lot Sir for the expose.

    11. Guys lets us understand first what is JVA and leased, that two different thing!

    12. Tadeco bananeros just cannot avoid being deeply affected by the politics intruding into an otherwise typical year of dealing with the warming climate and the cyclic seasonal challenges in the horticulture of export bananas.

      For in TADECO we are not just employees belonging to a company. We live in one big family of affiliated communities. The relationship between and among the Management and the Labor Unions, and the four CARP cooperatives, of employees who are also Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries, is the envy in the industry and among businesses and corporations of Mindanao. The bond of kinship among employees who call TADECO their home, is of the kind and magnitude the like of which may be hard to find elsewhere in the country. And on top of all this, TADECO Bananeros are the Best bananeros in the entire planet. This is what makes TADECO singular in greatness: Its people are an inspiration not only to the management but to their neighbors in the banana export industry as well. That makes TADECO great and truly admirable!

      It would come as no surprise, therefore, that even in the BUCOR universe of joint schemes and DOJ-partnered corrections programs, for the rehabilitation and eventual Re-Entry of convicted inmates, both the female and male groups, the BUCOR JVA with the TADECO stands out as the best among all the time-honored ones.

    13. For your information, the agreement between BuCor and TADECO has never been about a lease but a partnership or JOINT VENTURE, and the prison estates covered under the accord are reservation areas under the control of the BuCor but have been developed in order to earn income for the government, provide employment and rehabilitation to inmates, to secure the properties from informal settlers or squatters, to ensure the lands are pro-ductive, and to assist the penitentiary in earning additional money for the upkeep and maintenance of facilities. Both Constitutions do not prohibit the government from entering into a partnership. In fact, the State has been inviting investors to partner with the State in certain ventures.

    14. jay nathaniel on

      the people and the community of tadeco is held up on integrity the bucor and the tadeco agreement is not animalous rather the inmates will be given a good rehabilitation and livelihood program to felt them there is no difefrences between inside and outside of the common freedon tadeco treat them as an ordinary and dedicated employee given them the right and wage . In fact kahit nga nakalaya na bumabalik pa rin sa tadeco nag aaply ng trabaho then finally they did well their job saan ka pa ba mka kakahanap ng gnyan company sa tadeco lang kaya.

      • Damnasyoudo on

        Hinde mo pa rin maiaalis na may illegal na ginawa ang may-ari ng TADECO.

      • What’s illegal? It’s not for you to say that. It’s all false accussations and speculations.

    15. The Joint Venture Agreement, as a model contract when it comes to State’s partnership with the private sector, should not be jeopardized given the credits it has received as a key agricultural venture that combines best corporate practices with the best standards in rehabilitating inmates.

    16. Masyado na yatang lumalaki ang issue na ito. Madaming naglalabasan na mga kwento at istorya. Masyadong pinalalaki, not considering na thousands of workers and many people, including their families, ay naaapektohan na. Kung nakakatulong naman ang TADECO na ito at ang JVA, bakit hindi nalang suportahan imbis na sirain?

      • Gabriel Mensahero on

        TADECO is short changing the government by not paying the proper tax and Floreindo violated the Anti-Graft and Corruption law by being the owner of the TADECO and also a congressman while the contract with BuCOR was in effect, and renewed. Intindihin ang batas.

      • TADECO IS PAYING PROPER TAX. Kung hindi, why now? bakit ngayon lang inaakusahan? Bakit ngayon lang binusisi? and FYI, Floirendo resigned from the Tadeco board when he was elected congressman. At any rate, his shares amount to only .89 percent of the company and therefore could not be considered a substantial stockholder sufficient to elect a board director. Therefore, no conflict of interest happens. Unless the accuser does not understand what is .89% (POINT 89 PERCENT) is all about, then there’s no use arguing.

        I fully understand the law but you should know the facts first.

      • Are you sure that TADECO is not paying the proper tax? For your information, TADECO is one of the largest tax payers in the Philippines. We are the workers of TADECO and we all know the truth. All of this misleading statements feeds negativity to every mind who read this.

    17. ClarisaBryn on

      We all dream of poverty-free communities – TADECO, in its own way, helps in fulfilling such dream by providing employment for thousands of jobless people and creating opportunities for others outside which helps alleviate the hardships and provide the needs of its workers and their families.We dream of a better future for the youth – TADECO helps in fulfilling such dream by providing scholarship grants to employees’ dependents to fulfill their educational goals, assuring that high quality education is accessible to them regardless of economic circumstance. We dream at uplifting the welfare of our people and communities – TADECO helps in fulfilling such dream by bringing community-support services geared towards improving peoples’ lives through assistance in health care, environment and moral & social values. We dream of better and meaningful lives for the populace, especially those who were lost – TADECO helps in fulfilling such dream through its Joint Venture Agreement with BuCor which aims at the rehabilitation of DAPECOL inmates: helping them make a living, bringing them to their new lives, improving their chances of success upon release, and giving employment opportunities to those in need. This is what real TADECO is! TADECO is not only for profit.. It is not about money… It is a business of fulfilling dreams and uplifting lives. For all of us who are part of TADECO Family, as long as TADECO exists, then it can be a shield against the poverty that calls the names of many, and the hunger that grabs us by the neck.

    18. Taylor Paige on

      Were the facts checked? I doubt…

      The writer said, “It was President Marcos who started Don Antonio Floirendo, Sr. on his path towards build-ing his banana empire by providing him with cheap land.” Is this correct?

      What is the fact? The fact is the agreement between the Bureau of Prisons (now Bureau of Corrections) started during the watch of President Ramon Magsaysay. During that time, most of the penal lands in Davao, except for few patches of abaca farms, where forested, mangrove areas, swamplands, and thickets.

      If in this alone there is no truth, how can you be sure that the rest of the story are not lies?

      Let us not be misled. Always validate the news if factual or a mere imagination.

    19. salot sa ating bayan ang mga aquino cojuangco family.. galing iyang pamilya na iyan sa nanjing city ng china, ng masakop na hapon ang siudad na ito for 2 years.. during world war 1…. hindi naman talaga tunay na filipino ang mga iyan, tumakas iyan sila sa lugar ng nanjing city ng nasakop ng Hapon ang kanilang city for 2 years..napadpad sa Pinas at nangamkam na ng lupa ng mga filipino….Iyan ang katotohanan..

    20. An exellent article. Ive never been the biggest supporter of du30 but on this attack on corrupt ollies is exellent for the country. I dont know how large this problem is but once one has been sorted out the other will soon change or if also corrupt be attacked by the country. Good luck in sorting this out du30 & the filipino people. I think is more important than many imagine right now.

    21. ALL TALK this is.. what crucial battle?

      What is crucial is this new twist of intrigue penciled on the canvas in the mind of the author. I don’t know your oligarchs or what they did to build their cities. This southern region of Mindanao would have been left in the dark, or worse, become a vast swampland harbor for terrorist and extremist groups, were it not for the industry and vision of a post-commonwealth industrialist and engineer, Antonio O. Floirendo, Sr., who adopted agriculture as his life’s main occupation. Even today, wide swathes of territories, and tens of barangays, the hinterlands of Davao City, along boundaries of Cotabato, Bukidnon and Davao del Norte still serve as veritable havens to terrorist groups under the NPA. It was the sacrifice and courage of A.O. Floirendo who nurtured and solidified his loyalty and alliance with communities and indigenous peoples around Panabo, Sto. Tomas, Kapalong and Tagum, which gave room for these new towns and cities to grow and become what they are now.

    22. TADECO, as a reputable company, is not only one of the world’s largest banana plantations; it’s not just for profit, it’s not just business, not just the Floirendos.. TADECO is the people working for the company for decades now, it is the people who benefited from the generosity of the company, thousand of farm workers and their families.

    23. For the record, DAPECOL, with TADECO as partner, is known for its rehabilitation efforts, the most successful in the country. Through the years, the re have been efforts to replicate the program in other penal colonies.

    24. The Joint Venture Agreement between TADECO and BuCor is primarily aimed at the rehabilitation of inmates in the Davao Penal Colony and not just for the government para kumita.Inmates were given chance to work in the plantation to make a living for their family kahit nasa loob sila, and FYI, they are being paid with stipend equivalent to minimum wage. For the past years, marami ang nagawa ng TADECO sa DAPECOL at sa mga inmates.

    25. Taylor Paige on

      Yes the Floirendos are rich but apparently they are taking good care of their people. Workers in TADECO happily stay in the company until they reach their retirement. Why? Because they are happy. Name one big company who accepts the whole family as employees… NONE, except TADECO. In this company, the husband and wife got to work with their children or cousins or uncles aunties.
      The workers take care of the company because they also experience the sincerity and the concern which the company and the owners do to them and their family.
      They may be rich but their hearts are for the poor.

    26. Hands down to Duterte for making no exception whether you are a supporter or a foe, as long as you overreached and place the people on a disadvantage and you are an oligarch you have to face the music! good job sir!

    27. Taylor Paige on

      The inmates, as mentioned in the article, are actually undergoing rehabilitation program in the farm. After all, the very objective of the JVA is to respond to the Bureau’s mandate of inmates rehabilitation. Their being in the farm is part of the rehabilitation program. They are there for a maximum of five hours a day and for that five hours they are paid equivalent to minimum wage in the region. You can validate this on the ground.
      The inmates in Dapecol are not helpless individuals. They are individuals who were once lost but were given a chance to start again. Most of them are better fathers… better mothers while inside because through their earnings, they were able to send their children to school.

    28. Why is it that those POWER HUNGY PEOPLE disturbed the peaceful life of TADECO, the life of simple bananeros? Whose only vision is to uplift the quality life in Mindanao. Meron bang ibang company na ganyan? The Agreement was reviewed and approved by all Government concerned institutions nga diba? The Inmates and Government pa nga ang mas nakaka-advantage ng Joint Venture Agreement (JVA) between TADECO and BuCor. The inmates received the Minimum Wage for just working 3-4 hours per day, compared to those regular workers of TADECO who’s working 8 hours per day. Bago kayo mag release ng FALSE INFORMATION, check out your sources po. Why not pag-tuunan ninyo nang pansin ang kahirapan ng mga tao sa Pilipinas?? Dapat yung mga kumpanyang illegal na kinikimkim ang lupang hindi naman sa kanila, just like Hacienda Luisita. They are murderers. Those corrupt politicians who are using the money of Filipinos for their personal endeavor at pang allowance ng mga Kabet. YUN dapat ang pinaparusahan. Yung Presidente natin naghahanap ng paraan para mas tumaas yung economiya ng Pilipinas, nanawagan sa mga Local Companies to increase the Job Employments, at the same time pinaplantsa yung gusot at KAPALPAKAN ng nakaraang administration! Here comes yung ibang Politicians, wala na ngang makitang output, nung election nga lang nagpakita, yun pa ang mga malalaki ang bibig! Ang lakas tumahol. HOY GISING! Hiya naman kaming bomoto sa inyo.

    29. Well, they should also go to the huge tracts of lands planted to sugar in both Negros Oriental and Occidental as well as in Bukidnon. A lot of sacadas have been victimized by these so-called “hacienderos”. I duno how a former Speaker got huge lands and got them planted with sugar. A former Marcos crony who once owned a bank also has large tracts of land planted with sugar in Negros. Maybe, how the Arroyos as well as those so-called “sugar barons” before got those large tracts of land planted to sugar may have to be looked into.

    30. Sir ERNIE, & Sir El Vibora I admire both of you!, lahat po yung nasabi ninyu ay nababanggit na po yung mga pre-war elder people, Hacienda Luisita was forcibly acquired illegally from farmers in Pampanga, Tarlac, Nueva Ecija and Bulacan. Thnx po sa mga informations…

    31. Why not used the land to built more correctional facility. It is a pretty big piece of property that can housed a good number of prisoners. Think about it.

    32. emomarcelo on

      A commentator, with all the information resource, as Mr. Tiglao is, is invaluable. Thank you for the information for the reader to digest, mull over, and hopefully, be able to participate.

    33. jess nazario on

      A No Exception (No-Ex) policy against erring and abusive oligarchs should proceed unfettered until the last of them is gone.

    34. If foreigners don’t want to invest in the Philippines, president can convince instead his businessman friends to invest in manufacturing in the scale like that of San Miguel, Toyota, etc. in order to create jobs.

      Raw materials should be processed into finished products, and exports of raw materials should be limited and only after satisfying the demands of local companies.

    35. Duterte’s political will to go after the oligarchy is serious when these deals are declared illegal and the government takes over the land and property, meantime this is all talk.

      • Jose Samilin on

        True!! This is the “CRUX” of the matter, as equally, if not “the most important of all,,” in the Du30 Administration. Because Oligarchy is a social cancer in a scheme as a “parasites” that directly infected the entire population of the Philippines in its apparently and evidently clear symptom as the deep poverty situation by about 60-80% who are poor. The manipulative scheme is glibly hidden in the powerful tongues of both the Oligarchs and conniving Politicians who drained the riches of the Nation, leaving only the crumbs to the powerless great majority population of the country. This is the right time now for the Duterte administration to bring the most needed solution to this problem, through THE DUTERTE’S POLITICAL WILL.

    36. And why is it that Dangding’s wealth and properties were not touch or investigated by the government of Cory, Ramos, Erap, Gloria and Noynoy. Duterte must initiate the truth about the Cojuangco’s clan wealth that started during Filipino revolution during 1890’s and the Hacienda Luista’s property grab from the farmer who legally owned the Hacienda Luisita. Cojuangco and Aquino’s clan are THIEVES.

      • Ernie Ileto on

        Yes they are thieves. They are also murderers. Ask Cory Cojuangco Aquino about the Mendiola massacre. Ask Noynoy Cojuangco Aquino about the Hacienda Luisita and Lupao massacres, also the assassination of the Aglipayan priest and the Aglipayan bishop who supported the Hacienda Luisita farmers. Ask Benigno Aquino Jr. about the Plaza Miranda bombing. Ask Benigno Aquino Sr. alias Makapili, how many Filipino guerillas were captured and executed because of his greed and treachery.

      • i think danding’s wealth did not come from the hacienda luisita. he built his empire, by whatever means, without the clout of the cojuangcos of hacienda luisita. kung baga outsider ang pamilya ni danding (known as pacman during mckoy’s reign) sa mga cojuangcos of hacienda luisita.